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I am your host, the ma n they call Ghost.


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The prognosticator of prognosticators himself.
An Image of Ghost in real life, later known as a picture Ghost used of the father of his supposed son.

Ghost is a short-tempered businessman from Austin, Texas, currently residing in San Antonio and thought to be old or middle aged. He claims to be a rich man, running a business throughout Texas, and making 'major capital' in the Stock Markets as well. He has a complete family (although he dislikes the "extended uncles and aunts"), and lives well off, spending time consuming large amounts of alcohol (unless he's being abstinent at the time), having made his infamous broadcast, True Capitalist Radio (which aired regularly every Monday, Wednesday and Friday unless stated otherwise), and doing his new broadcast, The Ghost Show.

Ghost makes many outlandish claims, and although he stresses the truth in the things he says, some of them are possibly fictitious (such as making a thousand plus dollars a month on BlogTalkRadio), so not everything he states in his show should be taken as a base fact. Many attempts have been made to dox him and reveal his identity, yet he remains elusive to his listeners, and only drops small hints about what he does in his life, with no possible tips to accidentally expose his information.

He began recording on Blog Talk Radio in early 2008. During his first two years of broadcasting his show was named True Conservative Republican Radio (renamed to simply True Conservative Radio after eight episodes) and moved over to independent broadcasting from his website in May 2018 after he was demonetized by the new BTR management. The main content of Ghost's show consists of giving a report and his personal predictions of Stock Market trades as well as giving a summary of news events. He has a sizable amount of knowledge on all things, whether they be internet memes, or political and economic factors - yet he takes a very strong stance on almost anything, usually the right wing. Incidentally, Ghost is a veteran of the Vietnam War [46:04], though he doesn't like it when his callers bring the topic up and prefers to avoid talking about his experiences altogether. He has a short temper, and often loses it multiple times per broadcast, occasionally going to the point where either his voice goes out or he starts yelling unintelligibly.


Diagram showing the history of avatars used by Ghost throughout his broadcasting career.

Ghost started his life on the web at Yahoo Groups, opening a class of Political Science in 2006. A Wikia page was created for this class, and Ghost's first recorded Troll occurred when his wikia page was vandalized by a user/student named Beridan. After Ghost's school of Political Science had ended, he moved to the Paltalk Chat program, and opened a chatroom of his own in 2006. This chatroom was used off and on until the temporary closing of TCR in 2012.

He began recording on BlogTalkRadio in early 2008. His first show on record is January 11th 2008, although he claims to have started it all on January 8th. Ghost also says many of his early users were Paltalk members. During his first two years of broadcasting his show was named True Conservative Republican Radio however Ghost would quickly rename it to True Conservative Radio. The show during this time was normally two hours long and politically based. These shows consisted of him imposing his far-right political views and denigrating those who did not have his same exact political views. Though his early shows were not being raided by trolls; Ghost still functioned on hate. He continually took extreme positions of various subjects. He would also invite those who disagreed with him to call up the show and vocalize this belief. He would also enjoy reading off hate mail during his broadcast. However, the trolls would eventually find Ghost and begin their raids. By the end of his second year, trolls were a vital part of his program.

During his third year, Ghost took an extended break, and did not broadcast from early September 2010 to early January 2011. When he returned on the 11th of January 2011, he announced there would be a change in the show's format. The change consisted of Ghost leaving behind his Conservative roots in favor of a new belief system he agreed with: capitalism. During his first year as True Capitalist Radio, trolling would reach it's critical mass as troll raids were conducted and trolls became famous within themselves.

On the 29th of January 2012, Ghost announced via Twitter, that he would leave BlogTalkRadio at the end of February, due to the cost of hosting a show (despite making a 300% profit on advertising). This coincided with the events of Troll War III, which could also have been a factor. He later caved in and bought another month on BTR. Also on the 8th of March, Ghost made a similar claim over twitter, but reverted the next day, saying the show was not ending after all.

Finally, on May 24th, 2012, and again on June 1st, Ghost confirmed his program was ending for good. He claimed it was consuming so much of his life (3 hour shows every day) that he was neglecting his family. Ghost also admitted to faking some of his rage: "[...] I talked about how I faked the rage when it came down to the stupid memes I wanted to be popular and that sort of thing. I mean don't get me wrong! The rages related to the political and the social components and the capitalist components they were genuine, they were a 100% genuine!"

On November 12th 2015, Ghost posted a message to his YouTube page in two parts. In he, he addressed many of his predictions he claimed had come true during his absence, including those about Bashar Al-AssadObama, and gay marriage. He confirmed he still had his brick-and-mortar businesses, and in addition, made a new prediction that the 2016 economy would see a crash that made the last downturn seem 'like a picnic'.

