First TCR Cold War

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First TCR Cold War
Bronies vs The Anti-Brony Trolls of TCR

Date Early-Mid 2016 (exact starting date not fully agreed on) - March 16, 2017
Location Twitter, YouTube, TCR, Discord Servers, 4chan, Tinychat
Status TCR community split into factions (Anti-Inner Circle, Inner Circle & Bronies), Various attempts to avert Troll War IV.
Brony content removed from Elfoxo's vids

Increasingly hostile views by TCR listeners towards bronies

Rogue troll attempted to frame Elfoxoloco for Cleveland Show chain-calls

Some brony chats reach a pact with the TinyChat with a mutual agreement to stop Cleveland Show calls from continuing and identify a rogue troll

Bronies allowed into former TinyChat's Discord server, but on the basis that they will not talk about brony stuff

Admins from a few servers agree to kick anyone out who uses personal chat audio in their splices.

Investigation ongoing regarding the dox of SharpSplicer (The doxer later revealed to be Disco Waffle), MaskedPony also doxed after it was discovered he had made a public FB post about TCR.

Pro-Ghost Inner Circle members banned from other chats

Original Tinychat splinters into two factions, Elfoxo's Hellen Keller chatroom and Tub Guy's ogcapitalistarmy chatroom.

Trolls and Bronies unite after Ghost's accusations of said groups.

Hellen Kekler Confederacy TCR Brony Community & TubGuy's Discord


Disco Waffle

Twilie Atkins

Tison Rockit

Tub Guy

Casualties and losses
SharpSplicer (Doxed) Tub Guy (friendly fire, Foxo-Tubguy Civil War; would eventually return in November of 2017.)

MaskedPony (Doxed)

KingEdUndead (Doxed/Pizzabombed)

TCR tensions mainly between Elfoxo, Trolls and Bronies, and The Inner Circle

The First TCR Cold War was an ongoing state of tensions between Bronies & Non-Bronies within the Capitalist Army and the Inner Circle members. It has shifted between different belligerents throughout its entirety. At the first beginning most particularly between members of TheBronyNetwork's chatroom & Elfoxoloco. This conflict eventually became a state of tensions between trolls and bronies, to Inner Circle members & the anti-IC members. The exact starting point of the conflict is debatable, but typically given starting points are the early Return era, when Tubguy banned Bronies from the TCR TinyChat room, and the 2016 MaskedPony incident. The Cold War began to escalate after the 2016 MaskedPony Incident, the FBI Call Incident and Ghost selling Pony Merch. It became a heated incident after Elfoxoloco decided to cut out calls made by Bronies in his videos. This would cause the most heated part of the Cold War to occur, the Elfoxo-Waffle incident.

The name TCR Cold War comes from the fact that despite tensions, a large-scale conflict had been avoided for a very long time, much like in the real Cold War. This relative peace had been achieved thanks to various mediators on both sides, who have managed to calm things down after particularly heated incidents as well as various lessons learned from the dramas in 2012.

Despite his great hatred towards bronies, Ghost has remained neutral throughout the conflict, though he stated that he doesn't blame people for hating the bronies so much.

As of May 2017, tensions have shifted to Trolls and Bronies vs. The Inner Circle, due to Ghost being tired of cartoon fetish freaks and claiming bronies to be pedophiles, leading up to the 2nd TCR Cold War.


Tensions with bronies aren't new in TCR and the earliest instances can be found as far back as 2011. These tensions became much more severe during Troll War III because many of CelticBrony's allies during the incident were bronies, many people blamed bronies for the incident.

During Ghost's absence, Tub Guy entered college after being inspired by Ghost to quit his job as a truck driver. During this time, he met a particularly disturbing brony roommate, who had a profound effect on how Tub Guy would view bronies in the future.

