Ghost's Forum

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Ghost's Forum is a message board on Ghost’s website, It was created after The Ghost Show Episode 94. Since it was created, it has hosted a handful of different topics regarding the show, and the community around it. There are six categories. They are named “The Ghost Show”, “The Saturday Night Troll Show”, “True Capitalist Radio Memories”, “Serious Political Talk”, "Stocks, Cryptocurrency, and Business”, “Meme Warfare”, "IRL", and "Sports".

The Ghost Show category includes updates from Ghost himself about when the next show is. The same could also be brought up in Saturday Night Troll Show thread. Ghost also takes shoutouts from the forum users.

After making the forum, many claimed that Ghost was stealing data along with some vandalizing the forum with graphic images. This led to Ghost banning many users.

Around February-March 2020, Ghost has apparently stopped taking shoutouts from the forum, and has also said that he would be shutting it down, and he eventually did on March 29, 2020. This led to many trolls claiming that Ghost was shutting it down because he wasn't making any money off of it.

The forum made a return around late April 2021, with Ghost doing forum shoutouts again on Episode 218 of The Ghost Show. But, Ghost during the shoutouts on Episode 224, rage quit over a disgusting post and made a promise to not do forum shoutouts anymore. A few days later, he made fulfilled his promise to not do any forum shout-outs. The forum later closed again on June 20, 2021. On June 23, 2021, Ghost made the closure of the forum permanent after announcing on [1] that the forum will stay closed due to it being a "manchild ignorance that plagues western civilization".