Jerry Sandusky

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Jerry Sandusky is an ex-American Football coach from Penn State University. In November 2011 he was fired and imprisoned on charges of sexually molesting 40+ teenage boys over a span of 15 years. Because of his knowlege of the event but refusal to act, head coach Joe Paterno was also fired.

Ghost has covered the story around the time it happened and was disgusted by it, calling both Paterno and Sandusky "disgusting Woody Allen butt-loving pedophiles".

Twitter Names

Ghost's coverage of the story sparked a series of Sandusky-themed Twitter and Chatroom names. The names have become a running gag in the 2011-12 days of the broadcast, along with PoopTickler and Burning Texas jokes.

Examples of Sandusky Names

  • Sandusky's Bath Boy (Caused cans.wav)
  • Sandusky Baby Shower
  • Sandusky the Clown
  • Sandusky Shower/Bath Attendant
  • Sandusky Party Kid
  • Ghostdusky (Also caused cans.wav)
  • Dusky Shower Toys
  • Pile Driver Dusky
  • Dusky Ice-Cream
  • Ghost is Sandusky
  • Sandusky 2012
  • Isle of Sandusky
  • Dusky Day Care
  • Dusky 'Till Dawn
  • Change Room Child
  • Sandusky Claus
  • Jerry Sanghosty
  • Sandusky for Ghost
  • Bernie Sandusky
  • Milo Sandusky