The Return

With Ghost's return, bronies didn't form nearly as large of a contingent of TCR listeners as they did during the broadcast. Additionally, the fandom itself was now much more familiar to people on the internet and managed to gain a large number of new haters and many newcomers to the show were familiar with the fandom, often having a negative opinion of it. These factors contributed to the TCR community being much more hostile towards bronies. During the early return era Tub Guy, shaken by his experiences with his former roommate, decided to enact a ban on all bronies in the OGCapitalistArmy TinyChat room. This is often pointed to as the starting point of the TCR Cold War.

2016 MaskedPony Incident

main article: 2016 MaskedPony Incident

On June 6th, several trolls had found MaskedPony's FIM Fiction account (FiMFiction is a My Little Pony fanfiction site) and were shocked to find that MaskedPony had written several fics about the characters Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash being in diapers. Masked got to talk with Ghost about it but soon was kicked off with Ghost puking when Masked said that the reason for writing them was because he had bowel problems in the past. Even with this, Ghost yelled at him calling him a "half a tard pampered pervert", and raged for 10 minutes straight, ending the show abruptly 24 minutes into the 3rd hour. The incident immediately is regarded as being the highest tension point for Ghost and his show since Troll War III and the two various hacking attempts on his Twitter during Troll War III, with fallout spanning even across multiple broadcasts since the revelation.

FBI Calling Incident

main article: FBI Call Incident

After Ghost's Rage Quit during the infamous Episode 350 Broadcast because a troll in the TBN chatroom was trying to trick him into calling the FBI, TheBronyNetwork decided to actively seek out the person who had sent this comment so that he or other uninvolved bronies would not be blamed for the incident. Ultimately the person behind the incident was found and TBN messaged Ghost, letting him know the exact details of the incident.

Brony Autographs

After Ghost lost his bet against the bronies over his wife's autograph sales, he released the brony autograph he had promised in the bet. Many anti-brony listeners were pissed off by Ghost's decision to sell these autographs and called him a sellout for trying to make money off of his sworn enemies. The tensions were quite low overall and were mostly just bronies and anti-bronies calling each other over Radio Graffiti and Twitter Shoutouts such as a call of Tub Guy, Moon Man and many others calling for the deportation of bronies.

Elfoxo-Waffle Incident

The increasing tensions between Anti-Bronies and Bronies once again became evident in December 2016, after Elfoxoloco refused to allow bronies in the comment section of his videos anymore, receiving a dislike-bomb and hate comments and eventually an alleged dox attempt, allegedly started by a discord chat run by bronies. This led him to hold a poll on Twitter if he should outright cut Brony calls from his uploads, which ended in a tie. He stated he decided to remove them anyway due to the tie, causing some backlash from some bronies.

The drama continued when he blamed Disco Waffle for plagiarizing a splice by YouTube user UgandanPizzaPolice. Disco Waffle proceeded to defend himself from these allegations by pointing out that he didn't take the content directly from UgandanPizzaPolice and that his content fell under fair use since he had added Ghost's voice to his splice. Disco ultimately deleted the video containing the splice after UgandanPizzaPolice preceded to threaten him with a DMCA takedown. The incident caused Elfoxo's already strained relationship with the brony community to deteriorate even further and most members of the TCR brony community and TheBronyNetwork currently remain blocked from commenting on his videos on YouTube.

Elfoxo later admitted in private that he and UgandanPizzaPolice had orchestrated the whole incident just to mess with Disco Waffle and that the whole DMCA strike-down threat had been a bluff. Disco Waffle later leaked the message from the private Inner Circle DM chat, leading to Elfoxo calling him out again.

This incident would, in Disco's own words, cause him to "go rogue" and begin doxing and going after those he believed were a threat to the rest of the community.

Stolen Splice Conflicts

SharpSplicer-SuperSmash Conflict

In early January 2017, a Discord User by the name of SuperSmash began to use vocal splices of an ongoing Voice-Chat taking place on a Discord Server in which SharpSplicer was an Admin (and which consisted of both brony and non-brony listeners of TCR). While the users who were spliced didn't initially take offense to it, the Staff of this Discord Chat did, and SuperSmash was subsequently kicked out.

