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Loschlöge Schliege schlagen, Volkswagen! Sieg Heil!

—Ghost, on the only 6 words of German he will ever know

Germany is a nation in Western Europe, and a member of the European Union.

Ghost seems to hold a high opinion of Germany, claiming it and France are keeping the European Union afloat. He also drinks Spaten beer on a regular basis, citing its high quality and expense (despite being $10 a 6-pack).

Many callers attempt to act like gay German men looking for attention from Ghost, which disgusts him greatly. Coodoo17 used this to a good extent in early 2012. Ghostler is a racist 'Germanzation' of Ghost's character and person.


Since the Return, Ghost has heavily criticized German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her immigration policy that has allowed more than a million migrants into the country. He has also criticized Germany for its turning its back on a German journalist in Turkey imprisoned for speaking out against the Turkish leader. Ghost has said that if a military leader were to rise up and overthrow the bureaucrats that they'd be in the "moral, ethical and legal right to do so" and that Merkel has "committed treason on the German people."

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