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The Last Episode refers to many events in the history of Ghost. Ghost has threatened to end his shows and delete his archives on multiple occasions, but these have grown a reputation for not being followed up on.

May 8th, 2009

On May 8th, 2009, Ghost considered quitting the True Conservative Radio broadcast then and there. The support from his fans pushed him onward, and kept the shows regular.

September 1st, 2010

While still doing True Conservative Radio, back in 2010, Ghost quit the show from September to January of 2011 before coming back with his new show, True Capitalist Radio.

April 1st, 2011

During TheTechGuy incident, Ghost announced that this episode was going to be the last episode of True Capitalist Radio. This was later clarified as an April Fool's joke, as he would do another episode the following Monday after banning TheTechGuy from ever calling into his show.

January 29th, 2012

Ghost tweeted he would leave BlogTalkRadio at the end of February, due to the fallout of Troll War III. This was not followed up on, and on February 3rd he returned to the show, along with announcing big plans for the future in a Paltalk chat.

March 7th, 2012

On Wednesday, March 7th, 2012, Ghost announced that his final episode would be taking place on Friday, March 9th, 2012. This announcement came after a month of Ghost talking about possibly not paying for his Blog Talk Radio account anymore.

This tweet was accompanied with a Pastebin document (repeated below) explaining why he was about to end the broadcast. Ghost spent the next two days making various tweets about leaving the show, as well as changing his twitter avatar to that of Mr. Tacos' father.


I first started this show in hopes of empowering minds, provoking thought and light (and I do mean light) entertainment. But the latest chains of events in recent months has proven to me that I'm accomplishing nothing of the sort. TCR's (True Capitalist Radio) success has culminated into the equivalent of "My Little Pony" man-child "fandom." A community not made of mostly Capitalists, but that of tard-like autistics that parody what is broadcasted and mimic what is said.

It truly pains me to see that the over 4 years of time, energy and effort has paid off into nothing more than being interpreted as "fandom!" I'm talking about you simpletons who wrap your lives around make-believe, and spend hours, energy and dollars on childish scholastic hobbies and toys; all while you make excuses for avoiding responsibility. As opposed to the substance, information and knowledge I put forth for everyone absolutely free. Unfortunately, these "fandom" fanatics seem to be a big chunk of the "fan-base."

TCR is at the pinnacle of success! We average 12,000 LIVE LISTENS a broadcast and generate thousands of dollars a month from the broadcast. But I refuse to continue entertaining a group of "fans" that refuse to grow up, stop making excuses (Aspergers, Austism, Lazy, etc) and progress in life! The same individuals who use the Internet as a social pipeline to rekindle some kind of high school-like low level popularity status; instead of being productive in some kind of occupational and/or business capacity.

I will not SELLOUT to appease and entertain a demographic that the Taxpayers will probably end up flipping the bill for. I did this show with genuine intentions, never for the money. So with that said, the LAST SHOW will be this Friday (No Bullshit, this is the last show). You can Thank the "characters" from the past and their newly found lackeys for being the straw that broke that camel's back.

The bright-side of all this is that I have a devoted group of Capitalist Army soldiers that understand that its about more than a show, character or a celebrity; its about Capitalism! Investments, business ventures and Capital is what we want; not some fantasy induced by word trickery and animation. I never needed to do this show, so why continue when I now hate doing it! I'm outta here! 


Long Live the Capitalist Army!

P.S. To "all" of the agitators (you know who you are by your actions), you'll know when you've heard from the Capitalist Army! HAHA

March 9th, 2012

The following Friday, the day of the Final Episode of the True Capitalist Radio, Ghost made another important announcement. In short, the canceling of the show was revealed to be a practical joke by Ghost. He started spending much less time on the internet than previously however, and did not do another BTR show until the 20th.

May 15th, 2012

Episode 226, which aired on May 15th 2012, is technically the last episode of the first "run" of True Capitalist Radio, leaving the show on hiatus for 4 years, as Ghost's Twitter was hacked days afterwards, leading to him ending the show. He also hosted one final Paltalk session on June 1st.

The final "episode" AKA Ghosts Paltalk Farewell

Ghost deactivated his Twitter account in July of that year. It was a few days later reactivated by an unknown person, and they no longer responded to tweets from anyone. He was not seen on the internet again until November 2015, when he reclaimed access to his BTR and YouTube page.

December 12th, 2012

Following the December 2012 hacking incident, someone pretending to be Ghost announced a 30 minute final broadcast before he deletes his Twitter account and he ends his connections to BlogTalk. The account that tweeted this later acknowledged himself as a troll (either Suck Mah Dick Guy or someone assuming his identity), the final episode was never scheduled, and, unsurprisingly, never aired. The archives remained intact.

