Ghost's Excuses

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Since the early days of Ghost's years of broadcasting, Ghost has made various excuses of missing shows. Especially when Ghost has made many absences throughout the airing of The Ghost Show.

Excuse Meaning Examples
Old Age Ghost's uses his own age to excuse himself to miss shows despite claiming on going "full throttle" during The Ghost Show and many of its spinoffs. "I'm an old man." , "I don't have that many (Saturdays, Sundays, etc.) left."
Making Barbecue/Smoking Meats Ghost claimed during Summer 2021 of the temperature of the sun combined with the heat of his barbecue grill. Caused him to be overheated and miss some shows. "I over did it today smoking meats today in 100 degree weather and almost had a damn heat stroke; but at least the brisket, ribs and chicken turned out great! No show tonight, I'm sorry! I know, I'M OLD! Go ahead and bring the trash talk."
Ice Cream Trucks in Winter At the beginning of the return of True Capitalist Radio in 2016. Ghost made claims of having to hide for around 4 years due to suspecting that federal agents were using an ice cream truck during winter to spy on him. "...Ice cream trucks parked in the middle of winter."
Poetry Around the middle of Summer 2021, Ghost has made various poems in order to get in touch with his "artistic side". These poems sometimes delay potential shows. With many trolls claiming Ghost is gay for making poems, with Ghost denying such claims.
Death of Templeton During Ghost's October Hiatus in 2020. Ghost announced that Templeton died of cancer. Causing Ghost to delay any shows until returning in November 2020. However a year later, Ghost used Templeton's death again to not do any shows in October due to still being sad over Templeton's death. With many trolls calling October "No Throttle October" from Ghost missing many shows in the month. "I know I haven’t conducted a broadcast in a couple of weeks, but it brings me great pain and sadness to announce that my best friend, Templeton, has passed on. The way Templeton passed was unsuspecting and untimely; I still can’t believe it! There’s a gaping pain in my heart that won’t go away after all this."
Sports During the airing of The Ghost Show, Saturday Night Troll Show, Spontaneous Sunday Show, and The Baller Friday Show. Ghost would postpone any episode in favor of watching any kind of sports from watching Football to watching UFC fights. These excuses were one of the many factors that lead to the cancellation of the Saturday Night Troll Show reboot. After the Dallas Cowboys started their 2022-2023 season in September 2022, Ghost started skipping more Sunday shows of TGS to enjoy watching the Cowboys instead. Usually with Ghost following up with an episode of True Capitalist Radio the following Monday after a Sunday game. "*Creaks open the door... Hey Billy, sorry I couldn't make it for Thanksgiving. I carried away over the #Cowboys game, drank, ate way too much and passed out. I know you're mad, so I bought you something to bear with me. I'll make it up to you Billy, I'm sorry. #BadFather" (image of a trashy teddy bear)
Lost his voice When Ghost does a very long show or does a lot of screaming, he often loses his voice and misses the next show. Viewers often joke that Ghost sucked too many cocks or serviced too many gloryholes. To help soothe his voice, Ghost often gargles some scotch or sucks on some honey during the next show. "Unfortunately, there will be no show tonight. My voice is still very messed up from last night's show, and sounds horrible. I think its best I rest the vocals and come back this Sunday. Sorry to all... ~Ghost"
Posting on Twitter After Ghost got a new Twitter account in February 2021, Ghost sometimes tweets all day posting other topics. This results in Ghost barely responding to his listeners on why he didn't air a show. Sometimes giving a reason for his absence. "Sorry Billy, no show today because its #KyleRittenhouse day and I'm celebrating the major win for law abiding American citizens protecting life and property. Sorry again Billy, how about this Sunday? #ImSorry"
Internet or Power Outage If there is an electricity or internet outage in Ghost's area, he is unable to host a show. This often occurs during a thunderstorm or when a squirrel chews on his internet cable. It can even happen in the middle of a show, causing an abrupt end to the episode. "No show tonight thanks to @cpsenergy. I went to get more groceries after the power came back on. I put away the groceries & was going to try & sleep, then the power went out again for hours. Spoiling more food & fucking up my #MemorialDay weekend! My apologies to all!"
Refusing to Air a Show Ghost simply refuses to do a show either out of lazyness or out of spite. "TBH, I really don't want to do the show. After all that Anime shit in the last show, I have absolutely no motivation to do another one. Moreover, I don't feel like wasting a Saturday night. So I don't know..."
