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FreeConferenceCall is a VOIP site that lets people communicate over the internet. Ghost has been using FreeConferenceCall exclusively to host Radio Graffiti for The Ghost Show and the Saturday Night Troll Show YouTube (later VaughnLIVE) broadcasts. Trolls and callers would have usernames which Ghost would call on to take these calls, similar to Skype and Google Hangouts. The desktop client is available for Microsoft Windows, macOS, and most Linux distributions. There is also an app available for download on Android and iOS. If you join the call, Ghost will sound worse than on the livestream but certain callers will sound clearer and louder than from anywhere else.

Calling by Phone

When available, just call 667-770-1015, and the code to enter is 844286.

Calling from the desktop or mobile app

When available, just enter the online meeting ID as ghostshowline and optionally enter a desired name. Click connect, then click on the phone icon to be on the queue


You will need Voicemod if you plan to call in with a splice. If you use Audacity for your splices, you must set your computer's default recording device to Voicemod and set Audacity's playback device to Voicemod. If you can't hear your splice when you're calling Ghost, that means it's working. Only play your splice once you hear the female voice say "unmuted".


You will need iShowU Audio Captureor SWB Audio Capture if you plan to call in with a splice. You must set the recording device on FreeConferenceCall's settings to "iShowU Audio Capture" (or SWB Audio Capture) and then set Audacity's playback device to "iShowU Audio Capture" or "SWB Audio Capture". If you can't hear your splice, that means it's working.

Mojave Users & older: Optionally, you can download LineIn if you wish to monitor playback audio and set your input as "iShowU Audio Capture", and your output as "Built-in Output" or "Speakers" to determine if you have FCC set up properly without causing an echo effect. Only play your splice once you hear the female voice say "unmuted".

SPECIAL NOTE: If you hear your call-in name get called on, but do not hear "unmuted", grant microphone access if you get a prompt to do so. Otherwise, click on the microphone icon as you may sometimes need to unmute yourself. You must do this before Ghost declares you a Helen Keller Deaf Mute.

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