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Jackler is a The Ghost Show-era splicer and troll, known to have ties with many other trolls, and was also a frequent user of the TTS donation system in The Ghost Show during 2019.

He first appeared in the sixth episode of The Ghost Show. He switched from being friendly to trolling Ghost between random donations, and later on in episode 7, he took requests by playing songs people asked for via MediaShare.

While not as active as he used to be between 2019-2020, he will still occasionally donate a parody video to Ghost or start a running gag. He is currently an Inner Circle member, and a chat Moderator for Ghost.

Quotes from Jackler

"With a vast amount of money, comes great troll worthy content."

"There is a time and a place for everything, trolling on the streets, serious in the sheets."

The Journey

2019 Episodes (From trolling to joining the IC)

Episode 9

Jackler had donated a grand total of around of 300 dollars, yet was not allow to join the Inner Circle unless the $300 was made in one single donation.

Episode 12

A group of donors, some using Jackler's name, through text-to-speech, did the markets and chatroom shoutouts, and essentially "stole the show" from Ghost for the first hour and a half, causing massive rage and several threats to end the show. After this, A group of people advertised his channel and "The Jackler Show", for about another half hour, this caused even more threats to end the show, and an abundance of cans.

Episode 17

This was the first episode that Jackler introduced playing Cards Against Humanity under the name "The Card Czar" to play black cards over Ghost screaming for people in chat to play their white cards using #CAH, eventually causing Ghost to have a mental breakdown.

Episode 19

Copycat donations trolled Ghost into thinking Jackler donated $333 for an Inner Circle slot.

Episode 22

Jackler introduced playing a game show (Quiz) during the episode via TTS, and allowed viewers in chat to enter in to answer questions using #JQ, to which Jackler would announce the winners and give the next question over Ghost talking. This eventually resulted in Ghost rage quitting.

Episode 24

Jackler trolled Ghost with Steve Irwin jokes, and continuing to play Cards Against Humanity under the name of "The Sting Czar". When trolls proceeded to leave a load of 5 star reviews on Yelp on bathhouses under Ghost's name, Jackler jumped in on this action by leaving a 2 Star review on the Iron Cactus. Jackler then did Ghost's show for him doing Chatroom Shoutouts, the Markets, and the News.

By this point, Jackler has now officially donated over $1000, yet is still not in the Inner Circle.

Episode 26

Jackler called Ghost out for not handing out something special during the month of January, to which Ghost then confirmed he was pushing the top 7 donors of both Jan. and Feb. together for a surprise in March. Jackler also continued to do the news, the markets, and chatroom shoutouts. Jackler then proceeded to go under the name 'Meme Magician' among other names to scare Ghost into thinking he'll lose his teeth.

Episode 27

During this episode, Ghost briefly pointed out how his previous 3 episodes of his show have their likes broken, to which Jackler/Meme Magician replies that they had done this. Jackler proceeded to again do the news, markets, shoutouts, and metals. Also throughout the episode, there was almost a troll war against the veterans and the TTS Trolls. Jackler got into a fight on the TTS with a failed brown-noser named 'Capitalist America', ending with Jackler telling the TTS trolls to shut their faces about ending without Radio Graffiti. In the same episode, Jackler teamed up with Serious Samsung to play a spilce during Radio Graffiti.

Episode 29

A donation war had broke out, to which Jackler slapped the brown-nosers with $25 and $100 donations.

Captain Deci started getting hate after all his brown-nosing via a spoof for the "Accident Prone Kids", which also revealed the existence of the Outer Circle.

Ghost threatened to not do Radio Graffiti, but then was reminded by Jackler that he had to stick to his word because he promised to do it, and he did.

Episode 30

Jackler and the Outer Circle 'exposed' Deci for condoning the actions of a pedophile (Among many other things) by commenting on a thread called "I got a Pedophile arrested." with the reply: "Snitches get Stitches. I don't snitch", Ghost launched an investigation with his Inner Circle, and did not find enough proof. IC have since abandoned the investigation and have cleared Deci of all charges, during the few episodes after this information was released, the TTS trolls continued to troll Deci which also eventually died down.

Episode 34

Jackler alerted Ghost to more meme magic where Fortnite (a game he doesn't like) has added Hamster Balls (Named 'The Baller') (He doesn't like a viewer named 'Hamster Rides') as a vehicle you can ride around in.

