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This is part of a series on Ghost's fan-given alter egos. Click here for more.

Goat is a derogatory nickname given to Ghost, the host of True Capitalist Radio, by many of the trolls and bronies. The term is most often used in the chatroom, though it has appeared during Twitter Shoutouts and in calls. During Cluster Calls, Ghost often makes a series of noises that closely resemble goats (which he uses to counter the enormous amounts of noise emitting from the dozens of callers placed on the line at once), thus presenting listeners with yet another window for trolling.

The name has been used to disguise the word "Ghost" so that during Twitter Shoutouts he will read blatantly offensive names which he would normally skip. An example would be "Goat_is_Jewish"

Other Variations

During the summer of 2011 when many of the Twitter names used phonetics to trick Ghost into saying things he wouldn't normally say, other variations of "Goat" appeared. Besides the alternate spelling "Goats," one of the most widely used was "Coast".