Fall 2013 and beyond

The Gh0stP0litics Doxing Event took place during this time period. A twitter account claiming to be Ghost, with access to his BTR and YouTube promised listeners a show if they donated Bitcoin to him (more specifically, he promised a show on Halloween). On that date however, he didn't schedule a show and instead asked for more donations, confirming that he was not the real Ghost. As of November 2013, it was believed that Ghost had no presence on the internet left, and had lost access to his old BTR channel: thus there would not be a True Capitalist Radio revival, and Capitalist Episode 226 was the definite end to the four years that Ghost spent on BlogTalkRadio. This was proven false on March 20, 2016, where Ghost made his Emergency Broadcast on his original channel.

Future Threats of Ending the Show

After The Return, Ghost has occasionally threatened to end the show in response to distressing real-world events. He claimed after the Double Dip Incident that he has contingency plans for his wife to carry on his work in case Homeland Security gets him, However, he has repeatedly expressed that if Hillary Clinton is elected president over Donald Trump, he will definitely end the show, though he claims this is to protect himself from reprisal from her "leftist" government instead of a protest or fit of rage.

After Ghost started the Inner Circle, he questioned why he does True Capitalist Radio in the first place, and stated that the end may be nigh for TCR. He said he'd broadcast for a little while longer, but "Nobody tells him what to do", and he doesn't know for how much longer.

Some fans of the show such as Elfoxoloco have expressed their concerns on Twitter about how this might end horribly, possibly even leading to Troll War 4.

October 7th, 2016

After the "G Suicide Hoax Incident" occurred, Ghost seriously began contemplating ending the show, saying he may only host the Monday and Tuesday shows next week and then leave for good.

In spite of the G situation, Ghost still continued on with the broadcast.

November 8, 2016

Ghost confirmed an Election Day show on twitter, claiming that depending on the outcome of the election, it will either be a celebration of Trump's victory, or a show ending finale. Ghost claimed for months that he will end the show if Hillary wins, stating that he does not want to become another part of the Clinton body count.

Ghost elaborated in the following episodes saying he will likely hold a show on November 8th, and then probably continue on Paltalk. He stated that if Hillary wins, he would have a breakdown of monumental proportions and quit the show for good.

When asked in a recent Paltalk session if he will broadcast if Hillary wins, Ghost said "...She's not gonna win, alright?" He stated that if an uprising happens and a Civil War starts between Trump supporters and the government, Ghost will go underground, going so far as to say he will broadcast on HAM radio if he has to.

Ghost went back on his claims, saying in Episode 386 that even if Hillary Clinton won, "I'm not going anywhere". Mostly because of the (then) recent FBI re-investigation into her emails, with Ghost now believing even if she wins, she'll be indicted.

However, with the recent closure of the re-investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails, Ghost began stating again that if she won he "Is outta here". He did state that he would host a few more shows after the election, such as a Ghosties and Christmas show, even if Hillary won. He also said during Episode 388 that the election day show will be hosted some time later in the evening as the results of the election start wrapping up.

Despite all of this, on November 8th, 2016, Donald Trump won the presidency. Ghost held a show on election night, with his mood improving as the show went on and more results came in. Once the election was wrapped up with victory declared for Trump several hours after the show, Ghost celebrated Trump's victory and said that the meme wars had won. This means that True Capitalist Radio will continue and live on for as long as Ghost wants to do the show.

December 9th, 2016

Ghost claimed at the end of Capitalist Episode 409 that he may take a break again because of the recent incidents, most notably RaidenSnake being exposed for liking anime, and framed for being a furry and a fan of hentai.

He returned the following Monday as usual.

January 27, 2017

After realizing the Alt-Right was a propaganda tool for Russia to disrupt and only noticing his show was being used by Troll Terrorists, Ghost rage quit, and then said he may be leaving the show again for good and only doing Inner Circle meetings from here on out.

He soon returned again that following Monday.

February 14, 2017

Following the resignation of Michael Flynn, Ghost said on the show that things don't look too good for the Trump Train, and that the deep state was conspiring against Trump. After people on Twitter and the Inner Circle chatroom said he was a defeatist shill and not taking it seriously, Ghost quit the show, and said that he might change the show's format to be about manchild activities, since he thinks nobody cares about his politics. He did not do a Wednesday show after this, but returned on Thursday.

