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★ ★ ★ Winner of: Best Remix at the 2019 Ghosties ★ ★ ★

J-Man's current YouTube avatar.


—Ghost on October 18th 2016, after hearing Twitter Shootouts 

J-Man Capitalist , or J-Man for short, was among the splicers and remixers in the TCR community who joined during the 2016 revival. Better known as YouTuber SneakiestChameleon, he was already prominent in the Team Fortress 2 community for making off-color, yet whimsical, splices and for recordings of other players’ rages, and he began using the same splicing skills for Radio Graffiti. As of 2019 he did the voices of various troll characters such as Ghost's granny.

When applicable, he shares his content with others via his YouTube channel. Until Ghost Show episode 46, he only relied on "relay" callers who often used the area code 352 to deliver his splices. He once also talked to Ghost from 540. Between Ghost's leave of absence in May 2017 and his return in October, J-Man got himself a real-life job, which he tried to troll Ghost about several times. Despite paying Ghost in a ton of donations, he advises other people not to do the same.

Apart from his splices and calls, he programmed two games based on TCR, one a bingo generator, and a Pac-Man clone called Mrs. GHOSTMAN featuring Ghost's wife, and has uploaded a few of the segments from March-May 2017 while Elfoxoloco was on hiatus. As a producer of YouTube Poop videos, he frequently makes TCR references in his videos.

Notable Appearances

  • His most infamous splice/remix is "Twitter Shootouts" in episode 375. Even though the splice was first made to spite the bronies, it caused an uproar with Ghost and made him rant for the rest of Radio Graffiti. A sequel, which contained more listeners of the show, was played during episode 460, causing Ghost to end the show in explosive rage. 2 years later on The Ghost Show, he renewed it as "Chatroom Shootouts".
  • He is the self-proclaimed originator of the storybook splice.
  • One of his "smexuals", which are audio splices of TF2 characters mashed up to make a bizarre routine, was played on Saturday Night Show Episode 7, leaving Ghost confused.
  • After Ghost cut him off prematurely in Saturday Night Show Episode 9, J-Man called in on next week's episode, the last broadcast before the break, to taunt Ghost at the end of an anonymous splice. This isn't the only time he feuded with Ghost in this manner, but it was the most noticeable.
  • He hasn't made any personal calls to TCR until November 2017. Though they sounded sincere, he stated these were troll calls that went nowhere.
  • He made his first splice call in 2019 and it was a remix based off the Radetzky March. It grew popular enough to spawn a copycat the very next episode. The remix ended up winning a Ghostie award at the end of the year.
  • While not in the same league as Boat, he has made Mid-Show Splices. He has made splices relating to contexts within the same show, and even foreshadowed the "Hall of the Hambone King" remix during shoutouts. He even made a version of Chatroom Shootouts with the shoutout names Ghost read within a half-hour prior to Episode 70's Radio Graffiti.
  • He has shared his voice for other peoples' splices, and occasionally made collab pieces with other trolls, such as Benito Ghostini, 8Equal, African Booty Scratcher, and Serious Samsung.
  • If it's not the actual troll he's working with, he's known to impersonate them too. He did impressions of Germit the Gay Frog, Tub Guy, Alex Jones, RaidenSnake, and African Booty Scratcher.
  • As an apparent TonyTalk fan, he made a Gloria remix with intentions to play it on both Ghost and Tony's shows. In Episode 18 of the Ghost Show, Ghost got enraged by it.
  • His most notorious trolls as of late involve a bastardized version of Ghost's grandmother. For these calls, he used a voice-changer. He also used his ABS impression for Granny's caretaker Tyrone.
  • In a response to Helmet Boy's polarizing 9-minute long splice from The Ghost Show Episode 355 (which he also played Granny in), J-Man came back two episodes later with an elaborate parody of Star Wars titled "Lone Star Wars" with himself playing the role of all the characters (including Ghost, Engineer and Pippa with A.I. voice mods) and condensing the film's plot into half of Helmet Boy's time.

Shoutout Names

J-Man's avatar, when he presented himself to Ghost for his normal shout-out.

Trolls often use the Shoutouts segment to crack jokes at Ghost and various disasters, and J-Man is no exception. He used multiple Twitter accounts and later used one rapid-changing Gab account to troll Ghost directly, or to get him to say things for later splices, but sometimes used his default name to get a shout-out. In the Ghost Show, J-Man no longer does troll names in the shoutouts segment, but he's been seen trolling Ghost by way of text-to-speech.

He attempted to use his YouTube name on Twitter, but it was too long, so he had to settle for J-Man Capitalist. During that time, his unemployed status didn't reflect the name, but it did increase his chances of getting mentioned. In 2018, well after he got a job and called in about it, he decided to shorten his name to just "J-Man" after realizing Ghost didn't like him much either way. When Ghost moved to YouTube, he was finally able to use his YouTube name.

  • On Episode 396, he began the chain of cosplay names. In several cases they were followed by tweeted pictures of said cosplays by other trolls.
  • In an earlier episode he attempted to start a "hail Templeton Youth" chain troll with his Twitter accounts and a mic-spam clip for chain-calls, but that has failed to catch on with the other trolls.
  • He hopped on-board the Trans name train several times. While his names weren't significant, "The Trans Tree" in Episode 420 came with a picture that J-Man took of an actual tree with "balls" on it. Ghost assumed that they were carved into it, but J-Man insists that the balls were naturally formed.
  • J-Man made his final troll on the original TCR in Episode 569, where he put up the name "The Jew Line That Couldn't Chew", and caused Ghost to rage incredibly hard.

The Golden Dildo

J-Man's reply to Ghost's goodbye message on Gab, Nov. 19 2018

In 2018, J-Man boasted about owning an expensive Team Fortress 2 item; a golden frying pan that he renamed "Ghost's Golden Dildo". Although it's unlikely Ghost noticed due to a multitude of reasons, J-Man later posted the image on Gab upon hearing that Ghost was leaving the internet, despite the fact that Ghost might not see it. He finally showed the item to Ghost in The Ghost Show's 100th episode, and Ghost was (surprisingly) impressed. In 2022, he sold the pan for an undisclosed price after the weapon's value in the game's economy ballooned.


After 70 episodes of the Ghost Show, J-Man called the show a "farce" and a shell of its former glory, citing that its late/long schedule causes insomnia and decreased productivity and the consistent spams caused by chat and TTS aren't helping the show move along, and Ghost's less-than-professional treatment of the Darkblane Incident. He started taking a break after Episode 81 and wasn't back for a month, then he came back for a few episodes before complaining about the show's decline and stopping again. He returned again starting at Episode 275, and would go on sporadically until February 2024 when he said the show's bumming him out. Given that J-Man keeps going in and out, it's much simpler for him to just announce his hiatuses in places other than the TCR wiki, such as his Discord server, than it is to keep editing the page.


These are J-Man's first 5 compilations; the first four are from the audio-only TCR era. Other moments can be found on his playlist.