Helen Keller Deaf Mute

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The brood-mother of the Deaf Mutes herself.

A Helen Keller Deaf Mute is an individual who is picked up on Ghost's show line, but does not say anything or is muted. According to the host, they are most likely playing with their peter-popper, or chafing their pecker shaft instead of growing a pair of balls and talking to Ghost.

HKDM's are normally an expected nuisance on True Capitalist Radio, until they begin rapidly multiplying with call after call of utter silence, effectively irritating Ghost, who has to waste time waiting for a response when he could be sparking synapses. There are an infinite number of reasons these calls occur, however the most likely is that callers are either AFK or simply choose not to talk to Ghost.

On Episode 197, there were at least 24 calls taken from Helen Keller Deaf Mutes, and even a 4-Chain of Deaf Mutes, thus giving the HKDM the highest call-chain for True Capitalist Radio so far, outdoing the Ban All Bronies Chain-call and the Accident-Prone Kids Chain-call.

At one point, Ghost began giving out numbers of Helen Keller Deaf Mutes, as he had become irritated at the declining quality of calls on the show. However, as of 2016 he has appeared to have stopped doing this. Nonetheless, Chatroom users are never pleased to hear these calls, often spamming the acronym and dissing the perpetrator.

Since the the Return of the broadcast, an unusually high number of these callers have ended up on the show. This angers both the host and listeners due to the reduced number of call spots BlogTalkRadio now allows for the 2 hour broadcast. Ghost now makes many lengthy tangents imploring listeners to say something, anything, to him just so that the call is substantial and not a waste. Despite this, sometimes trolls will do so on purpose by prefixing "Helen Keller Deaf Mute, Radio Graffiti" to the silence.

On rare but multiple occasions, Ghost has accompanied his use of the term "Helen Keller Deaf Mute" with a soliloquy about how Helen Keller was a communist, referencing her leftist advocacy and membership of the Socialist Party of America.