During this episode, Jackler and the Outer Circle spammed donations saying "Yeehaw!" throughout the show's TTS to get Ghost riled up, to which the people in the chatroom and other donations decided to join in on the fun.

During Radio Graffiti, someone called in acting like Tech Support to which Ghost made up the "Jackler Virus".

Episode 35

Jackler continued to do the Markets, Metals, News, and Chatroom Shoutouts, but proceeded to go above and beyond to mimic what Ghost would normally say during his show including the announcement of 'Insanity Control' and not wanting any Helen Keller Deaf Mutes nor Obama Phones. Ghost was not amused in the slightest.

Episode 43

Ghost had many problems with his TTS audio constantly cutting in and out the stream leading people to believe he's just muting it (Which he wasn't), Jackler gave pointers as to how to fix this however nothing worked permanently during this show, Jackler also called out a Smooth Brain known as "Kyle" from Twitter who has been blocking everyone due to standing up for Twilie to which Jackler also got blocked for calling his fragile ego out.

Later during the show, Jackler appeared in an 'IStandWithTwilie' splice with multiple other trolls, causing Ghost to go ballistic and rage quit.

Episode 45

Jackler continued to do Twitter Shoutouts alongside with Chatroom Shoutouts and wished a fellow troll a happy birthday, to which Ghost wished death upon them. Jackler also briefly brought back Cards Against Humanity for the stream's Chatroom.

Episode 46

Jackler shows Ghost videos that he has uploaded specifically for him, the most notable videos being "Public Service Announcement for Ghostler" featuring Big Man Tyrone, and "Ghost Rave". Jackler then proceeded to pass around a video link of Pantera mixed with Thomas the Tank Engine, for Ghost to play on screenshare and had a chain donation from 3 people which caused Ghost to cans multiple times. (Later on Jackler also joined this chain)

Towards the end of the show, Ghost opened up the offer for Seriously_Samsung to be unbanned in chat for $50, to which Jackler decided to donate that amount.

Episode 54

Jackler rallied together the trolls and started a boycott of TTS, the normal amount of money Ghost makes is about $700 an hour. However on this episode Ghost only raked in roughly $1,022.79, and he was live for 6 hours (you do the math), Ghost was able to get to the Markets, the Metals, and the News for the first time in a very long time, showing signs of a new format, but nothing in stone.

Ghost all the while was shouting about "Winning" the show even though Capitalism losing a few thousand dollars isn't.

Episode 64

Jackler made a new alias known as "Light Meme Magician Boy" teaming up with Dark Meme Magician Girl, this troll couple seeks out to finally show Ghost that DMMG has gotten acquainted with some Kitchen Appliances, while also talking smack about how DMMG is more obedient than Ghost's Wife.

Episode 66

During this episode, there were the typical immigrant donations but was posted by unlikely trolls of the show, so Jackler jumps on this bandwagon and joins in on the fun. The show changed from immigrant language to coding language, sign language, among many other types of language which isn't the "American" Language.

Episode 69

Jackler has been getting a lot of false claims of doxing people and trying to causing troll wars, even though he's strongly against both. As he was doing his own stream (originally a parody of Ghost's stream, but has been confirmed that it's turned into his own show for entertainment instead of trolling) there has been multiple threats upon banning Jackler from Ghost's Chatroom, which spread onto the following night during the Saturday Night Troll Show episode 7.

Episode 70

During this episode, the shit hit the fan. Someone named 'Kevin' exposes a person named 'DarkBlane' for having furry porn on an account that he updates regularly, which spiraled out of control when an anonymous donation came through on the TTS calling out Jackler with more false accusations. The show turned into a lot of fake news and concerning comments looking towards wanting a troll war. Upon getting to Radio Graffiti, for the first time ever, Jackler called up to try squash the rumours that was being thrown his way, yet during both times he had been unmuted, he got hung up in the middle of him explaining himself. DarkBlane also phoned in to say his side of the story then was manipulated by ghost into saying that he didn't want to say much because of him being supposedly blackmailed by "Jackler and his crew" after ghost kept following up everything that he was asking with "Jackler and his crew" and putting words into DarkBlane's mouth. Such examples include (but not limited to) "Did you try to get befriended by Jackler and his crew", "Are you in a discord with Jackler and his crew" and "Is the reason you don't want to speak up is because Jackler and his crew will use this as blackmail against you?"