IRL Business Ghost tells everyone that either business or personal problems have come up. With Ghost skipping a show in response. "Sorry Billy, I have to take care of some IRL business. Please don't be mad, I'll be back Tuesday. Don't give me crap..."
Invited to a New Year's Eve Party Ghost posted on Twitter of him getting to a New Year's Eve party in an apartment in Austin, Texas. With his wife wanting to go. Which resulted in the postponing of The 2021 Ghosties to Sunday. "I was unexpectedly invited to a very exclusive New Year's Eve party at a penthouse in Austin. Mrs. Ghost really wants to go (and so do I), so unfortunately I will have to postpone the #Ghosties2021 until Sunday Night! I know many will be upset, but it's #NewYear2022! Cheers!"
International Women's Day Despite Ghost's staunch support of rejecting Feminism, Ghost decided to skip a potential show to post on Twitter and celebrate International Women's Day. "I'm celebrating #InternationalWomensDay by being unreliable, impulsive and void of any responsibility. Hence no show tonight. Hear me roar! #WomensDay"
Ms. Ghost getting sick Even though Ghost promised an episode of The Ghost Show on March 15, 2022. Along with another episode of TCR. Ghost later posted on Twitter that he had to take care of his sick wife. Postponing both episodes. "Ms. Ghost is ill, so I'll be tending to her this evening. I'm still working on the TCR episode before FED chairman Powell's announcement tomorrow. Sorry for the lack of LIVE shows, but life is has been a bit of a bitch lately. My apologies. ~Ghost"
Will Smith hitting Chris Rock at the 94th Academy Awards On the night of March 27, 2022, Ghost posted on Twitter of not doing a Sunday show of TGS after seeing actor Will Smith hitting actor Chris Rock in the face at the 94th Academy Awards. With Ghost later getting banned on Twitter for 12 hours. With Ghost responding later on of his ban. "I did not show up tonight to protest Will Smith's assault of innocent black man @chrisrock because he joked about @jadapsmith's bald ass head. Will Smith obviously doesn't think #BlackLivesMatter and should be canceled forever! #Oscar #whatjusthappened"
Taking a Vacation to the Beach On April 9, 2022, Ghost had taken another break from doing a Sunday show until Monday to take a vacation to the beach. With mainly the reason for the vacation to relax after the aftermath of Ghost being banned briefly on VaughnLIVE during the 283rd Episode of The Ghost Show aired. "Decided to take a trip to the beach. Might be here till Monday! Hope this whole @notmark thing blows over... Cheers! ~Ghost"
Tornado Watch On April 12, 2022, Ghost posted a map of Texas on Twitter. Showing potential tornadoes developing in Texas. After this post, there was no sign of a would be episode of The Ghost Show. "Tornado watch! #Texas (map of tornado watch alerts in Texas)"
Celebrating Easter During Easter in 2022, Ghost declared more time away from doing any shows to celebrate Easter with his family. With a promise of returning on April 19, 2022. "I will be back this Tuesday! Celebrating East Star with friends and fam. GhostTransSpecificWaifu & The Inner Squircle vids are first this Tuesday night 8:30 PM (CST). Cheers to you all and your families on this holiday weekend! ~Ghost"
Food Poisoning/Getting Sick Ghost has had bouts of eating then getting sick afterwards. With the earliest being on April 15, 2019 when Ghost said he was gone the week before due to eating spaghetti that made him sick. Ghost also would get sick again on April 7, 2022 from not washing his hands after taking out the trash and then eating chicken wings which kept him sick throughout April 8, 2022 "I took out the trash yesterday evening and the chicken wings order arrived while outside. I was so hungry, began eating the wings and forgot to wash my hands. My stomach has been upset all morning..."
Creating Twitter Clone On June 2, 2022, Ghost would go back on his promise of doing an episode of The Ghost Show. In favor of deciding to make a clone of Twitter. Since Ghost realized that Instagram didn't have the same micro blogging interaction like Twitter. "I know there is supposed to be a show this evening at 8:30 PM CST, but I am trying to figure out new social media solutions to help promote the show. I've currently have an Instagram account, which is not the same as Twitter's micro-blogging platform. So this weekend, I'm going to try to set up a Twitter-like clone EXCLUSIVELY for the folks who listen to the show(s). This is going to take a bit of time, effort, energy, and money to setup and secure. I'm already in the process of getting this started. When completed, we will have a Twitter-like community JUST FOR US. Which is something I think many in this community would very much appreciate. I know I owe many donos, so please know I will fulfill all of them on Sunday night 9:00 PM CST. So please be patient, I plan on doing lots of things with the show this Summer which will make the show even more fun and enjoyable. Thank you all for listening... Ghost P.S. I plan on raising the Inner Cirle price because of Joe Biden's inflation; so get in while you can."
