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Instagram (aka Sorrygram by Trolls) is a social media site like Facebook and Twitter that allows users to share photos and videos. May 31, 2022, Ghost's Twitter account was suspended. This prompted Ghost to make an Instagram account the next day, @CapitalistGhost. With Ghost using this account to post anything. However, Ghost would develop a similar reputation of Ghost's third Twitter account. With usually posting most of the time excuses. That had pictures that contained the word sorry and any excuse Ghost gave a reason for not airing an episode of The Ghost Show. Leading to Trolls dubbing it "Sorrygram" due to Ghost's constant excuses. Around September 2022 (during Football season), Ghost also started skipping shows more and instead watching Football games on Sundays. With usually Ghost posting gloating posts of the Dallas Cowboys winning a game or not posting when they lose.

On May 28, 2023, Ghost's Instagram account was suspended for an unknown reason. Leaving Ghost with only his website and YouTube account.