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Ghostler, in all his glory.

Ghostler was a derogatory nickname given to Ghost on True Capitalist Radio. Although it had been used minutely prior to it being spammed in 2012, it made its first major appearance on Episode 204 when a Skype caller under the name of 'Adolf Ghostler' played a splice of Ghost acting German, causing him to rage at how many people were laughing about it in the Chatroom. It was one of the most popular Trolling Tactics on the broadcast, prior to the temporary end of the show. As of Episode 372, he has since embraced the moniker he once despised to be called.

Many callers use this name in a row, which enrages Ghost even further. During April 2012 (and again in 2016), many wished him a happy birthday (to coincide with the birth or death of the real Adolf Hitler), which only pushed his buttons even more.

The name soon became common as a nickname for Ghost with the Nazi associations of secondary or no concern. In particular, many remixes and insult carols use it as a convenient two-syllable substitution for "Ghost".

Other Derivatives

Other creative callers created Twitter Names of other dictators and mass-killers to infuriate Ghost. Some include Anders Ghostvik (based off Anders Breivik), Ghostef Stalin, and Benito Ghostini, which caused Ghost to temporarily halt the After Show during the infamous 4/20 broadcast in 2012. Ghost was extremely upset at how many derivatives had been created out of his likeliness, and threatened yet again to cancel shows if the charades kept up.

Ghost became extremely enraged upon learning of various trolls and ultimately unofficial t-shirts talking about the "Ghostler Youth", eventually leading to several cans in Capitalist Episode 349. This is mostly because Ghost believes that publicly associating him with Hitler will lead the media to lump him in with actual racist "assholes", such as David Duke.

The avatar that Ghost adopted for the duration of Meme Wars after he embraced the Ghostler persona.

Ghost's Acceptance

During Capitalist Episode 372, Ghost expressed his disdain for the lack of leadership in the Meme Wars, stating that he would have to take command, and with that he needed a new avatar. After Twitter Shoutouts and going on a soliloquy, he unveiled his new avatar, more akin to Hitler, claiming that he was now Ghostler, and told everyone to "Hail Ghostler". During Radio Graffiti that episode, many calls relating to Ghostler were played, this time with a positive response from Ghost. Since then, any calls making reference to Ghostler have been met with a positive response by Ghost.

However, as of the Ghost Show starting on YouTube, Ghost has once again objected to the use of this nickname.