April 26, 2017

Ghost suddenly disappeared from both Twitter and Inner Circle chat room without a trace following Episode 496. He wasn't sighted by the Inner Circle members in the morning after Capitalist Episode 496 (as he usually appeared to chat) and the last Tweet he left on his Twitter account was a retweet of a news article talking about suspected vote swap preformed by UK government to get Saudi Arabia on U.N. Human Rights council. Suspected reasons behind Ghost's disappearance included a Twitter spat between RaidenSnake and 8Equal, the need to spend time with his recently injured wife, him going for a squirrel hunt and at worst, DHS finally making their move against him. He ended up returning once again on the evening of April 28th, claiming he took a short break to rest and relax.

May 6th 2017

On May 8th, Ghost announced that he was taking a break, this is believed to be because Elfoxoloco took down and wiped Episode 433 from BlogTalkRadio's archive, however Ghost claims he was bored with the sort of riff raff his show keeps attracting.

Ghost claimed that he would make a full return to TCR however on July 4th, Independence Day came and went with no sign of the show. Ghost later posted an article apologizing, stating he was "too wasted" to broadcast on July 4th. He vowed to clean up his alcoholism before returning, leaving the show on indefinite hiatus. He wrote a few days later that he would go on one last alcoholic binge, however after this news on the show's return went radio silent for 2 months, until Ghost posted a poll on his Gab account on the 13th of September 2017, asking if the show should return, with "Yes" winning by nearly 90%. Ghost continued to tease a return until eventually coming back on October 31st, 2017.

March 27th, 2018

On March 21st, Ghost announced that BTR had not paid him for some time recently, stating he doesn't know what the show's future is depending on the situation, eventually rage quitting the show extremely early. The following show, Ghost announced that BlogTalkRadio had been bought out by Spreaker, a competitor service that some former BTR users migrated to, and which many encouraged Ghost to move to. However, Ghost turned down these ideas in the past, citing that Spreaker doesn't monetize content like BTR does. As such, due to this merger, Ghost's contract with BlogTalk was null and void, effectively meaning he was no longer being paid, with Ghost announcing that show that the show would be moving off BlogTalkRadio by the end of the month.

On March 27th, having skipped the previous day's show, Ghost hosted a special free-format Taco Tuesday show, announcing the end of the show's run on BlogTalkRadio. Ghost expressed his plans to not only bring the show back on via, but also have a 24/7 internet radio station, with many different individuals hosting their own shows while Ghost is off the air. Ghost repeatedly said that the show would be back by Late April, 5th of May at the absolute latest, and eventually made good on these words with a Gab stream on May 5th discussing the future of TCR, and the show came back the following monday.

November 6th, 2018

Ghost has stated on multiple occasions that if a "blue wave" occurs, as in if the Democrats take the congress, he will leave the show again. Ghost claims he will continue chatting with people in the TCR chatroom and the Inner Circle, however True Capitalist Radio will end. This message was furthered after Gab was taken offline, cutting Ghost off from his only form of monetizing the show outside of the Cryptocurrency Wishing Well. This led to a rage quit on Episode 634.

A blue wave did not happen, and Ghost continued the show the day after with Episode 637.

November 14th, 2018

Despite the fact that a blue wave did not happen, Ghost was exceedingly pissed off that the Democrats managed to retake the House of Representatives, going off on many rants about the new demographic of the people elected to the House, as well as the demographics of the people who elected them. Ghost stated that he would leave in a week's time if not enough people donated to the Cryptocurrency Wishing Well, culminating in Ghost announcing on Capitalist Episode 640 that he was going to take a "break from the internet and the show", ending the show abruptly just 8 minutes into the third hour.

Following the episode, Ghost began frequently posting on Gab. On November 19, 2018, Ghost announced via Gab that he would be leaving the site, and will also close down the chatrooms and However, Ghost came back two days later with a new Gab post, where he shared a video of the lyrics to Jefferson Airplane's "White Rabbit", hinting at his return. Ghost eventually went back to posting frequently on Gab and deleted his post regarding his departure. But as a result of his threats of doxing InsaneEnergy, Insane reported him to Gab, and also managed to dox Ghost on November 27, 2018. A few hours after Insane doxed Ghost, the PoliticsGhost account on Gab was deleted, with another user named RifleKickSix taking the handle.

The following day, Ghost supposedly returned to Gab with a new account under the handle GhostPolitics. However, some users believed that this wasn't actually Ghost, due to the "About" section on being updated to state that Ghost was banned from Gab for "making fun of Autistic trash". A day or two later, the GhostPolitics account announced that he would be leaving social media, but will still be active, and sarcastically congratulated the trolls on doxing him. Some time later, the account was closed as well. As a result of these events, Ghost will most likely never come back to doing the show.

