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This page is for the history of Ghost, the True Capitalist Radio and all his other online affairs. Much of this page will overlap with the pages of the individual topics discussed, click on any links relating to a paragraph to go further in depth on a particular period of time.

Pre-Blog Talk Radio

Ghost ran a political-science class on Yahoo! Groups and Wikiversity (as 'Gh0st') dating from 2006, yet he fell into arguments with fellow administration, and later left it. He also used to post on Yahoo! as 'ghostpolitics' answering questions and debating others.

He created the Paltalk account 'og_ghost' in 2006, and started his own chatroom around the same time. He quickly gained both friends and enemies on Paltalk, revolving around his Conservative views.

True Conservative Radio

Third Coast Radio's avatar that Ghost used as his first avatar until December 12, 2011.

Ghost joined BlogTalkRadio and began hosting a two-hour broadcast known as "True Conservative Republican Radio" on January 11th, 2008. At first he would broadcast on weekend evenings at 9pm CST, but after about a month or so, the shows began to broadcast a bit more erratically (weekdays and different times). BlogTalkRadio required him to have a user avatar so he claims to have done a simple Google search and came up with this avatar. He claims he just found it off a random website, but we know now that it was taken from the Third Coast Music Network website .

Ghost has said that many of his early listeners were friends from Paltalk. Other early listeners included other BTR hosts like Poor People's Campaign , O-Zone , and liberal opponent IGotMyReasons . Ghost was an active listener of O-Zone's show and O-Zone was perhaps the only BTR host that seemed to like Ghost (Though Poor People's Campaign was somewhat friendly with Ghost).

Ghost's early shows coincided with the 2008 primaries/election. Throughout the process, Ghost made a lot of enemies on both sides of the aisle. His extreme conservative views angered liberal listeners and his refusal to support (as Ghost nicknamed him) John "Turncoat" McCain as the Republican nominee upset conservative listeners. Ghost claims that some BTR hosts had shows dedicated to badmouthing him.

Most of his shows had a single topic that he would discuss for a period of time (usually the majority of the first hour). He would bring on callers for the remainder of the show; usually 1-4 callers per show. Ghost often blamed liberals and feminists for the problems of the United States of America and even the Republican party itself. He was known for his speeches on the feminization of the young American male (Something he still regularly discusses even now on True Capitalist Radio). Ghost would encourage people to call up the broadcast and debate him live. He read 'Hate Mail' from his opponents, and mocked their tone, or slammed them on small erroneous errors before declaring victory for himself. The current Engineer was quite possibly based off of a character Ghost introduced to Conservative Radio named 'Paul', who was a liberal and operated his switchboard.

Despite not having any real trolls, Ghost still lived off rage. He was able to bring himself to rage without the help of anyone else . Only months into his show Ghost was always fuming about something and would explode, leading to Cans.wav and a lengthy crying fit.  Beginning around December 2009 Ghost's show became regularly raided by trolls from 4chan. Most of the original trolls were newfags who simply spouted memes . By the end of the second year of the broadcast, the trolls were a vital part of the broadcast.

Ghost with a nosebleed

Ghost often made himself sick getting so angry during these shows, often having nosebleeds, and needing to 'lie down' on a couch he had in the office admist the mess. Occasionally he would skip doing another show for up to 2 weeks, simply out of anger held up from one show over. He did not use Twitter until 2009, and organized shows through 'ipolitic.net', a political website now closed, and his Paltalk. Most of the trolls saw Ghost's show as no different, besides being more exploitable, than any of the other BlogTalkRadio broadcasts they trolled; they often titled the YouTube videos "BTR Raid" rather than "Ghost". By the end of August of 2010 Ghost quit the show and refused to come back, out of annoyance at the 4chan trolls, and because he felt he was not exuding his message to listeners any longer.

True Capitalist Radio

Ghost did his first broadcast in four months on January 11th, 2011, still as the 'True Conservative Radio' show - yet he announced this would be the final episode of the 'old' format. Ghost had been increasingly disgusted by the acts of the conservative community, with Sarah Palin particularly in mind (of which he dedicated large amounts of airtime in the past raging over). He renounced his conservatism but still maintains some points of views (He still hates liberals, feminists, moochers, and public education). Ghost admitted that he had begun drinking and smoking very heavily to make the pain of the lower body features of the Conservative movement and the state of America go away.