On March 20th the following year, Ghost made his first BlogTalkRadio broadcast in nearly four years - a so-called Emergency Broadcast, addressing the Capitalist Army about the upcoming election, Donald Trump, and current events. The first proper 'new' episode, number 227, was aired five days later.

On May 8th, 2017, Ghost put the show on break again after supposedly being fed up with the people the show attracts. He initially claimed he would return on July 4th, however this was pushed back indefinitely, and later Ghost finally came back on October 31st.

Ghost left BTR in March 2018, and resumed broadcasting on his own site,, in May of that same year. Ghost went on an indefinite hiatus in November 2018, due to him being pissed off over the state of America. He returned on New Year's Eve, just moments away from the start of 2019, with a new broadcast, The Ghost Show.

For More See: History of Ghost


With each news event, Ghost gives his listeners a chance to call up with their opinions on each news subject. The majority of them, of course, use this opportunity to troll him in one of several ways, which Ghost will react to in many different ways, depending on the quality of the trolling. At some points of the show when Ghost is pushed to his limits, a sound akin to aluminum cans being thrown can be heard in the background. Due to his easily baited nature, it is popularly believed that Ghost himself is a troll and is leading his listeners along for the ride when they think they are trolling him. He relies on his sidekick character, Engineer, to do most of the basic work with his show, even going so far as to tell Engineer to kick people off of the voice line when they anger him.

Ghost is also notorious for handing segments of the show over to 'special guests', which is really just an excuse for him to spend five minutes making racist, heavily accented impersonations of national stereotypes. He mostly enjoys having them on the show, and often cites it as proof that he has listeners all over the world. Note this is also the only evidence he has given that he has non-white friends, or even friends at all. His 'guest' list includes:Tyrone (Black), Mr. Fortune Cookie (Chinese), The Guru (mainly Indian), Paco (Mexican) and Mahmoud/Machmoud (Member of the Libyan rebel faction, but later pretty much any Arab country).


Ghost is known for having an exuberant amount of personality and for his use of many self-coined terms and quotes. Ghost is known for his wild claims, such as always profiting, no matter how bad the markets are, sleeping only four hours a night yet feeling energized and for programming his own operating system, Penix 2.0. Ghost often claims that he could beat up any of his callers and even professional fighters and wrestlers. Ghost is a self proclaimed bad ass (The Bad Ass of Business) and is known for shocking viewers with his radical opinions and for holding nothing back during his prank calls.

Ghost is often disgusted by the current state of America (often referring to it as Junkyard America). He calls out No Personality Having Jerk Dicks that call up his show and say lame sentence-fragments in attempts to get lulz. He can often be heard in the background of calls saying "This is horrible; this is just horrible. I mean, are you hearing this? This is America. These are real callers folks, I'm not making this up. This is disgusting."

Ghost is strongly against organized religion, but swiftly denies being an atheist, claiming "you expect me to believe we got shit out by some ape? You've got to be kidding me." Ghost regularly gives speeches about how religion, among other things such as racism and political romanticism, is one of the main things holding back society. He mentioned in Paltalk how he did not believe in a specific religion, but refused to think our world came into being without a higher power of some sort, whether it be a force or a deity. Ghost demonstrates some residual Christian beliefs - for example, his distaste toward homosexuality and his outrage at Satanic splices, as well as occasional statements that he is praying for listeners. He became significantly more religious during the 2016 elections and Donald Trump's presidency due to the grim events going on in the world during that time.

Ghost is often called a racist by his callers because of the way he covers news stories, often referring to people as racial stereotypes and because of his special guests and playing of Guess the Minority. Ghost always denies these rumors swiftly. He once conducted an entire broadcast to end the allegations.

To listeners however, Ghost seems to feel hostility towards countries other than the US and states other than Texas. The extent of Ghost's negative opinions of other countries was further revealed in the various trolling acts in Radio Graffiti - for example playing the national anthem of another country.

His rants on Jewish people, and over-protectiveness against being identified as a Jew himself, prompted the nickname of "Ghostler," after Adolf Hitler, to be commonly used on troll calls. Ghost pronounces Canada as 'Canadia', and called their national anthem the "Canadian Bacon National Anthem". Ghost also hates Oklahoma, because of their rivalry with his alma mater, University of Texas, Austin. Ghost hates Russians, Cubans, the Chinese, and any present or former communist territories. He doesn't like Germany for anything but its beer, or France for any reason whatsoever and countries of European Union in general (with the exceptions of Poland and Hungary) for their handling of European Migrant Crisis, embracing of political correctness and feminism as well as opposition towards Trump's policies, and he now often refers to Europeans as "Euro Cucks".

