IbanEzzo Doxxing Incident

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IbanEzzo Doxxing Incident
Part of Troll War III
Date February 2012
Location Maryland, The Netherlands, Online
Status IbanEzzo doxed and leaves TCR
Ghost IbanEzzo
  • Tzeki (passive only)
  • Several trolls
Casualties and losses
Unknown Unknown

The IbanEzzo doxing incident was a conflict between Ghost and IbanEzzo, with uabusebeercans, xarahox, and Gasgara intervening on both sides.


IbanEzzo had trolled Ghost for the last four years, leaving Ghost with a yearning to dox him in revenge for annoying him and his show. Although uabusebeercans and Gasgara was pro-Ghost, they were sympathetic to IbanEzzo due to knowing one another from DRZ's tinychat community.

The duo gave IbanEzzo immunity by trolling Ghost into thinking that IbanEzzo lived in Cockeysville, Maryland on the condition that he would release a full dox of Tzeki within two weeks of the event. IbanEzzo would not betray his friend, causing them to suspend his immunity and inform Ghost about the incident. It would come back to haunt him on February 29, 2012.

Cockeysville, Maryland

The CDP of Cockeysville in Baltimore County, Maryland came to the attention of the Capitalist Army when it was supposedly reported as the hometown of IbanEzzo by Gasgara and uabusebeercans, and the users in the Paltalk got right to work to figure out where Iban lived so he could be doxed at last. Eventually it came to their attention that IbanEzzo did not actually live there and it was a misinterpretation of information purposely made to deter the efforts of the Capitalist Army.. A correct dox was released soon after, showing his real name was David and that he actually lived in the Netherlands.

Events of February 29, 2012

On February 29, 2012, Ghost announced on PalTalk that he would do prank calls, although he did not mention who would be the target. After failing to prank call CelticBrony, whose number was out of service in Canada, Ghost decided to prank call IbanEzzo four times, and it would not be the Cockeysville number that Abuse and Gasgara provided weeks earlier. Iban responded in hostility, asking "how [he] got this fucking number?!". Ghost gleaned at his success, and warned Iban to never call again, lest he wanted more of his information released online.

Iban gave in after almost a half hour of prank calls, and has not spoken to Ghost since these events, although he still uses his Twitter occasionally and retweets from Ghost. In 2016, he ultimately returned under a low-key setting.