The very next day, January 12th, 2011 he launched the True Capitalist Radio broadcast. True Capitalist Radio was an hour longer than its previous incarnation (yet the additional hour was not utilized until around February, which also marked the debut of Ghost's official Intro and Outro to his show) . Ghost introduced the Markets, the opening portion of the broadcast, ranging from 30 to 50 minutes. He changed his discussions from single topics to a much wider range (not always conservative based) world news stories. The broadcast was made much more regular, generally from Monday through Friday, rather than on the weekends like True Conservative Radio.

Ghost extended the broadcast to a nearly-constant three hours, occasionally going over (for the archives). The broadcasts often ended with Ghost reading off chatroom shoutouts (different from the modern-Twitter shoutouts). Most of the names were not yet trolls. Ghost would often kick out offensive or disgusting names shouting to the Engineer to "Get em' off, kick this idiot out of my chatroom."

Ghost had many serious callers including Billy D Williams, Debi Daly, Goku and Goofy Bone. Ghost began his website, the Capitalist Army. Ghost constantly pimped his show throughout the broadcast, eventually integrating Twitter Shoutouts by getting fans to retweet his show to gain additional listeners.

Major stories Ghost regularly covered include the Syrian Uprising, the Arab Spring as a whole (Ghost was highly critical of the Egyptian revolution) and the Sony Hack. Ghost regularly reported on the affairs of Anonymous and Lulzec, to keep in touch with the online fads going on that he was constantly spammed with through 4chan raiders. The trolls from True Conservative Radio quickly realized Ghost was back and started posting 4chan threads again. YouTube videos started appearing as Ghost's show became more infamous on /b/ and other boards due to his seemingly-insane views, constant anger, and hallmark personality.

The Internet Buttstalker and 213 (Not yet known as the 'Ghetto Capitalist' but rather as the 'Ghetto Ghost') were the main antagonists of his show. The Internet Buttstalker called daily and was the main source of rage for Ghost, causing him to end many shows early and eventually stop taking 111 calls. Howard Stern prank calls were one of the most frequent trolls on the broadcast along with Soviet-National anthems and the usual 'Sanic' or 'Pylons' spam. Alex Jones and his trolls were a frequent topic Ghost discussed.

Beginning in May 2011, the number of trolls on the broadcast began rapidly increasing through the creation of Soundboards of Ghost, which were utilized to prank call other shows and people that disliked Ghost (Ghost himself also made many prank calls to 4chan raiders that were doxed, and whose numbers were forwarded to him). By the end of May and the beginning of June, the broadcast was taken over by Bronies. The brony influx was created by hateful sentiments by Ghost that enraged them and brought them to the broadcast to challenge his viewpoints. The majority of them were newfags but after a while they learned quickly that Ghost did not tolerate the 'Brony movement' one single bit. The most frequent trolls used by bronies were to call Ghost a racist and to talk about My Little Pony and play songs related to it.

Towards the end of this period, YouTube videos and soundboards became Ghost's main concern. He dedicated entire sections of the broadcast to telling to trolls to stop making them, but this only encouraged them further, and was the gateway to the beginnings of the True Capitalist Radio troll community.

June/July 2011

As the bronies began learning how to troll and the oldest trolls (213, Internet Buttstalker) began perfecting their acts, the show began attracting more and more trolls. Because of the large (for the time) increase in popularity of Ghost's broadcast, he had many more trolls on the lines waiting to be "called on". Many of the older trolls, including Herbert the Pervert and possibly the Internet Buttstalker left the show since they were unable to be picked up on as frequently, but newer trolls like the Tub Guy quickly filled their legacies and kept things interesting.

The broadcasts usually had about 130-200 people in the chatroom, many of them still serious listeners, yet with each passing day the 'troll:serious' rate slowly tipped, eventually capping with the majority of the chatroom being spammers or milkylickers looking to irritate Ghost. Ghost's chatroom flooded to 500 on the June 17th episode for the first time, although many of the accounts were guests. Ghost would regularly play Goofy Bone's song "Just Give Her a Bone" after being trolled. Fuck You Texas had always been a trolling option, but it became spammed more and more often after the show on the 17th. Ghost occasionally played the Nyan-Cat song to pacify the chatroom.