Ghost denies all allegations of him being hateful by claiming that he is a "melting pot of friendship" and that he does not care what ethnicity, gender, sexuality or nationality one is as long as they are a capitalist and not mooching from the government, though he backpedaled on these words when it came to Anime watchers. He has made and maintained on-air friendships with various people and characters of different nationalities, sexualities and races, including Asho (since the Return) and Goofy Bone, though he occasionally still makes friendly jokes about them.

Since his return, Ghost has started to show signs of paranoia during his broadcast, often openly worrying that he is being monitored by the government. Occasionally, Ghost might stop the show for a while if he talks about a subject matter he feels might anger the conspiratorial groups that are following him and start looking out the windows, sometimes claiming he saw a drone/chopper/suspicious person and in Episode 377 seemingly going as far as pulling off a gun in the fear that a SWAT team was going to bum rush his house. According to Ghost, the government began to monitor him during his absence because of his show and even put him on a no fly list, he even went as far as to claim that he began to saw ice cream trucks in front of his house in the middle of winter and that he has even managed to attract the attention of other countries' intelligence services.

After the MaskedPony Incident, Ghost, for a short time, underwent somewhat of a personality change. His vocabulary became somewhat vulgar, dropping F-bombs more than usual, and became more bitter and angry, having even attempted to call back a splicer implying he was a pedophile and saved the number, assuming it was MaskedPony. Ghost eventually cooled down from the incident after a few days, but

As proven in Episode 329, Ghost is incredibly antisocial, as he hates the concept of friendship and only has his family and "acquaintances". However, after forming the "Ghost Inner Circle", he claimed that everyone who bought into that were "his friends". Ghost again devolved back into his borderline-misanthropy after The Betrayal, believing all friends will eventually become "whiny emotional vampires". This attitude only got worse after Inner Circle went through a number of dramas, and Ghost conducted a full scale purge to get rid of the undesirable members. Ghost has been also shown on occasion to snap at callers for no reason, whether they forget that they're on the line or be honest with him, but this could just be his character on the show, and not reflect his personality in real-life.

Ghost's Politics

Ghost is a self-described 'Capitalist' and "Classical Liberal" (not to be confused with Modern Liberals), usually taking self-proclaimed "Capitalist" stances on issues. Ghost sees capitalism as the advancement of society and science and has little respect for people who refuse to become capitalists (Welfare recipients, Communists/Socialists). He was strongly against the Occupy Wall Street Protests because he saw the protesters as socialists who were trying to get more cash on their welfare checks and supported Herman Cain as a GOP Candidate for the 2012 US Presidential Election as well as Donald Trump in the 2016 US Presidential Election because he saw them as "Capitalist" candidates.

Ghost is strongly opposed to political romanticism, monarchism, racism (maybe), multiculturalism, socialism, communism, modern liberalism and Keynesianism. Ghost believes that the only way for humanity to progress is to accept Capitalism and to allow creativity to flourish.

For a time, he was endorsing Herman Cain, whom he nicknamed Herman "Sugar" Cain, until Herman's decision to suspend his campaign and his subsequent endorsement of Newt Gingrich, a man Ghost loathes.

Ghost, despite no longer being a conservative, often has conservative opinions on topics. He is against having multiple-children, especially if they cannot be supported by the family. He has often said "No more breeders". Ghost often claims that America used to be a much better place and that now it is Junkyard America. He says "We used to be the bastion of capitalism, now we're the bastards of capitalism."

Ghost strongly supports independent creativity on the Internet. He is strongly against the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Protect IP Act (PIPA), to the point of devoting large amounts of time discussing them. Ghost became much more cynical about the subject after his 2016 return believing that, while he was against it, internet censorship was an inevitability because of the various sexual deviants as well as trolls inhabiting it and that he wouldn't ultimately feel bad about the censorship as long as these people are kept away from the internet. He defended the much hated Federal Communications Commission chairman, Ajit Pai, and his controversial Net Neutrality act because he believed that it would drive Autists off the internet. This drew much ire from some of his listeners, especially KaraszKun.

Ghost criticizes Hollywood and the record labels for "having a monopoly on creativity" and their celebrities, most of whom are politically aligned to the left.

