From True Capitalist Radio Wiki is a news website founded in February 2017 in collaboration between Ghost, TrumpinCapitalist and several Capitalist Army members in order to fight against what they consider to be mainstream media's "fake news". Alongside news articles, the site also hosts articles that offer business and money making advice to people.

In April 30th, 2017 Ghost decided to turn the page into just another social media page for himself after he was disappointed with the direction that the site was taking. He complained how Trumpin and the other editors had basically wasted $750 of his money and stated that he had been "shoad". Ghost has since used the site as a place similar to his old blog, for him to post various things that frustrate him happening both on the show and in his personal life.

With his Twitter account was suspended on June 17th, 2017, Ghost conducted most of his activity on the internet through for a few months until he started to focus on using his Gab account. From August 2017 to January 2018, the site was inactive, until a short burst of new content came out for it.

As of the end of the show's run on BlogTalkRadio, Ghost has expressed that he would use as his venue of choice for future broadcasts, likely using an embedded player on the site. He eventually brought this to fruition in Capitalist Episode 563.


On July 8th, 2018, fact-checking website Media Bias/Fact Check categorized as a Questionable Source with Right-Wing, Propaganda and Conspiracy bias because they determined that Ghost's website used a combination of loaded language and misleading propaganda stories. After hearing about this, Ghost reacted in Gab by blaming Media Bias/Fact Check of being a liberal fake news website trying to blackmail him and reminded everyone that he always uses linked sources in his news articles. He also reposed a comment by @Bash_tca pointing out that the same site considered Autistic Self Advocacy Network to be factual reporting.


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