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Elfoxoloco's current profile pic

Elfoxoloco is an Irish furry, and True Capitalist Radio listener, who is also the second most-popular show uploader (the first being DarkRazorZ) of Radio Graffiti uploads (although by a wide margin - he normally got two thousand hits on average, while the former can run up to thirty thousand during the pre-Return era).

He during the Pre-Return era uploaded the longer, uncut versions of Ghost's Radio Graffitis (Although copyrighted music was cut out of the videos for obvious reasons). Elfoxoloco used to be of the Furry community, as indicated by his old Profile Picture. Hailing from Ireland, he usually calls Ghost and plays various audio clips or splices to irritate Ghost - in which he has succeeded multiple times. He was responsible for the Twitter Name "the_footjob_kid", a name that caused Ghost to snicker a little when he first read it, but later expressed annoyance at how frequently it showed up in the Shoutouts.

Elfoxoloco's old profile picture

Elfoxoloco once uploaded the complete Twitter Shoutouts and Radio Graffiti segments of each show, as DarkRazorZ always cut out failtrolls and Jerk Dicks who wasted time or were simply not amusing enough to bother including. As a result, some of Elfoxoloco's videos stretch to as long as 50 minutes of uncut material. This was the easiest way to find material to splice Ghost's voice, and make remixes with, since he tended to go on long rants (questionable phrases included), that were cut from the shorter uploads, for time related purposes. He sometimes uploaded additional parts of broadcasts for that day that he deems worthy of uploading separately, which tend to be calls from before Radio Graffiti, or infrequent segments like Capitalist Confessions. Keep in mind that Elfoxoloco was subject to YouTube's 15 minute upload rule until October 2011, so many of his earlier uploads miss anywhere from two to fifteen minutes of material, that can still be found on Ghost's BlogTalkRadio page in the archives. This explains why a small handful of his earlier videos ended abruptly after a random call.

Additionally, Elfoxoloco sometimes ventured back through Ghost's Archives and uploaded major rants from old episodes from True Capitalist Radio and even True Conservative Radio, finding some of the biggest rant topics that result in a lot of shouting into the Microphone and usually cans.wav not long after followed by a long crying fit, and an eventual Rage Quit.

The Return

As of 2016, he had now taken over the role of uploading Ghost's videos to YouTube, since DarkRazorZ is stationed in Okinawa. In recognition of his newly-found role as the community's chosen uploader, he had chosen to stop including Failtroll calls for Radio Graffiti videos, and as a result, a varying degree of editing goes into all uploads. He is also a moderator in the OG Capitalist Army Tinychat. He also left the furry community saying he doesn't want to be associated with them any more.

The number of uploads as well as the speed at which he uploaded Radio Graffiti videos into YouTube has been significantly slower in 2016 era compared to the 2011-2012 era. Elfoxo had cited his increased workload in real life compared to 2011-2012 era as the reason for these delays and has encouraged his viewers to just listen to the Radio Graffiti from BTR if his videos don't start showing up.

A Real Black Guy

Though most people didn't know it at the time, Elfoxoloco called into the show during this time under the alias A Real Black Guy (he already did a few earlier calls under this username in 2012). His sick twisted troll terrorist splices gained much notoriety and fame among the community for their creativity and often made Ghost question just how much time he spent making them. One such example was a fake documentary that featured Ghost and the Engineer exploring a volcano and another, a TV report depicting Ghost looting 6th street following the Texas floods. One of his later endeavors was remaking Ghost's intro into True Cripple Radio, True Anime Radio and True Midget Radio. He was also well known for making song parodies, usually changing the lyrics to reference floods, Ghost being handicapped or Ghost being a midget. he stopped calling in with the death of Skype system in June 2016. On December 2nd, 2016, Elfoxoloco finally admitted this was an alias he had used to troll Ghost.

Elfoxo-Waffle Incident

Late 2016 era of True Capitalist Radio saw increasing tensions between brony and non-brony fans of True Capitalist Radio after incidents such as 2016 MaskedPony Incident, FBI Call Incident, Ghost's decision to sell pony autographs, as well as an increasing amount of brony callers which most non-bronies found annoying gave TCR fans an increasingly negative view of the community. This shift in attitudes became evident in December 2016, after Elfoxo refused to allow bronies in the comment section of his videos anymore, he received a dislike-bomb and hate comments and eventually a dox attempt. This led him to hold a poll on Twitter if he should outright cut Brony calls from his uploads, which ended in a tie. He stated he decided to remove them anyway due to the tie, causing some backlash from bronies.

