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What did I tell you about old Ghost over here, huh? I'M A MACHINE! I'M A MACHINE BABY!!!!!!

—Ghost on Saturday Night Troll Show Episode 24 breaking the record for longest episode 

Ever since Ghost moved out of BlogTalkRadio and started using independent streaming services, Ghost has been able to lengthen the duration of his episodes. This has become more notable ever since Ghost started doing The Ghost Show and more notably, the return of Saturday Night Troll Show, initially on YouTube and VaughnLIVE, now on DLive.

Currently, the record for the longest episode ever is Saturday Night Show Episode 46, at 13 hours, 13 minutes, and 51 seconds

This is a (incomplete) list of the longest broadcasts Ghost has ever made in his entire broadcasting career. Feel free to add to this list:

Rank Show Episode Duration (HH:MM:SS) Date of Episode
1 Saturday Night Troll Show 46 13:13:51 July 25th, 2020
2 The Ghost Show 200 12:21:37 November 24th, 2020
3 The Ghost Show 173 12:11:54 June 25th, 2020
4 Saturday Night Troll Show 44 11:33:42 June 27th, 2020
5 Saturday Night Troll Show 42 11:17:10 June 13th, 2020
6 Saturday Night Troll Show 47 11:01:31 August 8th, 2020
7 The Ghost Show 205 11:01:22 December 15th, 2020
8 The Ghost Show 209 10:55:22 December 29th, 2020
9 The Ghost Show 180 10:54:43 July 23rd, 2020
10 The Ghost Show 199 10:45:40 November 19th, 2020


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