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The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (commonly known as the United Kingdom, the UK, or Great Britain) is a sovereign state located off the north-western coast of continental Europe. Many of the True Capitalist Radio community are based in the UK.

Ghost is unusually fond of the UK for a person of his type, often calling them "our bretheren across the pond" when reading the FTSE markets. Less surprisingly, he is supportive of most of the acts of Conservative former Prime Minister David Cameron, for his right-wing policies and rejection of the European Union. He also thanks the UK for paying back America's debts after two world wars. However, Ghost does not support the country's monarchy, calling the system a "remnant of the Dark Ages."

When talking about the UK, Ghost will more often than not slip into an upper-class English accent (which is admittedly rather fitting for David Cameron). Many callers into the show have been from England and Scotland, often leading Ghost to impersonating their accents. If the caller annoys him, he will tell them "Go eat some fish and chips!" or "Go wear a skirt!" respectively. He has also called English-sounding trolls "limeys" on several occasions. Ghost holds disdain for the Monarchy. Someone claiming to be him tweeted in disgust at how 'the people throw themselves down to a Royal Baby' in response to the birth of Prince George in July 2013.

Ghost has criticized current London mayor Sadiq Khan, a Labour Muslim mayor who has been critical of current U.S. President Donald Trump, and threatened to ban Trump from the country. Khan was also one of the critics of Brexit. When David Cameron resigned on June 24, 2016, after Brexit passed, Theresa May eventually became the current Prime Minister. As with many women in power, Ghost uses her as an example of why women in power do not make the world a better place. May has also taken criticism for handling Brexit by Ghost, both on Gab and on his shows.


Callers from the United Kingdom have frequented Ghost's show since True Conservative Radio days. In fact, one of the first regular trolls in TCR history, Spermy the Cat, was from Scotland.

The most famous British caller during the 2011-2012 run of the show was Tzeki, a Londoner who gave a different perspective on Ghost's opinions. Despite their sometimes differing opinions, the two tolerated each other, especially since his most frequent appearances offered a rest from trolling. He is famous for his put-downs of Goofy Bone, and (jokingly) coming out of the brony closet and still somehow remaining in Ghost's good books.

Since Ghost came back from his return in 2016, RaidenSnake has been one of the more prominent callers that hail from the United Kingdom, and often called during the show before The Break. Jimmy Capitalist also called into the show before the break, being the first known caller from the UK to reside in Northern Ireland. The most notable British troll to come from this era was Yorkshire Capitalist.


United Kingdom became a common subject in True Capitalist Radio after The Return. Ghost's return hit around the time that Brexit was becoming a common subject in the media. Ghost has been a strongly supportive of Britain's attempts at leaving the European Union seeing it as a peaceful British uprising against globalism, bureaucracy and international institutions. Ghost initially tried to defend British Prime Minister David Cameron after mistakenly believing that he wanted Britain to leave EU. After finding out that David Cameron actually wanted Britain to stay in the EU, Ghost apologized his mistake saying that he had too much on his plate and since then he started to view all of Cameron's actions in a negative light.

June 16, 2016 saw the assassination of pro-EU British Member of Parliament Jo Cox by a far-right extremist. Ghost was quick to declare this as a False Flag Attack conducted to make sure Britain would stay in the EU by international bureaucrats and conspirators.

Before the final vote, the polls and the behavior in the investment market seemed to indicate that Britain was going to stay in the EU. Ghost gave his market predictions before the vote, believing that equities would rise if Britain voted to stay and metals would rise if Britain voted to leave.

Brexit vote finally took place in June 23, 2016. Despite all the predictions pointing to the opposite, the vote ended with Britain leaving the EU and David Cameron stepping down as prime minister. Ghost's market predictions also turned out to be right and June 24 saw gold and silver prizes on the rise. Ghost was extremely happy with the results and dedicated Episode 297 to celebrate Brexit on Baller Friday.