Ghost's 2023 Spring Hiatus

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Ghost's 2023 Spring Hiatus was a hiatus that started on March 7, 2023 and ended on April 6, 2023.

Inner Circle Sewage and More No Shows

After the The Ghost Show Episode 335, Ghost pulled another excuse of having a cough. Skipping another show. Afterwards, Ghost started airing more episodes of True Capitalist Radio. On March 10, 2023, Ghost and the Inner Circle were trolled by Youtuber Styxhexenhammer666. Styx trolled Ghost live on Episode 679 of TCR with posting scat porn. Ghost attempted to defame Styx but failed and lead to Ghost being enraged during the stream, it is unknown if Styx was banned from the Inner Circle.

After the episode, Ghost continued doing more TCR episodes while not doing any episodes of The Ghost Show. With Ghost using the bank closing of Silicon Valley Bank and lying that he was getting requests to do more TCR episodes (while Ghost refused to air TGS). With Ghost posting an excuse on Instagram of worrying about a stock market crash on March 13, 2023. Which was followed by Ghost not showing up at all and with no Instagram posts. Leading to skeptics believing Ghost's donors caused the hiatus and lead to Ghost not showing up out of Ghost's greedy nature.

More TCR, More Excuses, and An Actual Show

Due to both Ghost still making excuses that ranged from defending Al Chappers and even blaming his mixer breaking. There was an uptick of TCR episodes throughout the hiatus than TGS episodes. This eventually brought trolls over to TCR in which Ghost was outraged that trolls started flocking to TCR. Eventually, on April 6, 2023, Ghost aired the The Ghost Show Episode 336 ending the near 1 month old hiatus.