Lacking Energy to Do a Show Despite Ghost's past claims of saying that he was a machine and "going full throttle" on keeping up a schedule. Ghost will blame his lack of energy of doing any new shows on the length of shows. Even though many of Ghost's audience suggested to reduce the time back to TCR's old schedule. Many skeptics reiterate that Ghost does long shows out of greed. "I'll be honest with you all, I CAN NOT sustain "The Ghost Show" Live at this 9+ hour show rate; three times a week. It depletes my energy (and voice) to the point where I tend to neglect important aspects of my life. [1]"
Postponing an Episode Ghost will sometimes skip episodes to move to another day. Even though a would be episode was going to air on the following day of Ghost's schedule. "I decided that the 300th episode of The Ghost Show will be LIVE this Sunday 9:00pm CST. I felt it would be more convenient for those who want to hear the show LIVE and allocate the time stay up with us all night long. So mark it on your calendars, this Sunday night (08/21/2022), we will steal the night with pure internet Tom Foolery in effect. I’m going to try to put out a “True Capitalist Radio” show, with serious content, before Sunday night, and I may even have a short (like an hour) LIVE stream on my YouTube channel. So please subscribe, so you will be notified when I conduct this “serious” True Capitalist Radio episode. I want to give a shoutout to Shekelslovakia for his generous support of the 300th episode, and everyone else who will be a part of the show (Fat Marshall). Thank everyone who’s ever supported “The Ghost Show” since 2019, I mean that from the bottom of my heart with all sincerity. Cheers, Ghost P.S. Don’t be upset Billy, its for the best! [2]"
Broken Microphone Even though in the past, Ghost has replaced his mic or even improvised during the Return Era of TCR by using his phone to talk. On August 21, 2022, Ghost would sink to a new low by saying that his microphone was broken and was unable to air the 300th episode of The Ghost Show. Leading to it being postponed again. "Now, before you all start giving Hell for postponing the 300th episode, let me explain. On the last episode of “The Ghost Show” many of you in the chat were saying my mic was going out. Unfortunately, you all were right because the mic I use for the show finally did blow out (probably from the years of screaming at all of you). I order a new mic which won’t be here until tomorrow. Since we’ve had a lot of video donos come in for the 300th episode, I’m going to leave it up to you guys on when we should do the 300th episode, for its looking like its going to be a 9+ hour show given the current amount of video donos that have accumulated. So I leave it up to you (leave the suggested day in the comments section). I know many of you will be upset and disappointed, but this is beyond my control. I’ve used this now broken mic since the “underground TCR days” back in 2018, and now its finally done for. It will go in the storage with all the other relics from the show; like the original mics from (2008-2016 and 2016-2018), original computers (2008-2016 and 2017-2019) and all the other things accumulated over the years. Once again, when should we reschedule the 300th episode of “The Ghost Show?” Please leave suggestions in the comment’s sections; thank you for you patience and understanding. Cheers, - Ghost P.S. I will do a LIVE serious show to True Capitalist Radio on YouTube as soon as I get my new mic before I the 300th episode of “The Ghost Show.” [3]"
Ghost's Family visting On November 27, 2022, Ghost posted on Instagram that he could not do an episode of The Ghost Show since his family were visiting. With Ghost also advertising selling beer cans. "No "Ghost Show" tonight, still have some family over until late this evening. I will do a "True Capitalist Radio Show" tomorrow morning on my YouTube Channel to go over some serious issues. Signed and numbered beer cans (cans.wav) go on sale tonight at midnight on Only a limited number for a limited time!"
