Johnnie Walker

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Johnny Walker, Blue Label, oh yeeeaaaah!

—Ghost, singing Johnny Walker's praises.

Johnnie Walker is a brand of Scottish whisky frequently purchased, talked about and consumed by Ghost. Johnnie Walker Blue Label is Ghost's most frequently discussed variation and he can be heard taking sips of it nearly every broadcast, though he has also commended Gold Label and various others such as Red, Green and Black over the years. Blue Label is considered to be one of the most expensive scotches on the market.

The brand, especially Blue Label, is frequently referenced in Ghost lore, mythology, artwork and trolling.

Ghost eventually stopped drinking Johnnie Walker, due in part because the company endorsed accepting refugees, showed their support to feminism by launching the Jane Walker product line, and also as of March 2017, thanks to Ghost trying to stop drinking due to his poor health.


One troll called and claimed that he was drinking "Johnnie Walker, Second Harvest," meaning that he was drinking the piss of a previously imbibed Johnnie Walker drink. This call was met with such praise that he then recycled the piss yet again, returning with Johnnie Walker third, fourth and fifth harvest. Four years later, after the Return, he called yet again, now drinking Johnnie Walker, Five Hundred and Sixty Seventh Harvest. Since then he's also drank Bernie Sanders Harvest and Trump Vodka Second Harvest.

During Radio Graffiti on Capitalist Episode 243, a troll called in saying that Ghost was drinking "Johnnie Roller, Bureaucrat Label, Sell-Out", causing cans.wav. Another troll called in later to say the same thing, and got cans as well.

One of Twilie Atkins' first calls was calling Ghost up and stating that because she didn't join his "stupid friends club (the Inner Circle)", she had enough money to buy a bottle of Johnnie Walker, causing cans.wav and Ghost to go off on a rant of how she could only wish she was a part of the Inner Circle.

After Shoutouts during Episode 524, Ghost was hit with a Gab post of "Johnnie Walker Blue Label Ghost in Cripple", causing him to get very pissed off and shout "fuck you" twice.