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"It's not much of a tail, but I'm kind of attached to it..." - Eeyore about his tail.

Eeyore is a former caller and Post-Return era troll in True Capitalist Radio who was based on the fictional character from Winnie the Pooh, being a depressed stuffed donkey with a downer demeanor.

Eeyore often called Ghost in his usual, deep, monotone voice and greets him. Unlike other character callers, Eeyore usually refrained from making sexual advances towards Ghost, but when he did, it was usually because of his naivety and unawareness of certain sexual implications. For instance, when he told Ghost a story about swallowing Pooh Bear's semen, he told Ghost that he thought it was just "white honey".

Move to Inner Circle Short Bus

During Capitalist Episode 441, Ghost revealed that Eeyore was part of the Inner Circle under the name "Striver" until he originally kicked him because he was too dumb to use eBay, did not take in his own life and he was too focused on cartoons. After people on Twitter claimed that Eeyore has autism, Ghost went off-keister about how annoyed he was with people using autism as an excuse for stupid behavior and mooching off society pointing out that KaraszKun was making money despite having a very severe case of autism. Lastly, Ghost made comments that if he was the Fuhrer, Eeyore would definitely go into the oven.

After Ghost announced the formation of Inner Circle Short Bus in Episode 443, he stated that Eeyore was moved over there with other "half-a-tards" and underage people in the Inner Circle. Prior to this, it was rumored that Eeyore was an alternative identity of Scarlet Moon, but this seemed to have been rebutted.

On Episode 501, the day of Ghost's Return from The Break, Striver called in as himself, stating that he has now retired the Eeyore character and tried to make amends with Ghost. His call didn't last very long however, as Ghost hung up on him and said that he was glad Eeyore was out of the Inner Circle.


  • Eeyore is the only parody character in the Inner Circle Short Bus.
  • Apparently, Eeyore was known to have a thing for Twilight Sparkle, hinting that he was possibly a brony.

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