Ethan Ralph

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Ethan Ralph pictured with his "gunt".

Ethan Oliver Ralph (nicknamed The Gunt by many and Ghost due to his large gut) is a controversial internet personality and podcast host of the former podcast, The Ralph Retort and current show Killstream.

History with Ghost

Ethan Ralph's history between him and Ghost go as far back as around the time when Troll War III was ongoing. With Ralph knowing about people and groups like Wild Goose and the Bill Waggoner Crew. Ghost also has called out Ethan Ralph during the independent era of True Capitalist Radio in 2018. With Ghost's rants towards Ethan Ralph were played on his then show, The Ralph Retort on August 29, 2018.

Possible Culprit of Banning Ghost's Twitter?

Around Late May 2022, Ghost had discussed Ethan Ralph's fight in Portugal on 288th episode of The Ghost Show. Later on May 31, 2022, Ghost's third Twitter account was banned right after Ghost came back from his Memorial Day break. Many had suspected Ethan Ralph along with possibly also Nick Fuentes of banning Ghost's Twitter account. Ghost later acknowledged the possibility of Ethan Ralph being involed on

Gunt Vs. Hambone

Artist depiction of the conflict.

Ghost would dedicate an entire episode of The Ghost Show facing Ethan Ralph. With Ghost calling Ethan Ralph live on his show, the Killstream. The very loud lengthy argument lead to Ghost demanding that Ghost's audience mass report Ethan Ralph's Twitter account. Later on June 14, 2022, Ghost posted an article on of Ghost selling shirts that say, "Stop the Gunt" with a picture of a hog's head on the shirt. Ghost encouraged to to buy the shirts to support his attacks towards Ethan Ralph. Ghost also added that Ethan Ralph meet his list of demands if he wanted Ghost to stop. The conflict with Ghost and Ethan Ralph seemed to die down, after Ghost ended up taking another hiatus. With Ghost taking most of June 2022 off from doing any episodes of The Ghost Show. It is unknown if Ghost will continue to confront Ethan Ralph.

During the 293rd episode of The Ghost Show, a caller asked Ghost why he has not fought with Ethan Ralph. Ghost yelled at the caller and gave an excuse that he is a respected businessman and "has a life". Leaving the so called war to be very brief. With the conflict being nothing but an argument Ghost attempted and trying to siphon money from his audience with the Stop the Gunt shirts.