Foxo-Tubguy Civil War

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Foxo-Tubguy Civil War
Part of First TCR Cold War

Date February 18 2017 - March 4, 2017
Location Tubguy's Discord and Elfoxo's Discord
Status Decisive Hellen Kekler Confederate Victory

Elfoxoloco banned and Tubguy temporarily shuts down his discord server forcing members to flock to Elfoxoloco's Discord Server.

Ghost supposedly reported to the FTC over allegedly breaking consumer laws.

Tub Guy shuts down his Twitter account for an unknown reason.

Tub Guy removes his Ghost-related Youtube content.

Elfoxoloco tweets against Ghost, causing the Inner Circle to attempt to raid Elfoxo's discord.

Tubguy's chatroom gets divided with barely any users.

Hellen Kekler Confederacy discord formed and independent from Tubguy's discord.

Tubguy's Discord Hellen Kekler Confederacy
Tubguy's Admins

Inner Circle

Pro-Elfoxo users
Casualties and losses
ogcapitalistarmy Discord (back, but not as active, later deactivated on July 1st, 2017)

Tub Guy's Twitter account and Youtube content

Tubguy temporarily retires his character and goes under the alias "Darth Hoodie"

SharpSplicer (Doxed)

Not to be confused with the TCR Civil War.

The Elfoxo-Tubguy Civil War was a fiery conflict between Tubguy's and Elfoxoloco's Discord Chatrooms.


Elfoxoloco, irate over the underhanded practices Ghost had conducted regarding his Inner Circle, which he felt violated federal US laws, silently reported him to the FTC on January 28th (Find Ghost's Son incident). Elfoxoloco was kicked out of the Inner Circle chatroom on February 2nd for talking behind Ghost's back, with Elfoxo calling him out on Twitter. On February 18, Elfoxoloco would have a vote on demoting MetroidJunkie from his admin status due to Metroid being idle (except when he was active for the aftershow of Episode 454). The polls on the strawpoll was 80% on Metroid to leave his Admin status. Tubguy would temporarily ban Elfoxoloco from his Discord chatroom after.

The War Reaches On

After being banned, Elfoxoloco would start his own Discord chatroom called the Hellen Kekler chatroom which is a portmanteau of Ghost's term Hellen Keller Deaf Mutes and the word "Kek" which is a substitute for "lol" and the Egyptian God named Kek. Many would be shocked along with Tubguy temporarily shutting down his server, leaving all users from the former Discord to flock to Elfoxoloco's chatroom.

In the wake of this, Tub Guy temporarily deleted his Twitter account, as well as all of his Ghost content on his Youtube page, as well as retiring the Tub Guy persona.

Later on it turned out that Hoodie was abandoning Tub Guy character because of an interview given by George Takei where Takei defended pedophilia and the drama between him and Elfoxo was merely the final nail in the coffin.

Elfoxo's issues with the Inner Circle persisted until he left the community, with him frequently arguing with them over Twitter and in the comments of his Radio Graffiti and Twitter Shoutouts uploads.

On the night after Episode 463, Ghost would tweet about talking about that he would "investigate" anyone who tried to refund/chargeback (which elfoxo suggested people do), Elfoxoloco would respond on Twitter from Ghost's tweet. Suddenly, a raid started on Elfoxo's discord where many Inner Circle members would come to his server. Unfortunately, the Inner Circle could not infuriate any of the Hellen Kekler members in the room, though it did make them paranoid of the Inner Circle potentially trying to dox them. A possible suspect who coordinated the raid was possibly DistillingCapitalist. This would cause other servers to block any Inner Circle member that is working for Ghost.

Relations Take a Dip

Following the first Saturday show, relations between the discord servers of Elfoxoloco, TopBadge, PivotIdiot, and SharpSplicer were put on edge over disputes that had occurred in the past weeks. SharpSplicer held resentment towards Topbadge for his condescending demeanor, while TopBadge felt that Sharp couldn't take a joke. The argument resulted in Elfoxo, Pivot, and Topbadge being banned from SharpSplicer's discord. Sharp made this decision not for personal reasons, but for the sake of other members of his chat to prevent further drama. Relations between these servers have since been mended.


The two chats would sadly never re-unify or make peace, and would both unfortunately meet bitter ends: Tub Guy's chat closed following an Inner Circle purge in June, and Elfoxo's chat, while still up, is very inactive with Elfoxo no longer frequently visiting.

These two chats would be replaced with La Casa De Trolls and the Official TCR Discord as the main hangout for trolls following Ghost's comeback in October 2017, which would lead into a similar conflict in the TCR Chatroom Cold War.