Fruitbowl Wednesday

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Fruitbowl Wednesday is an event that occurred on June 29th, 2011 and a reoccuring day on True Capitalist Radio.

A caller with the area code 201 called in and effectively sent Ghost over the edge by saying, "Sure, I grew balls, but I never took much of an interest to them. I didn't touch them or fondle them to my member." This, combined with several other calls from that day, made Ghost decide to call everyone fruitbowls and play gay music (such as Money, Success, Fame, Glamour by Felix Da Housecat, a track that would often be revisited on the broadcast) while saying in a stereotypically feminine voice "Fruity (or) Fruitbowl Wednesday, bitch!" This breakdown lasted for a few minutes, before Ghost started yelling to the Engineer to shut the music off. This event linked the broadcast to the song and provided the inspiration to a widespread trolling video known as "Money, Success, Fame, Bronies."

Ever since, Wednesday has had the possibility to turn into a Fruitbowl Wednesday. Usually during Radio Graffiti, Ghost will claim "You idiots are trying to turn this into another Fruitbowl Wednesday!" Ghost has rage quitted from a Fruitbowl Wednesday, Episode 180 on December 7th after Tri$ha gave him a hard time during a call only a few minutes from Radio Graffiti.

At times, whenever Ghost skips a Wednesday show, fans speculate he is attempting to avoid a Fruitbowl Wedesday. Fruitbowl Wednesday is similar to Bath House Thursday.