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G was, along with Teutonic Plague, the most prominent Serious Caller in Post-Return era of True Capitalist Radio. Much like Teutonic, G was quick to earn a hatedom among the trolls because of his repeated calls (as many as three per show), brown nosing and lack of personality that would normally have Ghost throw him off the air for being a fruitbowl. In addition to being a caller on True Capitalist Radio, G used to host his own (now deleted) BTR show G Freedom Radio. Like many of the other Short Bus Members, G suffers from an autism spectrum disorder, presumably High Functioning Autism as he confirmed during the first Ghost's Inner Circle session that he is autistic. G had something of a rocky relationship with Ghost throughout the 2016-2017 era of True Capitalist Radio, spending much time being banned and unbanned from the show because of the various incidents he has managed to cause intentionally or unintentionally.

Undertale Incident

When Teutonic Plague began to be accused of being an Undertale fan in the aftermath of 2016 MaskedPony Incident, G came to defend him during Episode 297. He said that he didn't get the haters because Undertale was a decent game. Ghost was disgusted towards him and swiftly kicked him off the line and went on a long cans storm and even began playing The Girl from Ipanema and went on an extended break. After this G stated that he is going to apologize to Ghost for the incident and explain to him what Undertale is, and managed to do this during Episode 300. G would remain a serious caller for some time after this, eventually becoming a member of the Inner Circle.

The G Suicide Hoax Incident

G's position as a respected serious caller came to a swift end in Episode 367. Before Radio Graffiti, Ghost got word that G was actually Toilet Guy (turned out later he was merely ripping him off), a troll originating from another Blog Talk Radio show. He confronted him with this during Radio Graffiti, and when asked, G tried to deny it. Ghost was soon tweeted chatlogs from TheBronyNetwork's stream where G admitted to being Toilet Guy, and grilled him harder, leading to G admitting it, causing massive rage from Ghost. Ghost was later told that he liked Anime, which G admitted to as well, causing Ghost to end the broadcast in a rage, adding yet another contribution to the ongoing betrayal.

Things turned sour very quickly, however. Shortly after the show ended, G began supposedly saying (according to Tub Guy and Ghost, who have DMs from him) that he was going to kill himself over it. He hosted his BTR show, G Freedom Radio, where he denied that he was going to kill himself, however he was very upset and crying on the air. Various serious callers and trolls called in and attempted to console him, including Teutonic Plague and Elfoxoloco. However, some people mocked him with laugh tracks and splices of Ghost. He ended the show in anger at people asking if he was going to kill himself.

Ghost soon caught wind of these rumors, and began to tweet out inquiring if G was serious about wanting to kill himself. G tweeted out "I'm gonna commit suicide but I'm very sad", leading many to believe he was serious. This tweet was retweeted by Ghost, making it very public. He later claimed this was a typo and missed the "not" in the sentence, however Ghost didn't see it, which led Ghost to start tweeting at him telling him not to do it, and that he's still friends with him in spite of the "betrayal" act, going so far as to say that if he was being trolled he would end True Capitalist Radio over it.

It quickly came to light that G was apparently lying about it to get more viewers to his Blog Talk Radio show, G Freedom Radio, which led Ghost to say he was disgusted for using suicide as a way to garner more hits on his show, claiming he had seen screenshots of DMs. TrumpinCapitalist tried to disprove it with DM's from Tison Rockit, claiming he had misheard G say it over Skype. Ghost did not believe this though.

Ghost later said that he would hold an emergency Paltalk session, potentially being one of the last public broadcasts he does. He later posted "Goodbye to Romance" on Twitter, saying he had to think about the situation, and that he can't believe he's doing this. He then held a Paltalk chat. After waiting for more people to come in, he eventually basically told G to fuck off for trolling him like this, going so far as to say that, when G brought up that his dad punched him, that he should've had worse happen to him.

G was soon booted out of the room after he was mocked by Ghost and the Inner Circle enough, although there were some people who stuck up for him. Ghost then rambled about random things for another few hours, playing music and chatting with people in the Paltalk. He mocked various voices on the show, including TrumpinCapitalist, G, Teutonic Plague, and so on. By the end, he was a slurring drunk who was barely audible, and when asked about the future of TCR, he said this may be the end, even saying at one point that the next Monday and Tuesday shows may be the final episodes of TCR, period.

G attempted to come into the Tinychat and defend himself, however he was swiftly banned by Tub Guy. Tub Guy went on to show the DMs of G's suicide claims to TrumpinCapitalist and told people in the Tinychat like MetroidJunkie who were willing to hear G out about these DMs, causing a lot of his supporters to start disavowing him.

After this G locked his Twitter account and wouldn't make it public again until much later.

Several trolls claimed they had dirt on RaidenSnake liking anime, but decided to not come forward with this info after incident unfolded, due to fears of tensions rising higher than they already were.

After The Suicide Hoax

Despite Ghost's claims about ending the show, True Capitalist Radio continued with regular broadcasting after the incident, but one thing was clear after the Paltalk session: G was banned from the show. Ghost went so far as to say he would mail out his $45 refund for the Inner Circle out to him.

Despite being banned from Ghost's Inner Circle and the show, he still made occasional appearances in the show, and he returned to troll Ghost in a call by SharpSplicer during Episode 369, involving various trolls and fans saying they will boycott Ghost over the incident.

G later called in after a clip of G's show from the day of the incident was played, with Teutonic Plague and other people claiming Ghost was fake, giving G positive reinforcement. After a small argument between Teutonic, G and TrumpinCapitalist, Ghost started playing graduation music and claimed G had graduated in maturity. Despite "graduating in maturity" G still remained banned from the show, but he made his Twitter account public again. For some reason, he locked his account yet again, likely after Ghost attacked him again during one of the Inner Circle chats, much to the disdain of G loyalists such as StriverSurvivor.

Interestingly, in spite of this incident and Ghost stating G was excommunicated from the circle, on top of him being mocked by Ghost on a regular basis on the show, Ghost didn't unfollow him on Twitter. During one of the Inner Circle chat sessions, G was in the chatroom, leading to Ghost mocking him some more before kicking him. However, he said "G is a part of the Inner Circle, but not a part of the chatroom. He can be a part if he matures up a bit, alright?", confirming that G was not banned from the Inner Circle outright, just until he "matures up".

The short return of G, again

G finally made his true return during Episode 417 after Ghost stated during the broadcast that he had forgiven G for their past disputes and just hoped that G was OK. Much to Ghost's surprise G called in later on during the show and let him know that he was doing OK.

On the first Saturday Night Troll Show, G called in again, however Ghost seemingly forgot their previous conversation, as he yet again thought G had killed himself.

According to rumors, G was once again kicked out of the Inner Circle chatroom at some point in 2017 for coming into the chatroom at an inconvenient time. He has not been heard from since.