Ghost usually takes supportive stances on uprisings of oppressed populations, such as the 2009 and 2018 uprisings in Iran, the 2011 Syrian Uprising and protests in Russia against Vladimir Putin's rule in 2012 and 2018, but other times he has stood against revolutions, like the 2011 Libyan and Egyptian Revolutions and Syrian revolution after it started to transform into a full blown civil war. Ghost claimed that the Libyan Rebels had connections to Al-Qaeda, that the Egyptians were just a bunch of "primitive wild jahooties" manipulated by an evil man to go out and rape and pillage and that the chance to help the Syrians was lost after many of Assad's opponents started turning radical. He usually opposes authoritarian regimes, such as North Korea and Saudi Arabia, but he has also defended some of them, such as Augusto Pinochet's Chile and the former Brazilian military junta for their actions in countering Communism and defending Capitalism in their countries.

Ghost has been a strong critic of Anonymous mostly because, according to Ghost, of their meaningless ("for the lulz") actions. Ghost praised the Lulzsec hacks for "actually doing it for a reason" following the hacking of foreign governmental websites. He shares similar views on the members of the /pol/ board of 4chan, whose views he tends to support, but who are often more focused on trolling and being jerks on the internet than trying to be active on the political field. Some groups have expressed positive opinions on Ghost and his broadcast, while others (like the GNAA and Media Bias/Fact Check) have been more critical.

Ghost has frequently shown extreme skepticism towards scientific community, especially the field of astronomy and space travel to the point that he entirely denies the existence of space, assuming that NASA, the government and the entire scientific community are part of a major conspiracy to delude everyone, that the Moon landings never happened, and that NASA spends most of its budget on fabricating evidence of other celestial objects. Ghost has also actively encouraged his listeners to not listen health advice commonly given to the population and has instead encouraged people to eat high fat food such as butter because his old doctor once said "a stick of butter a day keeps the doctor away" as well as consume large amounts of salt.

Ghost used to be skeptical towards most conspiracy theories and often lauded Alex Jones because of how out of touch his theories were with reality. However since his return in 2016, Ghost has started to take such theories seriously and now supports theories about the existence of New World Order, extensively talked about how the political elite runs a child prostitution ring and believes that nearly every terrorist attack in recent history has been a false flag that was designed to promote certain political agenda.


Main article: Alcoholic Ghost

Ghost, a former Conservative, now consumes large amounts of alcohol. During his final episode of the True Conservative Radio, after a four month break, he admitted that he became a regular drinker and smoker in attempt to make the pain caused by witnessing the current state of America go away.

Often heard talking about his common consumption of alcohol, it has sparked rumors that Ghost is addicted to alcohol, commonly referred to as an alcoholic. Ghost rejects these claims by saying "I'm not an alcoholic; I'm a connoisseur". His favorite alcoholic beverages include Miller High Life, Johnnie Walker Blue Label and Spaten Optimator. It was found out that a bar Ghost often visits is the Mean Eyed Cat Bar on 6th Street. Some have gone so far as to conclude that he is the bar's owner, Chris Marsh.

Given his age, it's not surprising that Ghost has been negatively effected by this alcohol consumption. He admitted since March 2017 that his alcohol consumption is a problem and has tried to abstain from drinking several times in the broadcast, but he has usually fallen off the wagon after some time. In Capitalist Episode 526 he admitted that his drinking had caused him bleeding ulcers in his internal organs, and in Capitalist Episode 592, he described how the substance had taken a severe toll on his mental health. He started having severe anxiety attacks from time to time, and his addiction was so bad that he was genuinely afraid to go cold turkey in fear of its side effects.


Ghost's age is one of the many things about him that's remained a complete mystery. He appears to be careful to avoid disclosing his exact age, alluding only to the fact that he's been around for a long time. However, thanks to his claims of supposedly serving in the Vietnam War, it's definite that he's at least 60 as of 2019, as Vietnam ended in 1975 and you had to be at least 17 to serve the American military. The first drafting calls started in 1969 and ended in 1972, If ghost was drafted that would make him atleast 64 (As of 2020 of course). the US began withdrawing most of its troops in 1973, so Ghost was probably born in the early or mid 1950s, making it likely Ghost is somewhere in his 60's-70's now. He is thus a Baby Boomer, which is ironic considering his hatred for his own generation. The theory of Ghost being born in the 1950s is also consistent with his story that his son was a teenager in the early 1990s, his current status as a grandfather, and his extensive knowledge of music and events from the last half of the 20th century. In some 2020 episodes of The Ghost Show, Ghost claims to be part of Generation X despite the earliest Gen Xers being born in 1965. However, his statement of "not having much longer to live" implies that he could be experiencing his Twilight years, reflecting his earlier baby boomer status.


This section of this article provides a small overview on trolling. For the full article, see Trolling Tactics.

