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A typical hambone.

Hambone is a term coined by Ghost. The phrase was created with the idea of beginning a movement in which followers will walk past fat people and without looking at them or even acknowledging their existence, simply say "Hambone" as they walk past. Ghost believed that this would cause them to become self-conscious about their weight and decide to lose weight.

Hambone Ghost

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Knowing Ghost's reputation however, this backfired and was used against him. He was called Ghost the Hambone. "Hambone" was one of the most frequent trolls on Ghost's show, True Capitalist Radio. Unfortunately, due to Newfags, it was quickly overused to the point where trolls got sick of it.

After The Return, calls of Ghost being a hambone has been nonexistent. Instead, it has been relegated to Twitter Shoutouts and splices. After Episode 300, he did not do an episode until Friday because he was hospitalized, resulting in Butter-related names, and claiming he was a hambone because of his butter consumption.

After The Break, Ghost will often reference the "Hambone Movement" when covering Lean Hogs in The Markets.

Taco Tuesday Video

At the end of Episode 157, NavyHuskie played a remix of Ghost repeatedly saying "hambone", angering him greatly. Ghost eventually took a liking to the remix, and began using it various times on the show.

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