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Ghost Halloween

Halloween is a yearly holiday that takes place on October 31st. It incoporates elements from various religious and harvest festivals. In the United States it is known for Trick-or-treating, costume parties, Halloween parties, decorating and music.

In October 2011, Ghost, the host of the True Capitalist Radio broadcast, made a series of Tweets relating to Halloween and inadvertently inspired Christmas to come early. In the weeks prior to the Ghost Halloween broadcast, trolls spammed Radio Graffiti and Ghost's Twitter account with Christmas themed songs and pictures. Ghost began to fight off the trolls by saying "We haven't even got past Halloween yet, wait until Thanksgiving, assholes!" But as more and more trolls spammed Christmas themed content onto his show, Ghost decided to expand on the reasons why he doesn't like Christmas - particularly that he didn't get gifts, and had to put up with his extended family.

In October 2016, the first Halloween episode from San Antonio, the Christmas songs made a return during the Halloween episode's Radio Graffiti segment. Also this time around, there were sick sadistic splices, MaskedPony enraging Ghost just by calling in, a parody of the infamous "Team Engineer" call with various bronies welcoming Teutonic Plague to "the herd", and Tub Guy finishing off the episode with sexual favors.

Somewhat fittingly, when Christmas finally did come around, many trolls decided to use the opportunity to wish Ghost a happy Halloween, and even play some remixes relevant to the holiday.

Ghost would seize upon Halloween as an opportunity to come back after a nearly half-year-long break during Capitalist Episode 501 during 2017. Another episode would occur the following Halloween in 2018.

Since the debut of The Ghost Show, the show was very absent of airing any show on Halloween. Until 2022, when Ghost aired The Ghost Show Episode 312 4 years later.

2016 "True Capitalist Pumpkin" by Twilie Atkins