The most common forms of trolling, when it comes to Ghost, are remixes and audio splices. Remixes musically manipulate Ghost's voice, mixing his words into either a song he sang on the air or into other music. Common phrases used in the latter case include 'melting pot of friendship' and, more recently, 'hambone'. This type of trolling generally causes Ghost to exhibit moderate anger, although he seems more agitated by remixes that are made of him singing a song soon after he sang it on the show. He refers to this as instantaneous real time remixing.

'Audio splicing' is the act of cutting and pasting lines of Ghost's spoken words in order to make him say things that he would never normally say. These range from Ghost seemingly admitting to being racist to beating his son and grandmother. Ghost's rage depends on how believable the splices sound, how elaborate they are, and how offensive the topic is. He will be quick to point out the faked quality of poorly done splices that have obvious spikes of emotion between his words. A few trolls are succeeding through this method, and cause reactions from Ghost ranging from moderate anger to full-on cans.wav. Ghost has Rage Quit from a few broadcasts because of offensive Audio Splices and Remixes - most notably from the '10-year old boy ass' splice, and the first ever splice, citing that Ghost was a racist.

There is a third type of troll regularly seen on the show: regular callers. These characters include Asho, a troll who claims to be a neglected Hispanic child. It got some rage out of Ghost, until he realized Asho was a fake. One of the more popular trolls is Ghetto Capitalist, a man who claims to abuse an EBT Card for his own monetary gain. Due to his own beliefs on government handouts, this tends to cause Ghost a great deal of anger. Some other recurring and persistent trolls are:

  • Tub Guy - A man who claims to listen to the show in his bathtub. Well known for his phrase 'Oh my'.
  • Suck Mah Dick Guy - A man whose well known phrase is 'Suck mah diiiiick'. Known for holding conversations using various voice impressions or audio clips made to emulate a setpiece before initiating his catchphrase.
  • Tri$ha - A very high pitch voiced transsexual who regularly called up.
  • The Aborted Fetus - A little kid who has made Ghost rage hard on various occasions, and state that every parent has thrown their children into woodchippers. He disappeared on the August 11, 2011 episode.
  • EquestrianCitizen978 - A 'black' brony who successfully made Ghost rage multiple times, and also secured two "last-call" spots. He and Ghost seem to be friends now.
  • Internet Buttstalker - An effeminate man who requests Ghost to show his "toolbox" and admits his love for Ghost. He has a job serving glory holes.
  • Asho - An abused 8 year old Mexican Justin Bieber kid who feared not being able to "shoot" after he was punched in the balls by his aunt, watches porn, has sex with prostitutes and with people in his school, and drinks beer when his mother is at Applebee's looking for Alabama black snake. He was dubbed Best Mexican in the 2011 Ghosties. As of The Return, Asho is now a (mostly) serious caller who goes to college.
  • Ghetto Capitalist - A Californian, ghetto EBT recipient who always calls at the 1st of every month, boasting about getting his checks. He has a baby constantly crying in the background of his calls, often to be the first thing heard to identify him. The child could suffer from months of diaper rash, according to Ghost. He and his friend Pookie devise scams to get rich, like pretending to still live in the state he formerly moved from to collect EBT from 2 states at once. He was dubbed the TCR Troll Of The Year in the 2011 Ghosties.
  • Minor Trolls, who still can make frequent appearances on the show, and add on to the headache that Ghost gets from their sick, twisted behaviors.

Since the Return, Ghost has been hit with newer trolls that piss him off almost as much as the original ones. While a few of Ghost's old trolls have returned, he does sometimes miss the old days of trolling. Some of the new trolls included:

  • Pylons - A splicer and remixer best known for messing with Ghost's intro.
  • African Booty Scratcher - A splicer who originally started out as a form of chain-calls, but eventually became his own character, known for causing cans.wav with almost every call he makes.
  • Twilie Atkins(formerly) - A supposedly female troll that started out making MLP-related calls before becoming a splicer. Known for having called in twice in a row during Capitalist Episode 344. Though since Episode 48 has since retired, dissociated with any former trolls and removed her archive.
  • Ghost's Granny - Not to be confused with Ghost's actual deceased grandmother, the troll uses a voice modulator and poses as a less "pious" version of her, toying with Ghost's emotions as a result of his nostalgia.

Sometimes, Ghost doesn't even need to be trolled. He has made mistakes on-air before (See this video for an example). Ghost can occasionally make himself rage simply by reading the news, or even by making any grammatical mistakes, the former of which was prevalent nearly every day on the True Conservative Radio broadcast.

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