Ghost frequently covered stories on the Syrian Uprising and the Lulzsec hacks.

Several of the most common troll callers were the NWO Shill Guy (who frequently debated Ghost on political issues and plugged Alex Jones' media empire every time he called up), IbanEzzo (Ghost's favorite Mexican), 213 (with more and more mooching related stories), and Area Code 417, a racist who started the 'Jewish Ghost' trend. Some of the first "Ghost is Jewish" callers began showing up and regularly making anti-Semitic calls, with 417 consistently getting in queue, but his reign didn't last long, and he was hung up on afterwards and deemed a failtroll.

Twitter Shoutouts became a staple of the show starting in May. People began making Twitter and Chatroom names that would, when pronounced, phonetically say something Ghost wouldn't normally say. (Example: Coast is a Chew / I H8 Nick Gers). Hating on Goofy Bone became one of the most popular ways to enfuriate Ghost.

On June 8th, 2011, Ghost began Radio Graffiti, and it did not take long for it to become the highlight of all shows going forward. It was created as an attempt to allow trolls to say whatever horrible garbage they wanted without him caring, so that they would leave the serious portions of his show alone. The segment only increased popularity of trolling Ghost and made the rest of his show more crowded with trolls. It was initially intended to only be a Wednesday game, but on the June 9th show, Ghost tossed this plan into the garbage due to the spam he was given to do another one. At the beginning of Radio Graffiti Ghost's timing varied wildly and he often (after the first episode) made no negative/positive comment on most callers. This changed completely on the June 17th episode, when a much larger number of callers arrived late in the show to spam 'Fuck You Texas', a song by artist Wilburr Witt. The resulting last 20 minutes of the show were edited and put on YouTube a few days afterwards, and Ghost's show exploded with listeners and threads on 4chan. Ghost was given no rest on the shows that follow for the rest of the month, and a couple of today's infamous trolls joined the legions roughly around this time.

The first splices were created in July 2011. The very first audio splice was placed on YouTube on July 12th, after making Ghost rage hard. It said:

"And to all you assholes who say that I'm racist, hey, it's the truth!"

The splice instantly inspired hundreds more. Most of the older splices were "poor man's splices" but they were still enough to make Ghost rage, who was upset at the 'radio-splicing audio file editing assholes' who made him look like an idiot on video-sharing sites.


On June 19th 2011, YouTube user DarkRazorZ uploaded a video entitled "4chan trolls Ghost - Radio Graffiti [June 17th, 2011]". The video instantly received thousands of views and inspired legions of newfags to begin trolling Ghost. The very next day the chatroom population shot from 150-250 to 400-500. It became nearly-impossible to have a discussion in the chatroom and spam was one of the most frequently used "trolls". The now-infamous video currently has over 671,000 views, and most of Ghost's newer listeners found him through this video.

The newfag influx is considered by some to be the worst in the show's history. Most callers waited until it was their chance and yelled 'creative' lines like: "hey faggot, you wanna fight, racist." The serious callers were so outnumbered by the trolls that it was now nearly impossible to have a serious conversation with Ghost on-air. Many of them simply gave up and left his show for good, other than a few BTR hosts who remained friendly with Ghost and were amused with the trolls. After a week of episodes in July Ghost became frustrated with the show and quit for a small while. He had gone on vacation from July 12th to the 22nd and he quit from the 22nd to August 1st after another particularly bad episode for him. Ghost made his comeback on August 1st with a ragequit due to a Fruitbowl towards the end of the show, and he started to bar some days of episodes after particularly heavy trolling.

Remixes became one of the most common trolls heard on TCR soon after splices started being pumped out in huge numbers. Ghost took great offence to these, and raged hard at every new one produced throughout August and September (most infamously a remix of the Dr. Mario theme), culminating in a 6-chain call of remixes during a Radio Graffiti in October that made him quit in rage.

Having lost the majority of his old audience, Ghost often claims "The only reason I even do this broadcast is to spark some intellectual curiosity."

Like previous introductions of groups, many older trolls quit simply because of how hard it became to get to Ghost. Many of the new trolls became splicers and remixers. On August 22nd, 2011, DJ AlexS. uploaded his video "Melting Pot of Alcohol" which became an instant hit and caused Ghost much rage for the next three months. Unfortunately AlexS did not stick around for more of Ghost, but his one-hit wonder is generally considered to be the single greatest Remix ever made of Ghost. It has amassed 500,000+ views.

