Horny the Clown

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Horny The Clown, presumably
Horny The Clown
was a frequent troll on Ghost's True Capitalist Radio. He is also one of the very few welcomed trolls, as Ghost typically says "It's Horny the Clown! It's Horny! What's going on Horny?!". His calls would consist of him simply honking his horn loudly and rapidly. Horny's area code is 425 (an area code from the state of Washington near the Seattle area), and also calls under the Skype name 'Texas Apples'. He managed to get onto the show several times, usually during Radio Graffiti.

In his final calls in 2012, he instead attempted to speak with Ghost, but unfortunately was cut off before Ghost could acknowledge him. He also occasionally went on the Paltalk many times, jumping the mic, much to Ghost's annoyance and humor.

In Episode 257, Ghost was called by a different clown, which reminded him of Horny. Ghost seems to have changed his view on Horny, as his response to the new caller was "And I thought it was bad when we had Horny the Clown.".