Lamar Smith

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Lamar Smith was the Republican U.S. Representative from Texas' 21st Congressional District, in office from 1987 to 2019. Lamar Smith gained notoriety in late 2011 and early 2012 for authoring and supporting a number of high-profile Internet-regulation bills such as SOPA and H.R. 1981.

In February of 2012, Ghost began hosting Viral Video Campaigns to have Lamar Smith unelected from office. Ghost offered anyone who made an anti-Lamar Smith video and gave credit to the Capitalist Army a follow from his Twitter account.

People calling True Capitalist Radio and spoke in support of Lamar Smith became a reasonably effective method of trolling Ghost, as did pro-Lamar Smith Twitter names ("Reseat Lamar Smith", "Lamar Smith 2012").

Because of Smith's support for internet regulation, Ghost supported Lamar Smith's rival, Sheriff Richard Mack (often known simply as "Sheriff Mack"), in the Republican primary for the House election in Smith's congressional district. Smith wound up winning the primary, as well as his reelection against Democratic candidate Candice Duvall in November 2012. According to Ghost's final Paltalk session which was recorded and posted online, this was one of his primary reasons for no longer even hosting chat sessions anymore, let alone the show.