SharpSplicer became the owner of the chat and SuperSmash was, again, allowed entry. In the days to follow, SuperSmash would go on to try to start a conflict with another of SharpSplicer's friends and brag about whenever he had Cans.wav-worthy Reactions, although most of the people in SharpSplicer's server either got a Cans.wav via a Group Splice or separately. As a result of SuperSmash's constant arrogance, SharpSplicer put it to a vote within his server, whether or not to have SuperSmash banned. A StrawPoll vote was held and SuperSmash was banned. One of Smash's friends wanted a Recount, but SharpSplicer did not oblige.

On January 29th, Ghost was calling several members of SharpSplicers's chat, and who also paid to be in the inner circle, part of the "TCR Short Bus". The day after, SuperSmash played an old splice, made before he was banned from SharpSplicer's server. People in his server took offense to this, and as such, raided SuperSmash's server.

On February 1st, they argued in Voice-Chat, and the audio from this chat would later be used on February 2nd, in which SuperSmash would make SharpSplicer out to sound like a Serial Killer from a B-Movie. Said splice would ultimately fail to get Ghost to Cans.wav, thus proving a point of another one of SharpSplicer's friends who had their own issues with Super Smash. That Friend of SharpSplicer's would so call Super Smash out on his lack of originality as well.

On February 3rd, SharpSplicer entered the TCR Crusaders Chat, and, under the impression that they were defending SuperSmash for using Audio from a chat in which he was called out, along with being under the impression that they were defending MaskedPony for allegedly calling SharpSplicer's girlfriend a cow, had members of Tubguy's server raid the TCR Crusader chat, ultimately claiming to take sides with ElFoxoLoco. DiscoWaffle also hurled insults about SharpSplicer's girlfriend on Twitter, to which SharpSplicer would respond. Disco eventually blocked him on Twitter, but SharpSplicer apologized to Twilie Atkins and all others in the TCR Crusaders (except for SuperSmash, who admitted that he was doing things to make SharpSplicer mad in the first place). SharpSplicer and Twilie eventually agreed to kick people out of their respective servers for using Audio from personal chats in their splices.

On February 5th, SharpSplicer led one final Raid to SuperSmash, calling him out for another fail-troll. It should be noted that, apart from SharpSplicer being personally offended about the previous splice, he also had enough of his fail-trolling and as he would put it, "Diminishing the Quality of the show".

ElFoxo-Inner Circle Conflict

On February 2nd, immediately after the SuperSmash splice regarding SharpSplicer was played, someone played audio about a couple of Inner Circle members (og_toru Distilling Capitalist, and Elfoxoloco) talking about how Ghost is a conspiracy nut, how he's wrong on a number of things and how people will blindly follow him. This prompted Ghost to rage quit due to the betrayal of his inner circle. This rage was apparently genuine, as Ghost proceeded to kick him out of the IC after this incident. Elfoxoloco later posted a statement on Pastebin regarding this incident.

Elfoxoloco's issue with the Inner Circle persisted and resurfaced when the Foxo-Tubguy Civil War occurred, claiming he has reported Ghost to the FTC for apparently breaking the law. This would later cause Tub Guy to retire his character, returning to his old name of "Darth Hoodie". This was not the end of his character, however, as he returned a month or two later.

On the night after Episode 463, Ghost would tweet about talking that he would "investigate" anyone who tried to refund, Elfoxoloco would respond on Twitter from Ghost's tweet. Suddenly, a raid started on Elfoxo's Discord where many Inner Circle members would come to his server. Unfortunately, the Inner Circle could not infuriate any of the Hellen Keller members in the room. A possible suspect who coordinated the raid was possibly DistillingCapitalist. This would cause other servers to block any Inner Circle member that is working for Ghost.

KingEdUndead Doxing/Pizza Incident

Prior to the incident, Ghost would go on rants about the Inner Circle Shortbus and even go as far as to mention KingEdUndead's family.

