Ghost TF2 Bot Crisis

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The TF2 bot crisis is an ongoing situation related to TF2 bots using Ghost's social media URLs.

The first wave

On November 2020, the first wave of TF2 bots with Ghost's dlive url and avatar surfaced, leading to accusations that Ghost was hosting tf2 bots, which Ghost denies doing. This wave lasted 72 hours.

The second wave

Towards the end of April 2021, TF2 bots with Ghost's dlive url and avatar have resurfaced, much to Ghost's dismay. Once again, some players were making accusations that Ghost was hosting TF2 bots, which once again, Ghost denies doing.

With the recent arrival of serious caller WestCoastCapitalist, bots with his twitter URL, along with bots with Ghost's twitter URL have surfaced.

It is unknown who is responsible for hosting the TF2 bots.

Around June 2021, the bots seemed to have disappeared from TF2.

The third wave

Sometime in mid-February of 2022, more TF2 bots reappeared, with links to Ghost's VaughnLIVE, Spotify podcast, Chatango chatroom, and Ghost's twitter. Ghost would claim that he didn't host the bots on his twitter, only for trolls to claim that he's hosting them.

A bot hosting group by the name of Boat Rolling Inc claims responsibility for the bots, as they are active viewers of the show