Ghost's Mic

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Gimme the mic! Gimme d- [cans.wav]


"...G-get this fuckin mic out of my fa-[cans.wav]


Where his Mic usually ends up in.

Ghost has typically used a microphone that produces sound roughly the same throughout the history of his broadcast. Though, on a few occasions, he used different microphones that caused his voice to sound slightly different than his listeners were used to. Sometimes the quality of the audio was due to the amount of compression by BlogTalkRadio or Paltalk.

While Ghost had experienced technical difficulties in the past, those were usually the result of his drunken and/or enraged behavior, such as throwing his microphone around or cans.wav.

During early-mid 2012, his microphone kept on dying, and eventually by the 4/20 episode in 2012, he tested his then-new microphone. After some complaints, he stuck with this backup microphone until Episode 226, when he eventually stopped broadcasting until 2016.

Upon his return to True Capitalist Radio in 2016, Ghost struggled with frequent technical difficulties. Almost half of his comeback episode was dead air on Ghost's part. Ghost claimed that this was the result of a faulty mic, sometimes claiming that anti-Trump ads were being played on his broadcast during breaks, occasionally playing The Girl from Ipanema while attempting to fix the situation.

Although Ghost originally refused to replace his mic due to its sentimental value, stating in in Capitalist Episode 228 that he had used it since he started broadcasting, he would change his tune after Templeton chewed through the power cable of his microphone in the same episode. Following this event, Ghost resorted to using his smartphone for every show up until Episode 238, after it was repaired by an electronics specialist at great expense.

According to various Inner Circle members, Ghost apparently purchased a new microphone in preparation for his supposed return that was supposed to occur on July 4, 2017. However, since this comeback was cancelled and the show put on hold once again, this mic will likely only be put to use in the Inner Circle voice chat. Whether or not Ghost is using this new microphone as of his actual comeback which occurred on October 31, 2017 is unknown.

On August 21, 2022, Ghost posted on that his mic broke. Ghost stated his mic that was used in 2018 during the Independent Era of True Capitalist Radio, went out and could not use it anymore. Many of Ghost's audience however, assumed that Ghost pulled another excuse to prevent the airing of the 300th episode of The Ghost Show. Since many researched and found many stores in San Antonio that had microphones for sale.