Get 'em Off

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Ghost : "832, Radio Graffiti."

Asho  : ""Hey Ghost, I want some of your Grandma's porn! Can you send it to me-"

Ghost : "God damn it Asho, will you just go away already and chew on a god-damned rubber-tortilla?!"

- A perfect example of the quote, from the January 6th Episode.

'Get Em' Off' is a common catchphrase used by Ghost on True Capitalist Radio whenever he has had enough of a certain caller, or has reached his limit for that day's rage. The notability of the phrase is that he says it at least once from every three or so callers, and as a result, it has become a staple of his vocabulary, and a fan favorite of listeners It illustrates how frequently Ghost deals with trolls and the huge amount of them that get on his nerves throughout a show.

In addition, during Chatroom Shoutouts, Ghost will instead ask the Engineer to 'kick out' an offensive name, usually saying 'kick 'em out! Get em outta here!' multiple times until said name(s) get removed from the chatroom.

What has he 'gotten off'?

  • Ghetto Capitalist, and one of his illegal schemes to make money off of the government.
  • The Internet Buttstalker, whose perverse ramblings irritate Ghost to no end.
  • Asho, whose stories of child abuse and neglect from his caretakers sadden and infuriate Ghost. As of the Return, bootlegging Ghost's autographs
  • Disgusting callers who try time and time again to get into Ghost's buttcrack, with no success.
  • Failtrolls, who cannot get the hint that they suck, and must be removed from the broadcast one way or another.
  • Suck Mah Dick Guy, with more and more brilliant set-ups, that fool Ghost every time. It's not like 617 or 347 already gave it away...
  • Sick sadistic Chatroom names with the intent of creating questionable phrases out of Ghost to use in a Splice, or to gross him out.
  • Tub Guy, who trolls Ghost with the fruitbowl crap.
  • Germit the Gay Frog, who has made sick sadistic requests to Ghost, most of which got cans.
  • The African Booty Scratcher gets this reaction whenever he calls Ghost, and as of January 2017, started splicing Ghost, even making said splices in real time.