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We got inbred cheeze-whizz-guzzlin' single-wide-trailer-livin' hee-haw-watchin' hicks!

Ghost, on a call about incest

An insult combination is a long chain of insults used by Ghost when he is fairly angry at a caller. These usually consist of insulting terms mixed together with the word 'having' or 'looking' between them to make it flow better. Often, receivers of insult combinations are jerk dicks. Ghost tends to use a long insult combo a few times each show, and has about ten to fifteen words he can place together in the sentence, with the example below always being a part of it.

Parts of an insult combination

I'm going down to Sixth Street; it's Miller Time, baby! It's goddamn Miller Time, and all of you filthy disgusting wish-that-you-had-a-life but putting a hot dog up your damn hairy dingleberry-ridden asscrack-havin' drinkin' Ovaltine watching the Golden Girls lookin' uh, sticking your poopshoot at some disgusting herpes-infected viral-havin' penis-lookin' piece of nipple-clamp-lovin' butt-plug-up-the-ass-lookin' chicken-eating corn-boy crap; I'm not gonna sit here and be besmirched!

Ghost, after being told that a caller is making a TCR game

There are many different insults Ghost likes to chain together to insult callers, including 'nipple-clamp-lovin', 'butt-plug-up-the-ass-havin' and 'chicken-eating corn-boy crap'. If he's particularly angry he'll get the combination wrong, for instance, in Capitalist Episode 213, he calls the trolls "nipple clamp up the ass-havin', ticklin' your ass with a hotdog lookin', dingleberry countin' havin', fruitbowl havin' trash!"


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