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Doxing (also sometimes misspelled doxxing) is the act of obtaining and publicly revealing the personal information of an individual, often with malicious intents, with such actions ranging from unwanted phone calls and food deliveries to more serious charges including fraud and identification theft.

The True Capitalist Radio community has a history with doxing, ranging from the attempts to reveal Ghost's identity, and more notoriously, the attempts made by members of the community to identify or harass certain individuals or Ghost himself, often due to drama or attempts to create rifts within the community. The Gh0stP0litics Doxing Event and the IbanEzzo Doxxing Incident are two such cases with enough information to warrant their own pages.

As of 2016, Ghost has actively posted tweets targeting certain individuals who attempted to harass him in the past, citing that though he has tried to put past conflicts behind him, he will pursue people who continue to attempt to annoy him and other users. The veracity of these doxes remain ambiguous.

Doxing came to the forefront of drama in the community when 5 Inner Circle members were doxed in March 2017, causing the Second TCR Cold War.

In November 2018, following Ghost's threats on Gab to dox InsaneEnergy, Insane got the upper hand and published Friday Panic's dox of Ghost to the whole community. Ghost later confirmed that the dox was not him, but a bar owner in Texas.

In November 2019 on an episode of The Ghost Show, someone possibly leaked Ghost's email on his stream, causing him to end his show quickly.