Ghost has threatened to end the broadcast all together many times. DarkRazorZ began regularly uploading his videos, mostly of Radio Graffiti, along with Elfoxoloco. Twitter names became more and more vile, playing off recent tragedies including the Japan Earthquake and the Texas Wildfires. For example: The name "Ryan Dun Goofed" was made on the day Ghost announced Ryan Dunn had died.

Ghost began, occasionally, conducting Radio Graffiti after the show. He has almost entirely replaced chatroom shoutouts with Twitter Shoutouts.

Ghost's second avatar, that he used from December 16, 2011 until September 16, 2016. Recently made a comeback as his forum and vaughnlive avatar

Starting in mid-August the Poop Tickler Dynasty began with an entire family of Twitter names being made within a week. During October the trolls celebrated Christmas, often calling Ghost a Grinch for disliking having Christmas in October. During November Sandusky names became the "new thing" and during December Herman Cain and Caroline-related names.

In December 2011 Ghost introduced his new avatar.

Ghost conducted special broadcasts on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve, the episode he handed out the Ghosties for 2011.


Immediately after 2012 began, a whole series of new trolls arrived onto the show. The most popular trolling tactic was to make fun of Ghost's Granny, which escalated into a series of splices, causing him great pain citing that "she was a pious woman! She never cursed a day in her life!..."

Ghost celebrated his Four Year Anniversary on the 11th, doing an extra long show to thank his old listeners for sticking with him through the years. A week later he celebrated his 200th TCR episode, rage quitting after a series of new remixes throwing it into disarray.

A long-time troll known as CelticBrony initiated a series of dox wars in late January after claiming he had discovered Ghost's true identity. This led directly into the Third Troll War of BlogTalkRadio, with many listeners leaving his show angered at Ghost's behavior during the events of it. On the January 29th 2012 Ghost announced via Twitter that he would leave BlogTalkRadio at the end of February, due to the cost of hosting a show and his annoyance at the attempts to discover his real name and address. This coincided with the events of Troll War III, which could also have been a factor in his departure. He later caved in and bought another month on BlogTalkRadio, and the Troll War ended on February 2nd with CelticBrony being doxed.

On the 8th of March, Ghost made a similar claim over Twitter and Pastebin, but reverted the next day, saying the show was not ending after all. He became increasingly provocative to trolls past and present, getting his personal army to release dox of varying legitimacy. This led to many trolls and haters being forcefully removed from the show, most notably IbanEzzo and Mr. Tacos.

Ghost's schedule became very spontaneous following Troll War III, with him taking a large break in March after a short 2 hour show, and being more angry than usual. KaraszKun became his new favorite caller and go-to guy whenever things got too hectic, as the latter's Aspergers would quell trolls, until they reciprocated with the 'KaraszBurgers' related Twitter Names and calls.

Coodoo17 made his master remixes in the spring, causing almost all of the shows Ghost did then to end with ragequits. He was quite possibly the best audio troll on the broadcast to the end. Advertisements became the primary way to anger Ghost. Capitalist Episode 226, on May 15th, was the last scheduled and completed episode of True Capitalist Radio for nearly 4 years, until the Emergency Broadcast in March, 2016.

The 'End' of True Capitalist Radio

On the 22nd of May, 2012, Ghost's Twitter account was hacked, with Ghost announcing the end of his show a day after in his Paltalk. Ghost's chief suspect was the same troll responsible for January's events, quite possibly as a payback attack. On June 1st he announced in a five hour Paltalk chat with his favorite serious callers that he was through with the internet and it's mundane drama wars that had been causing him to waste much of his time and neglect his wife and family. He announced that he would only communicate on Twitter thereafter, and ended the long chat with a short rant akin to his usual TCR rages. Ghost closed his Twitter account (which he had recovered following the events in May) on July 14th, leaving a farewell message "...The archives will be taken down in the next few weeks and accounts relating to #TCR will be closed. The reason I'm ending the everything is because real life beats Internet life. hands down. 'No one took this show serious anyway. And for those who did, well make History instead of being. The show is over everyone! Now go #Capitalize!".

