Jerk Dick

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A common "Jerk Dick"

Jerk Dick is a term used by Ghost on the True Capitalist Radio broadcast to refer to a caller who is unpleasant that he dislikes, or one that just dumb or stupid.

Ghost often calls people Jerk Dicks for seemingly no reason, but if he calls you one after every single call you put through to him, you may have to stop whatever it is you are doing, and read this and this to better understand what you are doing wrong as a troll.


  • No-personality-having jerk dick - A caller who has absolutely no originality, and resorts to spouting old memes straight out of the backwaters of 4chan, or attempting to act like a more well known character on the broadcast. They also have a tendency to challenge Ghost to fights from halfway across the United States. The most frequent type of Jerk Dick, as old memes take up a large percentage of Radio Graffiti calls.
  • Stumbling Mumbling Jerk Dick - Someone who has forgotten 'how to spoken', and can't even say a few words without tripping over their vowels, or thinking out loud between sentences, and screwing up an otherwise easy line that would annoy Ghost.
  • Sentence Fragment Reading Jerk Dick - A moron who reads either a joke from a website, or a wall of text, yet is so incompetent that they cannot complete the sentence, or cut it off mid-queue and play an audio file or simply stop all together (without being muted by Ghost) and hence are deemed Jerk Dicks.
  • Poetic jerk dick - A caller who performs an insult carol, poetry, or reads a bit of text about Ghost that will anger him. Unlike the above mentioned Jerk Dicks, these ones tend to generate lulz the majority of the time.
  • Two-chord playing jerk dick - A caller who plays music on the guitar with just one or two chords. This has Ghost comment on how bad the person playing the guitar or any musical instrument.

Occasionaly, Ghost will use his infamous combined insults (Chicken-Eating-Corn-Boy-Takin it up the ass havin'...) and deem a person a Jerk Dick along with it. These can include "Ku Klux Klan lovin' pieces of old episode-a-Hee Haw watchin' hillbilly hicks," and the common "sick son of a bitch."