John Kasich

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John Kasich is the American Governor of Ohio, who ran for the Republican 2016 Presidential Nomination against Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, ultimately dropping out on May 4th, 2016 having won only his home state.

Ghost's Views

Ghost claims that Kasich only remained in the race because he's a disgusting bureaucrat who believes he can somehow get the nomination despite the statistical impossibility of him reaching the total number of delegates required to secure the nomination.

Ghost believes that he has been involved in a gay scandal, living with his Chief of Staff, an openly gay man, and paying him an astronomical sum for his duties. Ghost claims that he was 'living the Birdcage before Robin Williams acted the son of a bitch' and that even a gay magazine during the 90s questioned their relationship. He has encouraged his Twitter followers to send questioning tweets at him and his potential gay-lover.