Guess the Minority

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Guess the Minority is a segment of the True Capitalist Radio broadcast hosted by Ghost. Ghost plays the game when he detects an accent or an "ethnic twang" in someone's voice. He plays his "Guess the Minority Jingle" (the theme song from The Price Is Right) and makes a guess at the person's race. He allows them to confirm or deny his guess. More often than not they claim "No, I'm not that" but Ghost shouts "You're lying, you're a lying bastard. I love this game."

'I'm so good at this game, man!'

He may also pull the game straight out of his ass, even when no accent or ethnic twang is explicitly present. This is usually to wriggle out of a difficult question, accusation, or contradiction that he feels he can't answer. Many "minorities" featured sound like average white Americans. However, this rarely, if ever, dissuades Ghost.

Ghost never accepts defeat. When he is wrong he will tell the "minority" that they are in denial and that they don't need to be afraid of their race. When addressing Mexicans, he often says "Don't be afraid to be brown and proud!"

Ghost's Guess the Minority section has caused him to be called a racist since its inception. Calling Ghost a racist has been one the the staples of trolling Ghost throughout much of the history of the True Capitalist Radio broadcast.

Ghost often refers to "Guess the Minority" as "everybody's favorite part of the broadcast," which is a term that he also uses for Radio Graffiti, as well as Ask KaraszKun.

The game has declined significantly in frequency since the middle True Capitalist period; this may be due to Ghost wisening up to callers accusing him of racism. Since the Return, a number of callers have asked him to play the game on them, with him retorting he only does it when he wants. He finally hosted the first successful edition on May 4th, 2016 on a Hispandex caller.