FBI Call Incident

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FBI Call Incident
Part of The First TCR Cold War

Date September 13, 2016
Location Online, TheBronyNetwork stream
Status Ghost rage quits 14 minutes into the second hour, Possible Brony civil war, Hatred towards Bronies increases


Pro-BN Bronies one Brony
Casualties and losses
Capitalist Episode 350's Radio Graffiti, Fat Tuna's Segment Kylecnj's Youtube account

The FBI Calling Incident was a event that started on September 13, 2016 during Episode 350. The incident occurred minutes after Twitter Shoutouts after Ghost had wanted to call some numbers related to the supposed "Guccifer 2.0 leaks" that were on 4chan. Ghost got a number that linked to the FBI that enraged Ghost into quitting minutes after 14 minutes into the second hour. Ghost had blamed the Bronies in TheBronyNetwork chatroom. The Brony Network had also got irate after finding out a Brony by the name of Kylecnj had caused the incident. He searched for Kyle on Youtube unfortunately finding his account closed. This led to The Brony Network to message Ghost on Twitter about the incident.