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Gab's logo, also known as or Gab for short, is a alternate social media website that pushes free speech, starting as a result of Twitter censoring tweets and accounts during the 2016 election. Ghost advocated for the website as an alternate in case Ghost was banned from Twitter. During early March 2017 until the show's hiatus on May 8th, 2017, Ghost frequently took shoutouts from Gab, either after or before Twitter Shoutouts. People who want a shoutout have to "repost" instead of retweet, or even like the post. Ghost got mad when trolls made it to Gab and made the same shoutout names like on Twitter.

Ghost later vowed that if Gab verified him on their site, he would exclusively take Gab shoutouts for the rest of the year. Gab later introduced a subscription service for verification, which Ghost was initially in opposition of. However, he later offered to pay for 5 years' worth of it, and was verified shortly thereafter. Following Ghost's suspension off Twitter, he mentioned in a article that Gab is now his social media of choice, with him frequently posting articles on there, albeit not as often as he used to on Twitter.

Upon Ghost's return from his break on October 31, 2017, he initially only took Gab shoutouts, removing Twitter functionality from the show entirely due to his suspension from Twitter in June 2017. During February and March of 2018, Gab Shoutouts was placed on a lower priority in favor of taking shoutouts from Ghost's own chatroom. After June 13, 2018, Shoutouts were done away with and are currently no longer part of the show.

Ghost also partnered with Gab as a "Premium" user, with people being able to subscribe to Ghost through Gab for $5 a month to get access to Ghost's Chatroom. He also utilized Gab as a means of accepting new Inner Circle members, with people being able to tip him $300 to get access to the IC. His last use of this concept was when he has sold autographs through this service, once again letting people tip a video $16 so they could receive his merch.

Upon his announcement of his impending departure from BlogTalkRadio in March 2018, some people asked if Ghost could do the show on Gab. However, Ghost said he was skeptical on if Gab could handle the amount of people TCR pulls in on a consistent basis. Ghost has attempted a handful of streams on the site, and all have had some level of technical difficulties. Since Gab's temporary downtime in October 2018, streaming and video sharing has not been possible on the platform.

Gab Goes Offline

Following the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting in October 27, 2018, PayPal, Stripe, Joyent and Shopify terminated their contracts with Gab after it was revealed that the perpetrator was an Alt-Right anti-semite and active Gab user. The site was later taken down entirely after its service provider refused to continue hosting it, making its future uncertain for the following week. Before the site was closed down, Ghost expressed his frustration with how Gab handled the shooting on his account and how he saw the situation as another targeted attack against the political right. After over a week of silence, Gab came back online on November 4th, suffering many connection errors due to the amount of traffic being handled by the site and possible DDoS attacks.

At this point, Ghost was starting to get seriously agitated with Gab because they owed him money and it was becoming increasingly harder for him to monetize on the site due to the above mentioned contract terminations, making him almost completely dependent on the Cryptocurrency Wishing Well to fund his broadcasts. Ghost started to reconsider the idea of creating his own social media site he had entertained after he was temporarily locked out of his Twitter account in 2016. Nothing came of this however, as the show was put on an indefinite hiatus soon afterwards.

Ghost vs. InsaneEnergy

Main article: November 2018 Ghost Doxing Incident

After stating that he would be taking a break in Capitalist Episode 640, Ghost began to post frequently on Gab. On November 19th, 2018, Ghost announced that via Gab that he will be closing his account, as well as the chatrooms and However, he made another post two days later. On November 26th, Ghost deleted the post saying that he would be leaving, and began posting frequently on Gab. Most of Ghost's recent posts on the site were related to his hatred of Autism. Ghost also targeted former Inner Circle member InsaneEnergy, threatening to contact his parents, but Insane was not intimidated. In the early morning of November 27, Ghost began to release some of InsaneEnergy's personal information. In response, Insane said that he will report Ghost to Andrew Torba, the CEO of Gab, leading to Ghost removing these posts in fear of getting banned.

Late on November 27th, 2018, sometime after InsaneEnergy managed to dox Ghost, Ghost's account disappeared from Gab and his handle was taken by a gab user named RifleKickSix.

"Ghost" returns to Gab

The following day, someone that was supposedly Ghost started posting on an account that was set up two months prior to the incident under the handle of GhostPolitics. The validity of this account was called into question when Ghost updated the "About" section on, saying that he was banned from Gab for "making fun of Autistic trash", indicating that he was banned after InsaneEnergy reported him. Some have disputed whether Ghost was actually banned or if he deleted his account due to him being doxed the previous day.

On November 30th, the GhostPolitics account made more threats to InsaneEnergy, before making some final remarks sarcastically congratulating the trolls on finally doxing him, as well as stating that he would be leaving the chatrooms, as well as Gab, while potentially continuing to update A few hours after this, the account disappeared, suggesting it was either banned again by Gab due to ban evasion, or was deleted. Another troll occupied this Gab handle as well.

So far, it is currently unknown whether or not the GhostPolitics account was actually Ghost. Ghost made what might be his final message on a few weeks after this incident, with no word on the validity of the dox, or the validity of the GhostPolitics account.