Junkyard America

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The IRS takes half your pay
just to throw it away...
on rednecks and fat girls and ghettofied losers
to lazy-ass crackers and welfare abusers
and dumb single mothers that shit out another
and slutwalking whores from LA in...
Junkyard America!

The Bronx in 1980s

Junkyard America is the term Ghost uses to define the social and economical state of American citizens. EBT users, caffeine addicts, Bull-Nose Bull Dykes, fruitbowls, single mothers, supposed "poor" Americans, big brother government moochers, Social Justice Warriors and citizens on welfare are all examples of Junkyard Americans. When discussing the topic, Ghost usually plays and sings along to the Sanford and Son themesong. He usually puts on a voice that sounds a lot like a stereotypical "poor" black man, occasionally using the voice as Obama.

For example, Ghetto Capitalist is one of many Americans abusing the American Government's entitlements. He is everything Ghost stands against.

Ghetto Capitalist once questioned Ghost's usage of the Sanford and Son theme for his Junkyard America routine, implying that the usage of it is Ghost being racist. Ghost, however, took it as an excuse to play the song during the call, and do his routine again, and claimed that it "wasn't disrespectful to the black community".

Since The Return, Ghost has rarely used the term when discussing modern America, likely because he believes that Donald Trump and his policies will save America from its current state.

After coming back from The Break, Ghost began using a similar term, Manchild America, to describe how the youth of America was now dominated by autists, people with aspergers, anime watchers, bronies and other groups he believes are filled with manchildren.

Related to the above, in his last days before going on a break in November 14th, 2018, Ghost frequently described the Generation Z's demographic combination of "autists, aspies, feminists, faggots, dykes, gender-benders, man-children and weak men" as the ultimate downfall of western society and hoped that migrant caravans from Mexico would beat the living shit out of this demographic and replace them with machismo men.

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