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The Intro clip was the 45-second clip that played at the start of episodes of True Capitalist Radio. It debuted in Episode 18, and its last appearance was on Episode 561.

Before this, Ghost would usually open the show with 'Weeeeeeeell good afternoon/evening folks!"

It was added to the broadcast to show Ghost was as 'serious as a heart attack' about airing his capitalist views.

Since the Return, Ghost's intro was used to troll him. It was edited to make him sound like the host of True Racist Radio, True Cripple Radio, and among others. Ghost found these edits particularly upsetting, and claimed that his intro is among the "best intros in radio today." This troll became among the most popular trolls on True Capitalist Radio, with at least one being played during every single Radio Graffiti for weeks. During Saturday Night Show Episode 9, Ghost said that the intro splicing had gotten old, and he didn't want to hear any more of them on the show, Ghost stated previously that he had planned to revise the intro due to him no longer living in Austin, Texas.

The intro is notably absent from The Saturday Night Troll Show, with Ghost simply opening with "Gooooooooooooooooooood evening folks!", dragging on the word "good" for 15+ seconds.

Since Ghost's short hiatus and return in May 2018, the intro has been completely absent from the new show format, with Ghost now opening the show with some guitar riffs before abruptly cutting it off and opening the show. It is unknown if Ghost will ever get a new intro, or if all shows from now on will start off this way, but currently the intro is a defunct segment on TCR.

The intro to the Ghost Show is much different - Ghost now starts the broadcast by playing Insanity Control on loop for several minutes. This is also used when he takes a break during the show, as now that his show's on Youtube, he can't use The Girl from Ipanema.


*Chirp scratch* Here we go.

(4, 3, 2, 1...1,2,3, Blast Off)


Money money money money! *Transmission burst*

This is True Capitalist Radio! True Capitalist Radio.

"I am your host, the man they call Ghost!"

The bad-ass of business. Give him capitalism or give him death!

"That's it, period!"

Broadcasting from his skyline office studios in beautiful downtown Austin, Texas.

"You sound fruitier than a box of Fruit Loops ferchristsake."

And now, he'll take it from here. Your host, the prognosticator of prognosticators, the man they call - Ghost!