Episode 71

Jackler and the Outer Circle continue to have false accusations thrown at them, which has lead to an age requirement being placed upon both The Outer Circle and the Public Circle (Since August 1st, 2019 -The Public Circle has been removed) where you have to be 18 years or older to gain entrance. If you are under the age of 18 and pay $20 for entrance to the discord, you shall be denied entrance and refused a refund.

Saturday Night Troll Show Episode 11

A viewer by the name of "Onoronodonovon" donated his very first $20 to show Ghost with a link to Jackler's show that he had streamed the day prior when Ghost decided to take a break. Within the stream, another viewer (by a name that we are not allowed to mention) had called up into the show and proceeded to expose himself as a pedophile. Ghost already displeased with this person due to the past couple shows of constant shit talking, raged quite drastically which lead to a live thunderdome taking place on him, the person in question later rang into Radio Graffiti to explain his side of the story which just further incriminated himself due to the person believing that children can consent to sex as young as the age of 14.

Episode 92

Jackler launched the official 'Ghost Show' relay on YouTube in light of Ghost going to Vaughn.live, until Ghost returned to broadcasting The Ghost Show on YouTube.

Episode 129

During this episode, Jackler has finally purchased an Inner Circle slot and was accompanied with a parody video featuring Distillin - Another member of the IC, for the end of the year and to round off the decade. This also marks a grand total of $5000 donated which Jackler said that "he had paid for Ghost's PC", later during this episode Jackler also won the 'Troll of the Year' award for the Ghosties 2019.

The Ghost Show Relay

From Episode 92 until Episode 108, Jackler operated 'The Ghost Show Relay' to relay The Ghost Show on YouTube and provide an archive of The Ghost Show while it was hosted on VaughnLIVE. Despite Ghost going back to YouTube since Episode 108, the relay channel was still active in case Ghost forgot to shut down the Radio Graffiti line in order to archive any possible After Shows until Late March of 2020. The Ghost Show Relay can be accessed on YouTube and Bitchute. This does not include the Saturday Night Troll Show

Post-2019 Trolling


Although not as prominent as in 2019, Jackler continued to upload trolling videos including finishing off the barrage of Tyrone, some experimental trolls such as art galleries and ASMR, as well as many legendary projects such as the songs "Hurt Captain Deci" and "Move Away From Spergs", and even getting Chris Hanson to call out Ghost! (Disappointingly, there was no Ghosties this year as Jackler strongly believes that this would have helped get him Troll of the Year Honourable Mention)


During this year, trolls from Jackler had become pretty scarce with only a few uploads such as joining in on the WOMBO.AI trend, doing a re-enactment of ReviewBrah, and a video of himself sitting in silence for 10 minutes titled "Very Important Announcement For Ghost" just to reveal at the end it was to show Ghost that he had bought his mug. At the end of the year, Ghost had revealed that Jackler won the 'Fan of the Year' award for the Ghosties 2021 which caused controversy as everyone (including Jackler) was certain that Underdog was going to win as he had more votes than him, but Ghost had confirmed why he picked Jackler with the reason: "Jackler has been a troll for so long that he's made a full 180 from when he had been first introduced into the show" and then later on said "Underdog didn't win as he only relays to leech off of his show". Although Jackler believes he won due to all the help he has provided Ghost and even Vaughn (the platform Ghost current streams on as of the Ghosties being announced) both publicly and privately.


At this point; Jackler seemingly hasn't uploaded any trolling videos and potentially retired from trolling, however he was secretly uploading from a new YouTube account under the name of 'REEDACTED' sending in a Geno-styled video each month in the form of an ARG. On December 1st; The final ARG video titled "9 REVEAL 9" explained the entire series including who ran the account and a secret message telling Ghost that Jackler will be returning in 2023.


The big troll throughout this year was AI related trolls, and Jackler kicked it off with a mini-series he called "Ghostler Plays" in relations to Ghost promising to play games back years ago, but never played any while on stream. This mini-series was uploaded onto Odysee as it involved lots of heavy topics and language such as racism, autism, and shooting jokes to both mimic and make light of Ghost's personality, and as such; would not be suitable for YouTube. Jackler had also uploaded a few song parodies, as well as a brief return for some beloved old favourites such as "Don't Hug Ghost, He's Scared" and the big man himself; Tyrone.



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