The Quiet Years - Dubious Twitter Sightings

A person claiming to be Ghost recovered his alternate Twitter in late January, and stated he had permanently lost his old Twitter account and would move all activities to 'gh0stp0litics' moving forward. His activity dropped following the 'December war' and he essentially went silent for almost half a year on Twitter.

On the 3rd of July, the account tweeted as follows - "How many listeners of #TCR have woken up by now? Let me know at youtube.com/ghostpolitics. I may return if there is enough demand,#NoBs"

"Ghost" has received over 200 retweets of the tweet, and a hundred favorites. His YouTube was spammed with comments asking for a return show, from many new listeners, and a few old fans, yet he did not follow up on the tweet. He ignored all tweets at him except a few from KaraszKun.

On August 22nd, 2013, "Ghost" tweeted the following -

"If I come back, the listeners must regulate themselves, for only I deliver the message. Elimated those who want to disrupt this info!"

"Once I move from Austin and settle into my new place, I will broadcast again. I'm thinking sometime in the #Fall! #TCR #CampaignForGhost"

On September 28th, 2013, "Ghost" tweeted..

"I've always said, I'm not coming back until #GNAA members start going to jail..."

and thus instigated the Gh0stP0litics Doxing Event, in which it was confirmed by the end that Gh0stp0litics was a troll impersonating as Ghost. See the page for more information.

2015/2016 - The Return

Ghost's 3rd avatar which Ghost used from September 16th, 2016 to October 31st, 2017
Ghostler avatar briefly adopted during the Meme Wars

Some time in 2015, Ghost's BlogTalkRadio description was updated, leading to some speculation and excitement. DarkRazorZ uploaded a fake supposed message from Ghost, although he later admitted it was a joke. However, In November 2015, a two-part video was uploaded to Ghost's YouTube channel "ghostpolitics", announcing that he was back, and possibly willing to resume airing episodes of True Capitalist Radio. He claimed that he would do a Christmas special, and possibly a Ghosties if people spread his return enough. However, there was no Christmas or New Year's show, and radio silence from him until March 20th, 2016, when Ghost aired his Emergency Broadcast, calling on the Capitalist Army to take action and support Donald Trump. He started a new Twitter account, @PoliticsGhost, and on March 25th, he officially resumed regular broadcasting, aiming for a two-hour show every weekday. However, he has stated that he wants to expand the show to 3 hours starting in June. This finally occurred on September 23rd with Episode 358.

Ghost celebrated the 300th episode of True Capitalist Radio in June 2016 and then celebrated his 500th broadcast on BlogTalkRadio in July 2016. In August 2016, Ghost announced the formation of an exclusive Inner Circle of Capitalist Army members, initially having just 250 slots, though he later bumped it up to 300 slots. In September 2016, Ghost unveiled his new avatar, drawn by KaraszKun, and announced that he would be leaving Austin for San Antonio.

On November 8th, 2016, after a roller coaster political campaign, the 2016 Presidential Election ended with a decisive Donald Trump victory, much to Ghost's glee. He has stated that because of this, True Capitalist Radio will continue indefinitely. He has teased another Ghosties and Christmas Eve show, and teased doxing himself somewhere around Spring Break with a party involving members of the Inner Circle and Capitalist Army and meeting up in real life. Ghost celebrated his 400th episode on November 28th, 2016.

2017/2018 - The Break, The Comeback and The Move

Ghost's 4th avatar which he used from October 31st, 2017 to December 31st, 2018

In early January 2017, Ghost started his Inner Circle chatroom, which later became a hotspot for drama, most notably when recordings were leaked from the chatroom of people such as Elfoxoloco talking behind Ghost's back, causing a controversial event where Ghost kicked him out. Over time, Radio Graffiti became shorter and shorter due to Ghost being tired of doing it, and wanting to take the show in a new direction. It was because of this that he started the autograph war between Mr. Optimism and Mr. Fortune Cookie, with a battle for and against Radio Graffiti taking place.

However, more leaks from the Inner Circle chatroom would show that a member in there was buying large amounts of Mr Optimism cards, leading many to claim the autograph war was being rigged. After Mr. Fortune Cookie won the war, to prevent further drama, Ghost created the Saturday Night Troll Show, with over an hour dedicated to Radio Graffiti. This did not stop the trolls from doxing several Inner Circle members, which led Ghost to place a bounty of $500 on the head of whoever was leaking the info. These leaks stopped shortly thereafter.

