Ghost's Vocabulary

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Ghost has a rather unique vocabulary of words and insults that he frequently uses throughout the show and that probably come off to many new listeners as strange. This page is a list of several of these terms that were coined by Ghost and their real meanings. Terms are in alphabetical order

Term Meaning Notes
386SX Computer Poor computer that causes Skype callers to have poor quality. Replaced by related term "Obamaphone" in 2016 era.
15½ inch John Holmes Sausage Ghost's own penis, of supposedly tremendous size.
Alabama Black Snake A black man's penis. Asho's mom usually goes to Applebee's for one of these.
Bull-Nose Bull Dykes Lesbian with male-like mannerisms.
Chatroom Martial Law Engineer shuts down all messaging in the chatroom by Ghost's order. Not used when Ghost returned in 2016, but the term was brought back in 2018 after Ghost's Chatroom was formed.
Cuckold Connoisseur Male who takes pleasure to seeing his wife cheating with several different partners. One of Ghost's newer terms that he began using upon his return.
Cuckery When someone is ready to sacrifice their own integrity and moral standards for the sake of appeasing others.
Cyber Vermin Combination of trolls, bronies, anime fans, homosexuals and transgender people that infest the show.
Dildo Faggins Homosexual Play on the name of the protagonist of J.R.R Tolkien novel The Hobbit, Bilbo Baggins.
Dishrag Whore Mother Woman who is irresponsible in her sexual habits and her duties in caring for her children.
Excuse my French Said whenever Ghost accidentally drops an f-bomb or an s-bomb on the air Not used as much in 2011-12. Ghost does not excuse his French if he is incredibly pissed off or when mentioning "Viet-fucking-nam". Upon going independent from BlogTalkRadio, Ghost doesn't use this term as much anymore.
Fruitbowl Homosexual or a flamboyant male Probably Ghost's most commonly used insult, dating back to his True Conservative Radio days.
Hellen Keller Deaf Mute Caller who doesn't say anything during the call. One of Ghost's oldest and frequently used terms.
High Hard One Large penis.
Horizontal Mambo The act of coitus. What dishrag whores go to Happy Hour at Applebee's to get from a high hard one or Alabama Black Snake.
I'm A Capitalist Ghost pays for the living of welfare recipients and frauds, hence deserving more respect for being someone who actually has a job.
Junkyard America Ghost's preferred term for modern socioeconomic state of America under Barack Obama. Ghost stopped using this term during the 2016 era, most likely because he believes Donald Trump can save the country from this state.
Kentucky Fried Chicken Piss Cheap alcohol Ghost commonly uses this term to dismiss the notions that he is an alcoholic, stating that he drinks quality alcohol of various types and hence he counts as a connoisseur.
Milky Licker Another word for cocksucker. One of Ghost's most commonly used insults, especially during 2011-2012 era of the show.
Obamaphone Cheap phone that causes callers to have bad audio quality. Refers to a government program to subsidize cellphones to the poor. Has mostly replaced the terms "386SX Computer" and "Salvation Army Phone" in the 2016 return.
Pecker Shaft Penis Used in the phrase "playing with your pecker shaft", a.k.a. masturbation. A common activity of Helen Keller Deaf Mutes.
Peter-Popper Penis Used in the phrase "playing with your peter-popper".
The Po' "Poor people" in America who actually live in relatively good conditions, especially compared to poor people in Third World Countries.
Poz-Hole A derogatory term for a gay man who is HIV or AIDS-positive. One of the newer terms used by Ghost, it became one of Ghost's favorite terms to use during 2017.
Prognostication A prediction of the future. Ghost is the self-titled "prognosticator of prognosticators", referencing his (supposedly) uncanny ability to predict stocks/commodities and crypto markets, as well as political events.
Salvation Army Phone Cheap phone that causes callers to have bad audio quality Replaced by "Obamaphone" in 2016.
Shitlist Set of two lists where Ghost has piled up. First one is composed of various people who Ghost wants to sue for punitive damages and the second one is composed of various newfags whose numbers ghost is keeping so that he could give them out to listeners one day. Mostly non-existent in the 2016 era, and MaskedPony is the only person known to be added to the second shitlist after the 2011-2012 era.
Soliloquy Ghost going off on an unrelated subject matter for an extended amount of time.
Transtesticle Transgender individual Ghost used this term commonly throughout the 2011-2012 era, but during 2016, he preferred to use more politically correct terms when referring to transgender people, though he still uses it from time to time.
Troll Terrorist Ghost's preferred term for the various trolls who call his broadcast. This term is used alongside Cyber Vermin.
Urinal Cake Curator Someone who enjoys taking sips from a urinal cake.
Virtue Signalling A synonym for Moral Licensing Ghost often believes that this is a common attribute of Leftists, SJWs, etc.
Waxing Your Carrot Masturbation. Usually mentioned as a habit of cartoon fetishists who "wax their carrot" to anime.
Wild Jahooti Violent muslim A mispronunciation of "wild jihadi".
Woody Allen Butt-Loving Pedophile Ghost's preferred term for pedophiles.