Ghost eventually returned on to put out a message. On December 31st, 2018, Ghost returned with a livestream on YouTube, which was the debut of a whole new show.

April 5th, 2019

Ghost had suddenly disappeared without a trace after not doing any episodes since the 42nd episode of The Ghost Show. Many IC members have said they last responded to Ghost since Ghost did the 42nd episode on Friday. While many others have wondered if Ghost had died, got arrested for his marijuana use or got a copyright strike on his YouTube page.

Ghost would return on the 15th after a week of absence, claiming that he was sick with food poisoning

August 9th, 2019

During the 89th episode of The Ghost Show, many shocking $18.66 donations made Ghost rage quit. Which caused Ghost to be tired of doing donations and contemplating quitting the show. He would later return the following Wednesday.

September 4th, 2019

During the 96th episode of The Ghost Show, many shocking $18.66 donations enraged Ghost, causing him to be tired of doing donations and contemplating quitting the show, claiming he would take a hiatus. Ghost did not do a show on Wednesday, Friday nor Saturday, but returned the following Monday.

September 27th, 2019

During the 103rd episode of The Ghost Show, Ghost quit the show early after a $18.66 donation of a video of Alex Jones voicing a dragon named Fentanyl the Chicom Dragon. Ghost was infuriated and claimed that Alex Jones ripped off his Mr. Fortune Cookie character. This lead to Ghost declaring a troll war on Alex Jones. Thus, ending the show without Radio Graffiti or Shoutouts. After the episode, Ghost didn't broadcast any TGS or SNTS episodes. Many questioned whether Ghost died or he finally quit for good. Ghost returned after a break to relax and keep away from drama from the community and did the 25th episode of the Saturday Night Troll Show.

October 1st, 2020

After the 195th episode of The Ghost Show ended. Ghost originally took the following Saturday off to move his studio equipment in his house to avoid hearing motorbikes when he does a show. However this turned into a hiatus due to Templeton's death from cancer. Due to his ongoing almost month long hiatus. Many question if he will return on election day or the day after election day. Ghost eventually returned on November 10th, with the airing of Episode 196 of The Ghost Show.

December 29th, 2020

Ghost's dlive chat, with a notice stating it has been disabled.

During the ending of the 209th episode of The Ghost Show, Ghost was shocked over a video donation that Ardhamon sent which showed Ardhamon's buttocks at the end of the video. This prompted Ghost to refusing to do a show on New Year's Eve. After this episode, Ghost has not been seen after this episode aired. Many of Ghost's listeners have wondered if Ghost died, Pinochet died, Ghost was arrested/killed during the January 6th, 2021 Capitol Building Protests, the results of Joe Biden becoming President of the United States (urging Ghost to quit for good), or unable to do another episode due to DLive banning many users after the Capitol Building Protests happened. On February 2021, Ghost's dlive chatroom has been disabled due to "community guidelines violations", effectively rendering ghost unable to receive donations through dlive's "lemons" system and viewers unable to chat with Ghost. Ghost later returned on March 25, 2021. After a near 3 month long hiatus.

June 10th, 2021

After the airing of the 232nd episode of The Ghost Show, Ghost ran into several events: Ghost's Twitter account was temporarily banned, Ghost's wife had an argument with Ghost, and Ghost's StreamElements page was suspended. Resulting in Ghost refusing to do another episode of SNTS or TGS. Ghost announced on [1], contemplating of taking another extended break after many bad events happened to him. Ghost also was furious over losing his overlays that he uses for both SNTS and TGS in his StreamElements account. Forcing him to start over again on making replacement overlays. Ghost later added on shutting down the Forum due to the 'elementary playground dialogue' that occured on the Forum. Which made him embarassed of keeping the Forum open. Ghost later shut down the Forum on June 20, 2021.

May 3rd, 2022

After 286th episode of The Ghost Show, Ghost had made tons of excuses and breaks from doing any show. Such as: Ghost getting sick from eating wings after not washing his hands from taking out the trash. Many of Ghost's audience noticed that Ghost started spending time on Twitter posting his remarks to current events than doing a show. While also promising and lying to his audience of doing any TCR or TGS show. With sometimes Ghost demanding respect so he can do a show. The future of both the soft reboot of TCR and TGS is unknown.

May 4th, 2023

After Episode 339 of The Ghost Show ended, Ghost had allegedly got sick, causing him to skip shows, leading to the May 2023 Hiatus. The Ghost Show's future became more grim after Episode 694 of True Capitalist Radio reboot had Ghost hinting of cancelling TGS after exploding in anger after receiving many donations that angered him.