How to Contribute to The Wiki

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People who are new to the Wiki-verse should go here first before they proceed to work here.

How do you make a page?

First make sure the page you wish to create doesn't already exist and is worthy of having an entire page dedicated to it. Look for the "Contribute" button in the upper right hand corner of the page.

Clicking this will open a menu; click on the third option named "add a page". If you are making a regular page, go with the default page then. Then proceed to make it.

After you are done, hit publish.

Note: People will end up editing it if there is a mistake you made or something to add onto it.

How do you add a link?

When you are making a page, you can add a link to it, whether it is a picture or a Youtube Video. First you go and make your page. Afterwards look for a button that looks like a chain that says "add link". Click on it and it'll display "create or edit a link". Add the URL of the video of your choice and put it in. You can add a description if you want. An Example of linking a video~.

Note: It'll ask you whether to link to a wiki page or an external link. If you want to link something that is out of the site, pick External link.

How do you talk to other users on this wiki?

Go to a user's page and press "Talk Page". Then you proceed to make a message to them like you do when you create/edit a page. It's simple as that.

(more to be added later)