Pinochet Hurts His Paw On December 29, 2022, Ghost posted on Instagram that he was unable to do an episode of TGS after Pinochet hurt his paw the day before and was taken to the Veterinarian. With Ghost tending to helping Pinochet. "Bad news, my dog Pinochet has hurt his paw pretty badly and was taken to the vet yesterday. I will NOT BE doing a show tonight to tend to Pinochet (my poor baby). This has not been the best "end of the year" for me and can't wait to put 2022 behind me. I will be having a show this Sunday Night for the Ghosties Awards. My sincerest apologies, I just want this POS year to be over with. Cheers, Ghost" Forums Hacking On February 25, 2023, The Forums was allegedly hacked (according to Ghost) by a blind man named Al Chappers, Ghost used the hacking incident as an excuse (along with still being sick after Ms. Ghost fell ill a week before) to skip The Ghost Show yet again. Thus, making most of Ghost's audience convinced that he used the hacking incident as an excuse and pinned the blame on Al Choppers. Making Ghost's allegations (along with Ghost's chronic lying on promising to do have a "full throttle" schedule) less believable. "No Ghost Show tonight! I'm still a bit under the weather, plus I think this Al Chappers incident needs to calm down before I come back. Harassing a blind person is a new low for you trolls. What's next, forcing People in wheelchairs to use the stairs?"
Fearing a Stock Market Crash On March 12, 2023, Ghost posted on Instagram fearimg that a stock market crash will happen on March 13. This comes after Silicon Valley Bank closed due to a bank run. Ghost used a potential crash as an excuse to not do an episode of TGS again. "The stock market is going to crash tomorrow! So I will not do a "Ghost Show" tonight, but I will be LIVE tomorrow morning before the stock market opens on my YouTube Channel covering the crash starting around 8:00am CST. I will be covering market most of the day tomorrow because Monday will be a whole new economy for most People in America. Enjoy your Sunday, because tomorrow will be a display of old money pulling the rug on new money. I will explain EVERYTHING that's going on tomorrow as it happens. Cheers, Ghost"
Broken Mixer On April 2, 2023, Ghost gave another excuse on Instagram. Blaming his mixer being broken and refusing to do another episode of The Ghost Show. Along with still trying to use the Al Chappers incident as an excuse as well. "Sorry no "Ghost Show" tonight, my mixer just crapped out on me, in the process of getting another one. Moreover, I'm still unhappy with the trolls continuously harassing BLIND People, which is a huge demoralizer for The Ghost Show." Hope you all understand, Ghost"
Trolling on TCR Instead of TGS On April 11, 2023, Ghost made another excuse on Instagram refusing to air a promised episode of The Ghost Show on that day. Ghost then shifted the blame on Trolls flooding True Capitalist Radio instead of The Ghost Show. "There will be no "Ghost Show" tonight because I do not appreciate what you trolls are doing to TCR. Moreover, I plan on streaming on multiple different platforms (more then Vaughn and Dlive) on the next "Ghost Show" which will be this Thursday night 9:00pm. I know I owe some videos and will honor all of them on Thursday night. Cheers, Ghost P.S. Trolls, stay away from TCR!!!"
Ghost's Broken Computer On August 1, 2023, after a mysterious skip of a would be TCR episode on July 31, 2023. Ghost announced on his YouTube channel of his computer's power supply fan broke. Resulting in Ghost skipping TCR and promising a new TCR after his computer is repaired. "No True Capitalist Radio today. My Corsair PC power supply fan is out and its forcing a overheat shutdown with like 15 minutes from boot up. I am currently trying to fix this, I hope it will be fixed tomorrow. Sorry for all those expecting a show today. Cheers, Ghost"
Pinochet's Birthday On November 17, 2023, Ghost made a post on Twitter, announcing he would not do an episode of The Ghost Show and instead celebrating his dog Pinochet's birthday. ""The Ghost Show" will NOT be LIVE tonight. It's my dog Pinochet's birthday and I kind of want to celebrate it with him. My last dog, my precious Templeton, passed away around the age Pinochet is turning today. I hope you all understand. Thank you and Happy Baller Friday!"
Blaming a Twitter User for Reporting Him On December 31, 2023, on the day of a potential Ghosties. Ghost made a post on Twitter, blaming a user for reporting him for hate speech, despite Ghost actually insulting Irish people. He then uses this as an excuse to skip the 2023 Ghosties on New Year's Eve and delay it to January 2, 2024. "You can thank this reporting POS for no New Years Eve show. I'm not going to sacrifice another holiday if People are going to pull shit like this."
Blaming Thomas the Tank Engine Fans On January 9, 2024, Ghost started blaming fans of Thomas the Tank Engine on Twitter for trolling him on the January 6, 2023 episode of True Capitalist Radio. As a result, Ghost made himself a victim and refused to air a scheduled episode of TGS. "Because the trolls ruined the True Capitalist Radio show yesterday, there will be no "Ghost Show" today. I will postpone "The Ghost Show" until tomorrow. It's all your fault!"