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Furries are a group of individuals who use an animal or anthropomorphic being as an online persona. There are many subcategories of furry, such as scaly and feathery, which mainly rely off which type of animal a person has chosen to associate with. They also make use of their own vernacular, with some examples being: Fursona (as opposed to Persona), Yiff (as opposed to sex), and Mate (girl/boyfriend or sexual partner).

Furry communities are all over the internet, making them large in number. Sometimes, these communities even organize conventions where several furries can get together. It is rather commonplace for those attending to don fursuits, which are costumes resembling animals, not too dissimilar to mascot costumes.

True Capitalist Radio

Although not making as big a presence in True Capitalist Radio, it is believed a large number of furries listen to Ghost when he broadcasts. There have been several Twitter Names referring to furries, such as "furries_4_Ghost" and "My_Foot_Pause" (Pronounced as "My Footpaws" which furries usually refer to their Feet as - Footpaws - and their hands as just "Paws").

Like every other online fandom movement, Ghost tends to react negatively to furries, viewing them in a similar light to Anime fans as a group of sexual deviants and "future sexual predators" who should be on a government watch list and at one stage, simply saying that "Furriness is just one step away from penetrating a sheep's vulva".

Brony movement tends to make their presence acknowledged a lot more than furries when Ghost takes calls.

Furries regained some notoriety at the height of the conflict between Ghost and Elfoxoloco.

Popular Furries