Throughout late April and Early May, Ghost would become more and more disillusioned with the show, going off on numerous rants about anime, cartoon fetishes, and the sick people that listen to his show. This was compounded by the fact that Elfoxoloco had encouraged people to report Ghost to the FCC/FTC for bad business practices, and had managed to take down a show from Ghost's archive. In response, Ghost started selling El Poz-Hole Fox-Hole merch, which led to ghost.market going down for good as a result of Ghost's gumroad account being taken down. Ghost continued to sell this autograph via ghost.report for $5 in Bitcoin, even offering to throw in a Ghost autograph along with it.

On May 8th, 2017, Ghost announced on ghost.report that he was taking another break from the show, confirming the speculation of many fans. Ghost initiallypromised to come back in a month, and then take the show into a more serious direction, as well as expanding his work on other sites besides BlogTalkRadio, Ghost.report and Twitter/Gab, stating that "you ain't seen nothing yet".

On June 17, 2017, Ghost was suspended for Twitter for tweeting out the word "poz-hole." He then posted on ghost.report with a picture of Jack Dorsey and Deray Mckesson together, saying he may have found the kryptonite term of liberals.

Ghost claimed that he would be returning to TCR on July 4th, however this date later fell through with no sign of Ghost. On July 6th, Ghost wrote an article on ghost.report stating he was too wasted to broadcast on July 4th, and stated he would put the show on indefinite hold until he can sort out his alcoholism, saying he doesn't want to be a bad influence on young people who listen to his show. He then wrote on July 9th that he was going on one final alcohol binge session.

On August 7th, The Brony Network tweeted a number, and posted a video of what you hear if you call it. The recording appears to be Ghost, who's "taken over" the voicemail box of a Burger King, claiming to be someone called "burger planet". Further investigation led to a Youtube channel that was being targeted by trolls, with many pointing out that some of the calls sounded like Ghost himself. Later, it came to light that Ghost and the Inner Circle had raided Burger Planet's Discord chat.

On September 13th, Ghost put up a poll on Gab asking if he should come back, with Yes overwhelmingly winning. 2 weeks later, on September 27th, he told people to listen to the archive in preparation for the show's comeback. On October 14th, he said that by the end of October, TCR would return, and that this will be the last time before the "Showmaster" is revealed, hinting he will dox himself when he quits. Later that month, he confirmed Halloween as the show's comeback date, before finally doing another show on October 31st.

Ghost's schedule would change quite a bit upon his return, with his regular hours being Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM CST. Ghost would cop some criticism from people in other parts of the world, especially the UK, due to the fact that the show now takes place in the middle of the night in their timezone.

Ghost would later go on to conduct a Christmas Eve show and the 2017 Ghostie awards. Many more accusations of rigging would be leveled at Ghost and the Inner Circle yet again. On January 3rd, 2018, Ghost conducted his first show of the new year. Ghost celebrated the show's 10 year anniversary on January 12th, 2018, one day after the technical anniversary took place (most likely to coincide with a Baller Friday show).

On March 21st, Ghost would quit the day's show after announcing BTR had not paid him in some time. The following show, he explained the situation in further detail, saying that BlogTalkRadio had been bought out by Spreaker, a competitor service that many older BTR hosts moved to, and one that many others suggested Ghost moved to, which Ghost turned down due to their unavailability towards monetization compared to BTR. As a result, Ghost's contract with BTR where he was being paid was null and void, marking March as the final month of TCR on BTR. On March 26th, Ghost would skip the day's show in favor of a Taco Tuesday show the following day, announcing it will be his final show on BTR.

On March 27th, Ghost would host his final episode of TCR on BlogTalkRadio, and announce his plans for the future. The show was slated to be on break until Late April/Early May, with Ghost saying he would be back on Cinco De Mayo at the latest. Ghost would state that the reason for a temporary hiatus is a mixture of him having to set up the platform for the new broadcast, and also a move to a new house in San Antonio. He also announced that he would not only be broadcasting from ghost.report in the future, but he also has plans for a radio station-esque setup with many different people hosting their own shows.


