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Ghost listed as one of the most Notable Jewish Texans in Wikipedia

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Are you trying to create the implication that I'm a Jew, you anti-Semitic prick? What's wrong with being Jewish?!

Jewish Ghost a.k.a. (((Ghost))) is one of the the many alter-egos given to Ghost by the trolls. It has been suggested many times that Ghost is the long lost son of Jewish Holocaust victim, Anne Frank. He denies all rumors and allegations swifty, usually shouting, " אני לא יהודי! ".

Origins of this alter-ego occured around the mid-2011 era of True Capitalist Radio, when some trolls began to call Ghost a Jew because of his strong hatred of Christmas.

Ghost often states that he uses yarmulkes as coffee filters, which contradicts his statements about coffee. Some trolls have pointed this out to him, to which he responds to by saying, "Hey, don't worry about it, okay?".

Although calling Ghost a jew then became a failtroll tactic, it became popular again after he started the Mr. Fortune Cookie vs. Mr. Optimism autograph war where he promised to end Radio Graffiti for good if Mr. Optimism won. Many people saw this competition as rigged and blamed Ghost for trying to extort money from his listeners.

Ghost once got mad at Inner Circle member InsaneEnergy for calling him a Jew in the chatroom, leading to the former kicking him out for a short time and implementing Chatroom Martial Law for the first time in over 5 years.

When Ghost left BlogTalkRadio and became an independent broadcaster, he claimed that there are no more "jewish rules" holding him back, allowing him to use more vulgar curse words without having to "excuse his French".

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