Double Dipping Incident

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—Ghost, on the DHS agent 

The Double Dipping Incident was an alleged off-air incident related to True Capitalist Radio that took place on the 11th of August, 2016. According to Ghost, he and his wife were confronted by a pair of Homeland Security agents. This event was so shocking to Ghost that he cancelled his episode for the day and talked about it in detail in his next broadcast.

Double Dipping Incident
Part of The Meme Wars

Date August 11th, 2016
Location Mexican restaurant in Austin, Texas
Result Decisive Homeland Security victory

Ghost cancelled his episode for the day

Frequent threats by Ghost to one of the agents

Ghost insists that he will keep working on his broadcasts no matter what happens

Ghost announces that his wife will work with the Capitalist Army if something happens to him.

Homeland Security Ghost's Family
2 agents (1 muscle and 1 bureaucrat)

APD police officer (later on)


Ghost's Wife

APD police officer (initially)

Casualties and losses
none Ghost's Ego

One chip

Two scoops of salsa

True Capitalist Radio (August 11, 2016)

The Incident

Ghost and his wife were eating nachos in a Mexican restaurant in Austin, Texas while waiting for their breakfast. Everything was going normally until two men came right up to Ghost's table and greeted him (whether they greeted him with his real name or called him Ghost is not known). One of the men was a silent large man who watched from the side in case things got violent and the other one was a smaller man whom Ghost described as a "sniveling bureaucrat" who did all the talking.

Ghost initially thought that they were just trolls and tried to ignore them until one of them said to Ghost that, "Hey if I were you, I would stop your little hobby. We are watching and monitoring your Capitalist Army and your little show you have going on". Then the agent turned to Ghost's wife and asked if she was aware of Ghost's "little hobby", to which Ghost's Wife didn't answer. After that, the agent takes one of the nachos in Ghost's plate and double dips it in Ghost's salsa. While doing this, the agent says to Ghost "Oh don't worry, we're following you".

After this the agents sat on a table with a line of sight on Ghost and surveyed Ghost and his wife for as long as they were in the restaurant. When seeing this, Ghost's wife takes out her cellphone and dials the Austin Police Department since she wasn't yet sure if they were really government agents. An officer soon arrives to the scene and Ghost's wife describes him the situation and the officer went to the table where the agents were sitting and had a discussion with them. The agents proceed to show the officer the proper documentation and mouthed off the officer. After this the officer came over to Ghost and said to him "Look, I don't know if you are some kind of a terrorist or what, but these guys are Homeland Security, they've given me Homeland Security credentials and they say that by going up to them I'm impeding on their federal investigation". After hearing this, Ghost and his wife immediately exited the restaurant, went to home and had a talk about the situation.


Ghost decided to cancel the show for the day after having a talk with his wife about the situation. The pressure from the incident also caused Ghost and his wife to lose their sleep that night. Ghost said that he wasn't surprised that something like this would eventually happen because of the type of information he has on his hands. He went on to reaffirm to his listeners that he wasn't going stop his show and told that his wife would continue his work with the Capitalist Army if something happens to him because he thinks that Donald Trump elected was absolutely necessary so that both United States and the world could be saved from Totalitarianism, international constitutions and Communism. Ghost has also frequently threatened to assault one of the agents on-air and tried to challenged him into a fist fight, though unsurprisingly he never showed up.


Suffice to say, Ghost's anger over the issue made for some excellent trolling material. Immediately after telling about the situation, trolls managed to make numerous related splices in an extremely short amount of time, which shocked Ghost. Ghost's sheer rage over the subject both caused him to Rage Quit and break the Cans High Score.

Examples of double dip trolling including Twitter names such as "Homeland Chip 'n' Dip", and fruitbowls and other perverted callers using "double dip" as a sexual euphemism. Even G ended up causing Ghost's final rant, including multiple cans.wav, by simply mentioning the incident in a neutral context after Ghost mentioned not wanting to hear about it, accidentally impressing many listeners who otherwise disliked him as a serious caller.