Throughout the month of April, Ghost would attempt to live-stream via Gab several times, mostly resulting in technical difficulties ending the stream early. However, true to his word, the show came back on May 5th, with an impromptu Gab Stream explaining the situation. Most controversially, Ghost announced the end of Radio Graffiti as a main part of the show, citing that he didn't want to be "entertainment for tards" anymore. On May 7th, the show came back, fully independent and broadcasted via ghost.report. Ghost was able to take calls using his hotline for 99 cents a minute, however after many callers abused declined credit cards to clog up the line, Ghost promptly shut it down.

During early June, Ghost received a large influx of requests to bring Radio Graffiti back, with some fans claiming they would buy merch to bring it back. Ghost told people to wait for a short time while he figured things out, stating he'd make the trolls "put their money where their mouths are". On June 8th, Ghost brought Radio Graffiti back, however stated that it was only temporary, and would continue if the fans made it economically viable by donating to his Cryptocurrency Wishing Well. This didn't happen and Ghost took down both Shoutouts and Radio Graffiti, making it clear that he wasn't going to tolerate trolls on his show anymore, causing the Number of Listeners to plummet to the point that .

During August, the show would celebrate its 600th episode with a short-lived one time revival of Radio Graffiti, and some drama within the Inner Circle would arise, causing the purging of many members. This would lead to The Inner Circle Schism, the drama reaching people on the show as Ghost described the incidents that occurred in detail. In September, this drama would seemingly escalate, with Ghost threatening to dox many of these ex-members due to their recent trolling activity against their former group, only to go back on this claim with little happening.

'The End', Again

Throughout October, Ghost began claiming that he would leave the show if a Blue Wave occurred in the 2018 Midterm Elections. Eventually more and more shows became Rage Quits as the elections drew near, with Ghost suggesting that he might end the show and simply spend time in the chatrooms from this point on. This was furthered when Gab was taken offline due to service providers pulling out in the wake of the Pittsburgh Tree of Life shooting.

Even though the Blue Wave didn't occur in the midterm elections, ghost was still severely pissed off that the Democrats managed to retake the House of Representatives by the new demographic of the people elected to the House, as well as the demographics of the people who elected them and he suggested that he might end the show for good if people didn't donate enough to his Cryptocurrency Wishing Well.

These events caused Ghost to do a complete 180 on some of his long held beliefs, such as immigration, free health care and freedom of speech as seen in Episodes 638 639 640 in which Ghost spent the entire broadcasts ranting about the "autists, aspies, feminists, faggots, dykes, gender-benders, man-children and weak men" who were now running the country and how these people should be combated with socialist methods, such as free healthcare (except for AIDS infectees), immigration and prohibiting video game sales from people under the age of 21 or those diagnosed with autism/Asperger/mental disorders. This was seen as a betrayal by many Inner Circle members, who subsequently left the community, even further reducing the already low listener count.

Ghost announced during Episode 640 that he will be, once again, taking a break from broadcasting and the internet. After that, one of his Gab posts had him announcing that capitalists can survive, no matter what political landscape he was in and that he had fallen off the wagon again and was enjoying his first beer in 3 weeks.

On November 19, 2018, Ghost announced via Gab that he will be no longer be active on the site, and will also close down both his chatroom and ghost.report, meaning that he is officially retired from not only TCR, but also the internet as a whole. However, he returned to posting on Gab a couple days later, and also deleted the post announcing his departure as well.

On November 27, 2018, Ghost had allegedly been doxed by a Paypal receipt of $300 towards an IC slot, leading trolls to his supposed real alias, the owner of some businesses in San Antonio. The very next day, Ghost's Gab was deleted; a possible backup account was made, but was later confirmed by Ghost to be fake.

The Ghost Show

Ghost's current avatar used since December 31st, 2018

To the surprise of many, Ghost returned in New Year's Eve 2018 with his new YouTube based radio program entitled The Ghost Show. He stated how he was being far too angry and political and how he wants to bring back the fun in the show and how he'll be bringing back Radio Graffiti. The reason as to why Ghost now took a different direction with his show and bringing back the audience he once had before his autist rants is believed to be the implementation of Text-to-Speech and media sharing which allowed him to effectively monetize Radio Graffiti thanks to the countless donations he receives throughout his broadcasts.