John Conquest

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Yeah, they call me John Conquest. I've got a fifteen-and-a-half right here between my legs and it's feeling a little lonely. So why don't you come over here and sit on it?

—Ghost as John Conquest 

John Conquest, from Third Coast Music Network.
This is part of a series on Ghost's fan-given alter egos.
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John Conquest is a name taken from the radio station 3rd Coast Music. The website is significant to True Capitalist Radio, because that's where Ghost got his original avatar from. The trolls backtraced it, and have been using names from the website as possible Ghost identities ever since. This could be a possible explanation to the name Robert Chompski. After Ghost establishes (in the video below) that John Conquest sounds like the name of a pornographic actor, John Cumquest became one of many chatroom and Twitter names.

Trolls have called various Blog Talk Radio broadcasts playing the clip of Ghost pretending to be John Conquest.

On September 30, 2016, John Conquest passed away, ultimately debunking the rumor that he was Ghost. Ghost tweeted out a video of people calling the CIA with under his name, adding another conspiracy theory that they killed him because people were calling the CIA and FBI under his name, and because the Feds thought John was Ghost. Since then, people have been calling Ghost Thomas Albin instead of Conquest.