Jimmy Kudos

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Jimmy Kudos was a pre and post-Return era troll who called in with fake advertisements in the style of toy infomercials. He was a caller on the show for a long time, and has a long list of remixes that have made Ghost rage hard. He usually advertises a different piece of fictional merchandise each time. One of those times, he advertised a Tub Guy toy, and the third and final time, he also advertised a KaraszKun toy that imitated the Engineer. He typically caused Ghost to Rage Quit at the end of a Radio Graffiti, by playing a new remix or advertisement, usually something he sung within the last two hours before it. He was also a proficient creator of remixes, and premiered at least a dozen different ones to Ghost over time (although many of these can no longer be found on YouTube).

Following the death of Skype integration with BTR in June 2016, he has not returned.