On February 14th, Ghost went on a rant about people not taking him seriously and about the possibility of Trump's Presidency ending. Ghost would rage quit in the second hour without taking Twitter Shoutout or Radio Graffiti calls though he took a couple of calls before quitting. Much of the blame was pointed at KingEdUndead, as Ghost had gone off on him during the show. As a result to this and being accused of complicity in the doxing of SharpSplicer, he was kicked off of SharpSplicer's Discord server. This lead a number of Members of SharpSplicer's server, who also defended KingEdUndead, to be banned by Raldy and join Tison's Server. The same evening, an unknown troll had a pizza sent to his house much to the shock of many members of the TCR community and continuing an ongoing discussion about doxing in the Inner Circle along with drama between SharpSplicer & Tison Rockit escalating. KingEdUndead and his mother would address the pizza incident on his own broadcast immediately after the incident.

Doxing of SharpSplicer and MaskedPony

Following Episode 459, MaskedPony uploaded an audio recording of himself to Dropbox, accusing SharpSplicer of doxing people and claiming that he would "take him out to the woodshed". Shortly thereafter, it was discovered that SharpSplicer's dox had been leaked onto Pastebin, causing calamity throughout his discord server. Blame for this was, at the time, attributed to MaskedPony, with his uploaded recording suggesting that he was "blaming the victim". Further inspection of the Dropbox page hosting the uploaded clip revealed a name. This led people to search the name and find the Facebook page of MaskedPony. This was further corroborated by posts from the account regarding True Capitalist Radio, including a post made on June 7th, 2016, the infamous day where Ghost raged over Masked's revealed Diaper fetish. In an odd twist of fate, Masked had accidentally doxed himself.

As time went on, members of SharpSplicer's chat felt it less and less likely that MaskedPony was actually responsible for the doxing. The following day, SharpSplicer messaged Masked and invited him into the chat to discuss what had transpired. In the end, it was concluded that MaskedPony was not involved with the doxing, leaving the real culprit, for a while, a mystery. However, on January 15th, 2018, it was revealed that Disco Waffle had been behind the doxing, in a text file he uploaded following his demotion of the mod team of La Casa De Trolls. The paste containing the dox has since been deleted.

Optimism Vs. Fortune Cookie

After many events, many people were fed up by the Inner Circle and Ghost's autograph battle between Mr. Fortune Cookie and Mr. Optimism. He had said that he would end Radio Graffiti if Mr. Optimism outsold Mr. Fortune Cookie, causing an uproar at the possibility of it ending. So far, SharpSplicer's chatroom, Tison Rockit's discord, the /pol/ board on 4chan (due to their opinion that Ghost is trying to get more money out of it) and Elfoxoloco's discord has rallied against the Inner Circle after it was leaked that they were trying to buy out the Mr. Optimism autographs to end Radio Graffiti.

Tensions rose towards the end, as screenshots of the Inner Circle discord chat were leaked by an unknown member. In retaliation, a raid was performed on Elfoxo's chat, causing them to outright ban Inner Circle members. Following Mr. Optimism winning the autograph war, Ghost compromised with the trolls, supposedly due to not wanting the Inner Circle doxed and things to escalate any further. This led to the introduction of the Saturday Night Troll Show.

The Second TCR Cold War Begins

main article: Second TCR Cold War

The Second TCR Cold War was an ongoing conflict that began on March 16th, 2017 between the Troll and Brony Communities vs The Inner Circle up until around July 4th when Ghost failed to return from his hiatus.

It picks up from the First Cold War after doxes of various Inner Circle members were released and a subsequent hunt for the doxer. The name of the conflict comes from Ghost setting a bounty of $500 on the Inner Circle spy or the doxer.  It would not heat up until May when Ghost would call out adults who watch cartoons, dubbing them cartoon fetished freaks, and bronies as pedophiles, as well as conflicts with Elfoxoloco. After these incidents, many of the trolls in Elfoxo's chatroom joined forces with the Bronies against the Inner Circle.