The drama continued when he blamed Disco Waffle for plagiarizing a splice by YouTube user UgandanPizzaPolice. Disco Waffle proceeded to defend himself from these allegations by pointing out that he didn't take the content directly from UgandanPizzaPolice and that his content fell under fair use since he had added Ghost's voice to his splice. Disco ultimately deleted the video containing the splice after UgandanPizzaPolice preceded to threaten him with a DMCA strikedown. The incident caused Elfoxo's already strained relationship with the brony community to deteriorate even further and most members of TCR brony community and TheBronyNetwork remain blocked from commenting on his videos on YouTube.

Elfoxo later admitted that he and UgandanPizzaPolice had orchestrated the whole incident just to mess with Disco Waffle and that the whole DMCA strikedown threat had been a bluff.

Placement on the Short Bus

After a recording of the Inner Circle chatroom was leaked, showing Elfoxoloco and a few other members criticizing Ghost while he was away over an argument about science, a troll promptly called in with the clip on Episode 445, causing Ghost to rage quit and quickly kick Elfoxo out of the Inner Circle chatroom. He claims his reasoning was not because he shit-talked him, but because he never paid to be a part of that chatroom, and saw it as a courtesy. Elfoxo then proceeded to make two statements on the matter on Pastebin. The first can be found here, and the second can be found here. Upon the creation of the short bus, Ghost identified him as one of the people on the Short Bus after a troll called in with another clip.

Elfoxoloco vs Ghost

After the beginning of the Foxo-Tubguy Civil War, Foxo debated several pro-Tub Guy people on Twitter, and admitted to emailing the FTC, claiming Ghost had been threatening people who purchased things from his store, as well as threatening to dox people. He later went on to claim he had been emailing them as far back as January 28th, 2017, prior to being kicked from the chatroom (The same day as the "Find Ghost's Son" incident). It was never clear if the FTC came after Ghost or not over this matter.

Following arguments on Twitter and a raid on his chatroom, his problem has extended to both Ghost and the Inner Circle, attacking them at any opportunity.

After months of silence, Elfoxo once again encouraged people to report Ghost to the FCC for failing to disclose a referral link for Genesis Mining which was giving him increased hashpower, meaning he could mine crypto faster the more people used his link. He also encouraged Inner Circle members who had been kicked out of the chatroom to report Ghost as well. He once again referenced the Find Ghost's Son Incident, and was accused of partaking with it alongside the Inner Circle, which Elfoxo denied.

Elfoxo Merch

Back side of the Elpozhole card that Ghost sold for a short time
Front side of the Elfoxo card

The following day, Ghost posted after Episode 499 that he was selling Elfoxoloco merch to raise awareness of AIDS/HIV. He also posted an image of Elfoxo that he sent to Ghost to prove he was a twink. Elfoxo also claimed that the dox posted on this wiki of him was legit. The next day, Elfoxo claimed he had Episode 433 removed from BlogTalkRadio for reasons unknown, leading to Ghost saying that he had canceled the next episode of the Saturday Night Troll Show due to him trying to take Ghost off the air.

Ghost then posted the Elfoxo merch on ghost.market the next day. Ghost stated that if enough sold, he would do the Saturday Night Troll Show. Enough did sell, however before any orders could be processed, Elfoxo contacted Gumroad and had both the merch and Ghost's gumroad account removed, causing ghost.market to go offline. Ghost continued to sell Elfoxo merch via ghost.report, telling people to pay him $5 in Bitcoin and send him their address, and he would send them a card.


As the show's activity died down, so did Elfoxo's, and he had confirmed he no longer cares about the show. This means he never made new splices or Radio Graffiti segments.

Despite this, Ghost would later award "Most Memorable Meme" to the meme "Poz-Hole" at the 2017 Ghosties, and frequently uses "Poz-Hole" as part of his regular vocabulary, specifically when describing homosexual individuals.

Upon Ghost's ending of the show again, Elfoxo would post a tweet with a Ghost emoji and a Spaghetti emoji, saying it was all he had to say on the matter.

During late May 2022, Elfoxoloco's YouTube channel was taken down by multiple flags for hate speech, deleting many highlight videos of Ghost from 2010-2022. Elfoxoloco would later make another channel, with reuploads of some video highlights from The Ghost Show era. It is unknown if Elfoxoloco will reupload many of the older pre-The Ghost Show era highlight videos.

Examples of Elfoxoloco's uploads

Some of his work under the alias A Real Black Guy

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